Keno - The modern lottery game with the chance to win millions

Keno is often referred to as the oldest game of chance in the world, which continues to be known to this day Casino game has held successfully. The payout percentages in online keno are often 95%! We would like to explain the rules to you in an understandable way and provide you with tips and tricks to help you win.

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To briefly explain what Keno is all about. Keno is more or less like the lottery. Anyone who knows the lottery already knows how keno works. You bet on a few keno numbers and when they are drawn you win.

This lottery game is that simple. The difference to the classic lottery of the DKLB, however, is that you have more options with Keno. The player himself determines how much he invests and how many numbers he likes to gamble. Depending on the variant of Keno, you can type a different number of digits.

We would like to explain the rules to you in an understandable way and give you tips and tricks to help you win. If this is your first time playing, take the time to take it easy. Keno may sound a little complicated at first because there are so many types and winning plans. It's not that difficult, on the contrary. Once you have the perspective, you know what to get yourself into.

We personally like the keno game in Germany better than the lottery. Simply because you have more chances. More numbers mean more options when playing. Read through the vast amount of information in our Games article and you are sure to learn to love Keno. Play it right afterwards in demo mode and you won't miss a highlight again.

Keno - an old game with an interesting background


Today there are many casino and lottery games among us, without you we can no longer imagine a life. It's actually unbelievable that the game of keno is over 2000 years old. The story behind this game is unique. Back then, some politicians were smarter than they are today. Well, nowadays they take everything they need and raise taxes sometimes without additional work. It was different then. The white pigeon game was born.

Cheung Leung in China needed more money back then. However, he did not want to raise taxes. So he came up with something different. He invented the game of keno, where citizens could buy tickets on a regular basis. The numbers, which were still symbols at that time, were drawn from a sack by pigeons. Other pigeons brought the results to the neighboring villages by carrier pigeon. The game of keno was so successful, it was also used to build the Great Wall of China. In the 19th. In the 19th century, the game of keno was brought to North America by a Chinese worker. In the beginning this was called the "Chinese lottery". It was later renamed Keno and played around the world.

The principle of the game at Keno - everything about the payout percentages and more


The game principle of Keno is actually very easy: You type 2 to 10 Keno numbers on a betting field made up of 70 numbers. Then the 20 winning numbers are drawn in the drawing. Depending on how many numbers you have correctly typed, the higher the profit. The so-called keno type results from the number of keno numbers typed. So if you type 10 numbers it is called type 10, if you type 9 numbers it is called type 9 and so on. Which are divided into different keno prize categories.

Of course, the profit is also based on the size of the stake. You decide whether you want to bet 1, 2, 5 or 10 euros. If you make the maximum bet and correctly type all 10 numbers, you can win millions. And that every day in this number lottery!

The Keno Winning Numbers

It is logical: the more keno numbers you pick (maximum 10) and the more of them are correct, the more you will of course win. In addition, the amount of the bet determines the profit. Unlike the normal lottery, you don't have to wait for the draws, you can see the winning numbers immediately and know whether and how much you have won. This makes daily participation in the game very easy and uncomplicated. You determine your chance yourself with the daily ticket number!

How much can you win at Keno?

Save yourself the talk of all information without guarantee, because the keno game shows you the current jackpot and your winnings directly. You are now asking, of course, how much can you win with one bet in the DKLB keno game? The answer is: 1 million euros! If you guess all 10 numbers correctly, you will become a millionaire. And the special thing about Keno: You even win with types 8, 9 and 10 if you don't have a correct number at all! This is what makes the Keno draw so attractive compared to other lotteries.

Which Keno do you have the best chance of winning??


This section is important if you are interested in the odds. There are some differences when it comes to Keno. You will find out what these are in the next section. In general, it should be said that you play the game of keno either in the casino, on the official keno site or on other game sites where keno is offered. They all seem to offer the same thing, but not all of them offer the same chances of winning.

In our experience, the odds are the best in official Keno. That's why you should play there if you want the best possible odds. As always and everywhere, you should compare Return To Player. It's not just about the chance of winning, the amount of winnings can also vary.

If you play at Casinokeno, you are playing against a computer in most cases. In other words, you choose a few keno numbers and a few seconds later they are revealed. The disadvantage of this casino game is that there is hardly any tension. Most players like to play keno or other lottery games so much because they are exciting. You are excited until the next number. If the digits are revealed directly, the fun is over in a few seconds. One more reason to play the official keno game or at least in the live casino.

On the other hand, players who play at the casino provider sometimes receive a bonus have an advantage. There is no such thing with Kenolive. If you want to gamble with a bonus, you should read the rules beforehand. The welcome bonuses do not apply everywhere. Don't forget that these are live or table games. And those are often limited. If it applies, you have to clear the bonus multiple times. Therefore, read through the terms and conditions so that you know everything you need to know.

With us it is now Play Keno for free possible, but only for a short time!

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There are no limits to the variety of online keno


The great advantage of online keno over the state lottery is that there are numerous different variants of it on the Internet. You can also discover versions online with an additional lottery and even with a progressive jackpot, for even better odds.

Every day, whenever you want, you can take your chance on the Mio and choose between a wide variety of options. However, the gameplay is always the same.

Which strategy can we recommend?


Keno is a game where we can really recommend choosing the maximum stake on each ticket. When it comes to keno draws, it simply makes no sense to bet on ten fewer keno numbers, otherwise the jackpot will be smaller.

Also, make sure you are playing a high payout game on a specific site to maximize your chances. You can find information about this in the game description on the website.

Otherwise there is no real strategy for the tips themselves, as the computer always determines the keno numbers purely at random. Hope you get into a lucky spiral with your lucky numbers!


Keno is also broadcast on TV?

Unfortunately, Keno is not broadcast on television. However, on the Internet, on the official website. There the drawing takes place every day at 7:10 pm. There is also the additional lottery plus5. Another advantage of the official Keno game is that it takes place on a daily basis. Here you don't have to wait until Sunday like with the lottery. If you feel like it, you can quickly buy a note and type in. This can also be done online. Nowadays nobody has to go to the kiosk anymore. Apps also help to manage the notes.

How often do keno draws take place in online casinos?

The keno game takes place all day long in the online casino. If you play against the computer, it doesn't matter when. This is available 24 hours a day. The same applies to the live casino. As long as the dealers are on the air, which is usually 24 hours a day, you can play keno live. Please note, however, that the winning percentages in the online casino are sometimes worse than on the official keno site. If you want to enjoy the best chances of winning, you only play officially and deal with the rules in advance.

There is a bonus for Keno in casinos?

Since Keno is a table game, most bonus offers are not valid for Keno. Exceptions confirm the rule. Sometimes there are bonuses that were made especially for Keno. If so, you can read about this in the bonus terms and conditions. Your best chance is where there are most keno games. Look for such casinos so that you can enjoy the bonus. The regular bonus and the free spins usually do not apply in the keno area.

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