Video Poker: Tips & Strategies for This Popular Classic

Video poker is a classic poker game as a modern video variant and one of the most popular Casino games. Video poker is a casino game that is heavily dependent on luck. Still, or perhaps because of it, video poker games are great fun. We explain everything else you need to know about this beautiful casino game.

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Video Poker Rules: How To Play It


You want to learn video poker? In the next few sections, we will explain the things to look out for. The good news, learning video poker games isn't difficult. On the contrary. It is the ideal introduction to the world of poker. If you later want to play Holdem or other types, this casino game is ideal. You will learn the basic rules and in the end you will understand the hands better. Poker is always about having the best hands. The better poker cards, the better your chances of winning. Also, you need to work towards specific hands in order for them to apply in the first place.

Online video poker is very easy to learn and yet it is so much fun. It is based on the oldest poker variant called "Five Card Draw". Video poker machines have been around since the 1970s and are a constant with online providers to this day.

The goal is to get the best possible combination of hands. This consists of 5 poker cards. First, the player determines his stake, which can consist of different amounts depending on the machine. Then he is given 5 random cards. Now the player decides which cards to exchange and which to keep. The player can exchange anything from none to all five poker cards. After the exchange, his hand is analyzed and, depending on the strength of the combination, he receives money as a profit.

So it is important to know the different combinations when playing video poker online. We have listed all combinations for you here:

  • A couple : Two cards of the same value (e.g.B. 2 jacks)
  • A double pair : 2x two cards of the same value (e.g.B. 2 jacks and 2 sevens)
  • Three of a kind : Three cards of the same value (e.g.B. 3 jacks)
  • A street : Five cards in a row (e.g.B. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten)
  • Flush : Five cards of the same suit (e.g.B. 5x diamonds, values ​​don't matter)
  • A full house : Three cards of the same value and two cards of the same value (e.g.B. 2 jacks and 3 sevens)
  • A four of a kind : Four cards of the same value (e.g.B. four ladies)
  • A straight flush : A straight of 5 cards of the same suit (e.g.b. Two, three, four, five, six of the same color)
  • A royal flush : The strongest hand in poker. A straight of the 5 highest cards in the same suit (i.e. exactly ten, jack, queen, king, ace in one suit)

Top Casinos: Here you can try video poker


You want to get started right away and try out the best video poker games? The list below is a list of some of the providers where you can play video poker games. Look forward to top casinos with licenses. In some you even get a no deposit bonus, a welcome bonus or you can collect loyalty points and of course get to know many other games. Register and look forward to the highlights online.

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Learn about different types of video poker


So you've already learned the basics of poker games. All types of video poker games are based on these principles. However, when you play poker online, you will find that there are different versions of video poker games.

By far the most widespread and best known is Jacks or Better. Nevertheless, we would like to list other popular poker variants and explain the differences:

  • Jacks or Better : As the name suggests, hands that hold 2 jacks or better combinations are paid out here.
  • Joker’s wild : Like Jacks or Better, only with a joker. The joker can substitute for any other card in your favor. It is therefore worth playing this version.
  • Deuces Wild : Here all twos count as jokers! Very worthwhile as more can be gained.
  • Bonus Poker / Double Bonus / Double Double Bonus : Like Jacks or Better, except that you get more profit for quadruplets here. In particular, 4 aces bring very high payouts!

As you can see, the differences are actually small. However, these little subtleties can still make the difference whether you end up as a winner or just look into the tube!

The perfect video poker strategy - what to do?


Before we give you any tips, we want to educate you about it, there is never a single tactic that works 100%. It is not possible because gambling is gambling. It is particularly difficult to intervene when playing video poker because you can only deselect cards once. So your hands are tied here when it comes to tactics. With other versions, Holdem and Co, you can let your poker face hang out earlier. If you dig into it for a long time, you will notice the difference.

As we have explained, there are a few different versions of the video poker game. As such, it is impossible to come up with a perfect tactic that works equally for all game variants. We would therefore like to concentrate here on the Jacks or Better slot machines. Jacks or Better can theoretically be played with a perfect tactic. Mathematics dictates which hands you should swap which cards in which hands.

It's not as difficult as you might think. It's about analyzing your starting hand and then making the right decision about holding and trading poker cards. It is logical that with a starting hand from four of a kind to royal flush you should simply keep all 5 cards. You already have a high profit guaranteed, so of course keep it too!

But the rest of the tactics are also logical and simple: If you already have a pair, two pair or three of a kind in hand, keep the corresponding poker cards and only exchange the other 1-3 cards. Likewise, if you already have 4 to a straight or flush, keep 4 cards in the hope of getting the missing fifth card. If you don't have a pair, you can still keep 2 high poker cards (jacks or higher) in your hand and discard the rest. Otherwise just swap all of them

Comparisons between live poker and video poker games!


In this section we want to compare the two types. Primarily live poker, but also table game poker, where you play against the computer, is one of them. Video poker games are different from poker tables again. That is why they are also called video poker. You choose some cards and leave the rest to fate. Now let's compare video poker to holdem so that you can better imagine the difference.

Probably the biggest and most obvious point is that video poker games happen faster. The cards are revealed, you choose which ones and the game is over. This will take no more than a minute. In Holdem, the players sometimes sit for hours at a hand of cards. For the impatient, video poker games are certainly preferable.

That brings us to the second point. Video poker games are played against the computer alone. Holdem is played against other people, unless you also play against the computer. But then several computer profiles play along. In video poker there is no hand that is compared, only your own. If this has the right hands, you have already won.

Video poker games are easier for beginners because you really get to grips with the poker cards and learn which hands have the better value. In Holdem you have to pay attention to the whole round. There are more rules and you can't give yourself away.

Video poker is hardly comparable to Holdem except for the “hands” that you have to reach. It is more like dice poker. There you also have to roll the dice twice and you can exchange the dice once. Either way, it's easy to learn and a good way to get started. While Holdem is a tough one for those with zero experience.

Video poker Hold'em Poker
You play alone You play against others
There are only two short laps The game of poker can take a few hours
Few tactics possible The course of the game can be changed several times
Ideal for beginners Ideal for professionals

There is a live casino version of video poker?


No, of course there are no live video poker games. That would contradict each other. Video poker is more like a reel machine than a live game. The cards are displayed digitally and you can also deselect them there. There are of course versions of poker where you can play with just a few poker cards.

These are also offered in the live casino. Video poker games certainly not. Because video already means that it takes place virtually. Fans, this type of poker doesn't want anything else. There are players who love to play at the machine alone, while others prefer to play in a group. Tastes are different and that should be respected.

Our experience with video poker online - in our opinion it is worth playing this game?


If you are one of those players who do not think too much about the game and just want to switch off a bit, you should definitely try video poker. We are neither against nor for video poker. We just don't mince words when it comes to evaluating games. When you talk about video poker games, you are talking about a game of poker that is played against the bank. These games always have a house edge that ensures that they win in the long run.

On top of that, you can lose more than necessary if the house advantage is accompanied by a disadvantage caused by the player himself. What is the disadvantage?? If you don't stick to the perfect strategy we've mentioned, you'll lose more than necessary. Although the disadvantage is only slight in each round, it still adds up in the longer term. When does a player stop playing?? If he doesn’t catch this point in time, but continues to play, then he will unfortunately have to reckon with losses. If you play video poker for free click the link.

If you stick to our tips and strategy, you can still enjoy a few rounds of video poker. The game of poker is very suitable for simply relaxing a few games on the machine and still being able to make good decisions for your own benefit - but without making it unnecessarily complicated and difficult. Otherwise it would quickly become too mentally and exhausting again. First and foremost, we want to relax and switch off while playing. And video poker is a perfect game for that!

The perfect video poker casino? What to consider when looking for a video poker provider


You have now learned all about the rules and strategies of this fun game. In order to internalize this, it is advisable, Video poker for free to practice. Have you felt like playing video poker games but you don't yet know which video poker casino to play in?? We explain what to look out for.

First of all, we have shown that there are different game variants of video poker games and which of them are most attractive to the player. So just look in the corresponding video poker casino that there are several different types in the collection and at least one or the other of them is one of the attractive ones with a decent chance of winning. Video poker machines have the advantage that they have a very high RTP, usually between 95.5% and 98%! So pay attention to this quota when choosing. And of course, as always, on serious and trustworthy software manufacturers, but that should always be a prerequisite anyway.

If you keep these things in mind, nothing can go wrong and you can enjoy your video poker game. The only thing you can keep in mind, to your great advantage, is that the provider has a good welcome bonus, the wagering requirements of which are also linked to video poker. There are vendors who exempt this game from the wagering requirements, which would be bad for you if your main goal is to play video poker games. We wish you the best of luck at the machines

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There is a bonus for video poker?

In some online casinos players get a bonus for video poker. In any case, it is seldom that this is credited 100%. As is known, you have to clear every welcome bonus and no deposit bonus several times before a withdrawal is possible. While slot machines are usually 100% valid, video poker only works 10%, 20% and sometimes not at all. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions. It will tell you exactly where the bonus applies and what you need to do to get your winnings.

Can you play video poker in demo mode??

Yes, most casino websites offer the option to play video poker games for free. Most of the time you have to register in advance. If it doesn't work, there are alternative websites on the internet. Video poker is a popular game that is often presented by fun sites. Let yourself be inspired by the large selection. But be careful: there are always different variants. Always check which version you are playing beforehand so that you know the minimum hands.

Video poker is offered in all casinos?

Not in every casino, but in many. It's best to try a comparison and read different reviews. This is because it states which games are offered in the individual casinos. Video poker is definitely a popular game that you can often find somewhere. Mostly it is hidden under the table games or under other items.

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You now know everything about video poker. But what about other games?

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