Baccarat: One of the oldest card games in the world declared

Baccarat is available in all online casinos these days. In addition, it is not the bank that has the house advantage in this casino game, but the player. It shows how much that Casino game has been gaining popularity in Germany and USA since it was first mentioned in history.

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One says that the game is, among other things, the casino game, the well-to-do society. In other words, the rich and VIP like to play this in private rooms, which are found in many large casinos. Above all in Las Vegas, there are stars and starlets behind closed doors who throw a lot of money on the table. Of course you can also play baccarat as a normal. Nobody has to leave the house, just gamble in their own four walls and have fun. The online casino makes it possible.

This article will walk you through everything you should know about baccarat. It is a relatively easy game that even beginners can learn quickly. Once you have mastered the rules, nothing stands in the way of playing with friends. Card games are fun anytime, anywhere, after all, all you need is cards. Learn the rules and get started. What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing.

Learning Baccarat: The Rules Are Not Hard


Baccarat is a bit reminiscent of blackjack in casinos, with the difference that you don't have to be close to 21 here, but to 9. Because there are so few points, the game goes even faster. Ideal for those who want to play a quick game but don't have a lot of time. This happens quite often in the real casino. The wealthy society wants to get even more money quickly and sometimes risks everything. Now get to know the basics and experience Baccarat in a whole new way.

Even if there are more people than just you and the croupier at the table, the game is only ever played against the croupier. The cards are dealt from a dealer "shoe", which contains 6 to 8 decks of cards. The first card is dealt to you, then the bank gives itself a playing card. Each player must have two cards. All cards that are normally valued at ten are valued at zero in Baccarat. Therefore it is not important to get “high” cards. According to the Baccarat rules, you can then, depending on your hand, draw another card. Only the last number is counted here, so it is possible to get a hand with a value between 0-9. The highest hand wins in this case.

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As with James Bond: The process


Especially for you as a player, we have summarized the process in gaming casinos again. We are of the opinion that you memorize the rules more quickly if you can concentrate on individual points rather than on a text. Would you like to practice baccarat in the online casino, open the demo mode and put this information next to it. In the first few laps you will probably look at it more often. But we promise you, it won't take long and you'll know it by heart. Baccarat is not difficult. That's why it's popular with so many people.

Try to remember the process, because this is the only way you will not be surprised:

  • Cards are dealt by the dealer until everyone at the table is dealt two cards
  • When playing baccarat the cards are face up and can therefore be compared
  • You need to get as close to 9 as possible. If the sum of your cards results in an 8 or 9, then you have a "natural".
  • If you have a “natural”, you will not receive any further cards and you will win immediately.
  • If the dealer also has a "naturel" it is a draw
  • The better "Naturel" wins, the dealer has an 8 and you have a 9, so you win.
  • If you have a card value of less than 6, you must draw another card. The same goes for the dealer.
  • If you still have a card value below 7, it makes sense to draw another card to get closer to 9.
  • If neither you nor the dealer are naturel, then the player has an advantage.

Test baccarat risk-free in the demo mode of the online casinos


Don't worry if you, as a gamer, found everything a little confusing. You can try out our tips for yourself without any effort. You should also know what kind of website you want to use for this. You can easily find reviews of the game from various companies on our website. The experience you get in the free spins will improve your experience in the later Baccarat game a lot. Because by doing the free baccarat games learn, for example, which browser the games and stakes run best on. Also of course the procedure and the rules.

Important, if you want to play for free, you should look for an online casino where you can gamble fairly and without risk. There are several sites on the web where viruses can be found. Especially where everything is free, you have to pay double or triple attention. There is privacy information on the site? Is the provider SSL-encrypted? If you stop by a licensed online casino, you are the least likely to go wrong. There are even providers where you don't even have to register. You open the casino game and get started. If you want to switch to real money mode later, no problem either.

Play baccarat wherever you want on your smartphone or tablet


Baccarat does not only work on the desktop computer, you can also look forward to many games on your mobile phone or tablet. Baccarat is an entertaining game that is fun, for example, while waiting for the bus or when you are sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's. Use the free minutes and who knows, you might even win something. Whether in real money or play money mode. Baccarat is always fun. You can even enjoy the live casino on your smartphone if you wish. Thanks to new technologies, anything is possible today.

Casino games are now always programmed in html5 so that they can run everywhere. Whether on a cell phone, tablet or computer. It doesn't matter, the language always adapts to the respective device. That's why they work on every operating system. Play your bet on Android, Windows, IOS and Linux. Just make sure that your device is not older than 5 years and that it has all the updates.

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The casino game Baccarat in the test. Which providers should fail you and which should pass?


Always make sure that the casino has a license from Malta. Then what language does it offer, as well as the payment methods. If you do not speak Italian, it makes no sense to give your data to a casino that offers the website in German, but the customer service only in Italian. Then, to play online baccarat, always pay attention to which device you would like to play on and whether it is offered in full quality. Because the casino game Baccarat should mainly provide relaxation and joy and not unnecessary stress. If you need further information then you can contact the support, which will give you information no matter what time.

Of course there is also a baccarat strategy here to secure your points and your winnings.The many decks of cards have the function of preventing card counting, so we are giving ourselves this baccarat strategy. The use of strategy is also prohibited in many gaming casinos and you could be excluded. A globally recognized strategy is to always play with low bets and, unlike in roulette, not to increase your bets after a loss. Set yourself a limit and stick to it. Again, it is a game of chance and has very little to do with your actual skills.

Get a bonus at the online casino for baccarat


In the online casinos there are not only bonus offers for slot machines, some are also given out for baccarat. If you want to use the bonus exclusively for this game, you should read the bonus terms and conditions in advance. There it is noted where the premium applies and where it does not. It is extremely important that you think about it. If not, you will receive a bonus that does not apply and then you cannot do anything with it

Some bonus offers are valid in the table game area, but do not count towards the wagering requirements. If that's the case, it's no fun. Who has so much money to give away?. If the game is only 10% valid, you have to unlock the bonus 90% longer. Each bonus is subject to bonus terms and conditions. If you receive 100 euros and a wagering requirement of 20% applies, you have to play for 2000 euros. Now do the math what if the game was only 10% true. Nobody can or wants to play that long. Therefore, always pay attention to bonuses, which are 100% valid everywhere, then you will also enjoy real advantages.


Baccarat is offered in every online casino?

No, not everywhere, but on quite a few platforms. You can find the game either in the table games area or directly in the live casino. Most of the time there are more tables in the live dealer area where you play against real people. Evolution Gaming and Netent, for example, have baccarat on offer. These two providers are known for their high quality games. Try it.

The chances of winning at Baccarat are high?

The bank edge is lower in this game than in other games. So the chance of making a profit is really high. Still, you can lose. In the end, it is still a game of chance. Even if the bank advantage is only 1%. Don't forget that these are long-term calculations.

We also offered baccarat to ordinary citizens?

Of course, just because rich gamblers love to play baccarat doesn't mean it isn't available to everyone else. Everybody has the right. But you shouldn't be overbearing and rather play at tables with low limits. A normal mortal cannot afford the entry-level limits in the private room anyway.

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