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Many people start right away without even knowing the basics of casino games! But when it comes to real money, it can go away quickly. Thanks to our years of experience with casino games, we can offer you best online casino Bringing closer to games and their various properties.

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1. The advantage of online casino games and why many gambling fans were initially skeptical

First we mention the advantages of online games over games in land-based casinos. Then we will give you an overview of the most popular casino games on the net. In addition, we explain to you about the developers of these online casino games and how the presentation works on the platforms. Finally, we will also bring you progressive jackpots closer to the all-important question, which casino game can and will really bring you winnings online.

Playing in a classic stone-walled casino with real rooms to enter is a great event. The atmosphere, with all its sensations, the colored lights and the jingling and clicking of the chips and the machines, cannot be replaced by anything. This is why many casino players have been reluctant to use the online versions of their beloved games casino for a long time. Driven by the fear that the land-based casinos could lose customers and thus their livelihoods, many of these players protested against the modern way of playing online.

One of the main criticisms was the unrealistic feeling that comes up when playing in front of the computer screen or now thanks to the mobile apps on the smartphone. When everything is digital, the player loses the information provided by the sense of touch as well as the sense of smell. In other words, it no longer feels like a "real" arcade.

Online casino gaming is not necessarily intended as a substitute for traditional gambling. No, it's more of a complement, a slightly different experience that doesn't want to compete with the original, but rather complements it. Another generation of gamers who grew up with Playstation and Gameboy will get their money's worth here. We do not want to withhold the great advantages of casino games online from you.

On the one hand, it is the gigantic selection that attracts online casino games. You will find everything you can play here, every player will find the game, stakes and limits that he or she prefers here. With live games, the experience online is hardly inferior to that in a casino. You can interact with real croupiers at the tables via webcam. And don't forget the technical achievements, especially with slot machines, which ensure an unforgettable gaming experience with a number of functions. And then there is the very important aspect of the chances of winning, which can be seen very transparently on the internet and are often significantly higher than in casinos. Last but not least, there are incredibly high progressive jackpots online, which we will go into in a separate point on this page. First of all, we wanted to show you which casino online games are actually available.

2. Legendary Casino Games On The Internet - These are the most popular and best games you can find

Who or what are the stars of online casino games? There are quite a few candidates that everyone knows and loves. To list all the casino games out there would go beyond the scope of this article. But we have put together the most important information about the most popular and hottest games for you.

And this is our casino games list, with the TOP 10 casino games:

  • Slot machines: Everyone knows the famous machines, where colorful symbols spin on the reels at the push of a button. They are the most popular games on the internet.
  • roulette: The famous game with the ball that turns in the wheel until it comes to a standstill. Place your bets on single numbers, whole number fields, the color and much more.
  • Blackjack: Blackjack is about getting as close as possible to the card value 21, but without exceeding it. The game is played against the bank or. the dealer.
  • Video poker: This is a card game that is played on a machine. As with real poker, there are different variants.
  • bingo: Yes, classic bingo is also available online. Different numbers are drawn until a winner can form a row on their game slip.
  • Keno: A modern lottery game with much better chances of winning! Learn about the oldest game of chance in the world and how it is played today.
  • Baccarat: One of the oldest card games in the world. Where jacks and aces are worth zero points. Get to know the game today.
  • Sic Bo: The famous and popular dice game from China. Here you play with only three dice! Learn more about the rules and strategies.
  • Scratch cards: One of the oldest lottery games in the world! Read all about the popular scratch-off cards.
  • Craps: A cool dice game which can produce over 36 different results with 2 dice. Learn the rules and some strategies.

These are the stars of online casino games that are some of the best casino games you have ever come across! We explain to you why these games are so popular and who knows, maybe you too will succumb to the charm of one of these games?

2.1. Roulette: An absolute casino game classic that shouldn't be missing online, of course

Believe us, roulette is still a long way from past its zenith. Millions of players worldwide are eagerly awaiting the next game of roulette every day. Are you one of them?

If so, then you did everything right, because roulette is entertaining, exciting, social and fair. What more could you want from a casino game? Maybe a progressive jackpot, but that's why there is, for example, Marvel Roulette from Playtech.

With the live game that most online casinos offer today, you can and should conjure up the charm of the original on the screen! If you have the choice, play European roulette instead of the American version as the odds of winning are slightly lower because of the additional double zero in American roulette. And then watch the croupiers spin the wheel, you will definitely not regret it!

2.2. Blackjack: The king of card games is more popular than ever in the online casino game too

The great thing about blackjack isn't just the unprecedented excitement, but also the interactivity of the game. Yes, every game has the same number of cards and these are dealt randomly, but the ability to draw more cards, split hands or double turns a simple card game into a game for experts. Because it is the decisions that the player makes independently that make the game unique and exciting.

This is also reflected in the chances of winning. Blackjack is so popular not least because with the right tactics you have an almost even chance against the casino. No other game therefore promises as many wins as blackjack. It is not for nothing that there are entire films about card counting or other strategies in blackjack. Here it is not pure luck that decides, but also brains and knowledge about profit or loss. So if your money is important to you, there is no getting around blackjack!

2.3. Slots: Slots are the most popular casino online games for a reason

It is the slot machines, also known as slots, that have overtaken traditional gambling and have brought it more and more to the Internet. Now you no longer have to sit around in dubious gaming libraries or attract glances in the pub. No, you can easily play slot machines at home in front of your PC or laptop, even on your smartphone!

One of the really big stars and already a classic is Novomatics Book of Ra. The game is a model for many other developments by competing developers and yet nothing comes close to the original!

The special thing about a modern video slot is that it no longer runs mechanically but, as the name suggests, as a completely digital video game. This has some advantages for the player. On the one hand, the graphics of these games have been improved a lot over the years compared to the old slot machines in the game libraries. The same applies to the technology and the various functions and extras of the slot machines. In this regard, there is now a lot more to offer online, with bonuses, features, extras, wilds, etc. which are animated very impressively by the video technology.

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3. The developers of casino games - These manufacturers offer their games on the online platforms

Basically, the online casino platforms only offer games that they do not develop themselves. So it is more of a publishing platform that offers the games on its pages and comes into contact with the customer than a casino that operates games itself. This is how online providers differ fundamentally from terrestrial casinos.

For this reason, the games are developed and licensed by software developers. You can think of these developers as the developers of video games, such as EA Games or Blizzard. Some of these developers have focused exclusively on casino games such as slots and online video poker. Others offer broader services, such as an associated framework that is made available to the platforms in order to manage the interface and the games in it.

The providers of casino games must always ensure that the games are fair, which means that they cannot be manipulated, but are subject to a generator of random numbers. To this end, the operators must ensure that players who show potential for addiction are no longer tempted to play the games of chance. It is therefore the responsibility of both the game developers and the providers to ensure that the game is fair. Only then is a license issued by the competent authority.

Well-known names among game manufacturers are, for example, Novoline, Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, Yggdrasil and many more. These are large and professional software developers whose products stand for seriousness and security. So when you play the titles of these reputable and established companies you can be sure that there is no fraud or anything like that and they can definitely play fairly and safely. So please pay attention to the manufacturer when choosing the games and inquire if necessary. according to experience. Then you are on the safe side.

4th. These massive, progressive jackpots are only available online - the holy grail of the virtual game casino

When playing, it is usually the case that you compete against the bank, i.e. online either against the software or represented by a dealer or croupier in live games. So, depending on your stakes, you can win amounts that usually correspond to the size of the stake, but can also be significantly higher in some games. But the big attraction of a game is the jackpot. In traditional casinos, this jackpot could often be several thousand euros, enough to afford a luxury night out in Las Vegas.

But online the whole thing is taken to a new level. The reason for this is the progressive jackpot. Such a jackpot increases continuously with the stakes of the players and is not capped at the top. In this way, profits of several million euros are achieved!

4th.1. This is how progressive jackpots work in online casino games and create millions in profits

The progressive jackpot could be compared to the big jackpots in the lottery. Because if you hit a progressive jackpot, you can get very rich. But what is a progressive jackpot? If you are new to online gaming, this term probably doesn't mean anything to you. It is a jackpot that is growing steadily with stakes from players from all over the world. The only requirement: the players must play the same casino game.

Let's take an example: the casino where you play has a progressive mode slot machine, let's call it ABC. ABC is not only available in your casino, but also in other online casinos that use software from the same manufacturer.

When the game is in progressive mode, it means that ABC, no matter which casino you play in, is connected to a common computer network for all casinos. With every bet that a player makes, part of it flows directly into this network and thus increases the joint jackpot. The winnings are so attractive because of the high number of players. The higher these are, the more players they attract and try to crack them.

The progressive jackpots are increased by all wagers that are made worldwide, regardless of which provider the game is played with. The proportion of the stake that goes into the jackpot is set by the developer of the game; the platforms only offer the game. In this way, the pot increases so quickly and tremendously globally until the corresponding jackpot is cracked by one of the many players somewhere in the world.

4th.2. Which online casino games have such jackpots?? Where can you get the mega profits?

In the past few years, tons of jackpots worth millions have been won. The games that do this are mostly slot machines as these are most likely to have a progressive jackpot and are played by most players. Most recently, prizes of over 10 million euros could be won at Mega Moolah ™. Mega Fortune ™, the number two of the most generous slot machines of all time, paid out amounts around the 3 million euro mark several times. It is not uncommon for such a jackpot to be hit and for it to be similarly high again after a few weeks, because the interest in progressive jackpots just doesn't seem to level off.

But nowadays all players can try their luck at progressive jackpots, no matter which game they like. Because while the progressive mode was reserved for slot machines in terrestrial casinos, it has also spread to other games in online providers. It is now normal to find progressive mode in blackjack, baccarat or roulette. Roulette is known as Roulette Royale.

If you love casino games and want to take your chance to win big, then you should try your luck. You will not regret it.

You are spoiled for choice online. You can find the best current jackpots directly from your favorite provider, on advice sites like ours or in discussion forums. The next time you log into your account, just look for the progressive games in the search bar and you will see the jackpot increase in real time.

In order to hit the jackpot, however, you need to have a large budget. Because in order to have the maximum chance of winning, you should always play the maximum stake if possible. You need to know if you can afford that. But even if you don't hit the jackpot, you can still win big.

One should not, however, put fundamental considerations behind the scenes. Even when trying to hit a jackpot, be aware that betting too much can lead to an abrupt end. So we're going to show you a method by which to choose the best stakes and how to build on them.

5. The question that every player asks at some point - which casino game brings me the most profit?

We have now heard from the various casino games and game developers. The same goes for the progressive jackpots on the net. Another question that we are often asked is what is the best game. But this question is also the most difficult one to answer. Is it blackjack, the slot machine, or the roulette? On the one hand, it all depends on the player what preferences he has. Is it the graphics that entice the player to play? Or is it the characteristics of the games, for example the bonus games in a slot machine? Is the simple game that you don't have to learn the rules for? Or is it the game that relies heavily on the skill of the player?

All of these points are completely subjective and can only be answered by the players themselves. However, one point that players often overlook, but which should be at the beginning of the debate, is the odds. We are not talking about the winnings realized by the player himself or the winnings given out by the operators, but rather the theoretical odds of a game. Because these odds are usually in a range from 90% to 99.5% (in the case of blackjack) and are different for each game. What does this percentage mean? With a win rate of 90%, for example, you can expect that for every 1$ / $ stake you get out 0.90$ / $. So you see, the lower the win rate, the less it is worth playing! So be sure to pay attention to these odds when playing the games. If the provider does not provide the information on their website, you can also find the information on the game manufacturer's website. So you ultimately know what chances you are getting for your money.

5.1. Which casino games do the US prefer to play??

There are some country-specific differences as to which casino games are used the most. The preferences don't differ that much, but of course there are some differences that are particularly interesting to us.

For the US, it's not just about the games being as free as possible. Instead, players from USA rely on a colorful mix of games and are not satisfied with simple slots. Rather, the players from USA are interested in table games. The well-known is particularly popular roulette, that you can play in most casinos with a small deposit. You don't even have to know a lot of rules and most providers even offer a selection of the game in different versions.

In Germany and Austria we find again and again that players are looking for free offers. This is also important for the US, but much less than a diverse range of options. The US also seem to place a lot more emphasis on five-star, or at least good-rated, casinos. An online casino with few stars or bad reviews is more likely to be avoided by players from USA.

An offer with live casinos is almost essential for US players. This means that the US like to pass the time with live roulette, but also live poker and live blackjack and real live dealers. Which is the best game for a player is still an individual decision. However, some preferences can be determined based on the origin of the player.

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