Bingo Online - How it works and whether it is worth playing online

Quite a few players enjoy bingo because of the social nature of the game. But also as online Casino games The bingo games are very popular from home, for example whenever there is no bingo game nearby.

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Is the game of bingo on the World Wide Web just as fun as it is in the bingo hall? Well, it depends on the type of person. Some want to be among themselves, others like to gamble at home or on their mobile phones. It is certainly also because of why you play the game of bingo. Anyone who plays bingo for the game will have fun everywhere. Older people often go to the bingo hall because they feel lonely. Here it is logical that they will not gamble on the Internet or not only. You can also combine both, especially if you first want to learn and practice the casino game.

There are many advantages to playing bingo online. Those who buy several notes often get it cheaper. There are also games where the numbers are automatically crossed out. For you, this means that under no circumstances will you forget a number. In characters like these where lockdowns are the order of the day, online bingo is an ideal occupation for people who need to stay at home. For those who usually meet outside, there is also the opportunity to gamble on the web.

You don't have to gamble directly in real money mode. You don't have to do this at all, if you don't want to. If you want, you can always play in demo mode and practice until you become a bingo master. But it's more fun and exciting with money. Incidentally, this is also an advantage that speaks in favor of online bingo. At bingo events, you usually only receive prizes in kind. In the online casino there is the possibility of real money. If you'd rather win money than a clock radio, you should take a closer look at online bingo.

Why online bingo in the live casino is even more fun


Those who do not have much experience with online casinos will not know that there is a regular table area and a live casino sector. In the table game area you can play against the computer. In the live dealer area, a real dealer leads through the program. The latter pulls the numbers out of a bag and reads them out. Thus, the casino game lasts longer and the tension increases.

Bingo against the computer is a bit boring, especially for those who want to play live and don't want to be ready in a minute. In the live casino it really takes longer, especially because you are playing against other people. Against real people, of course. Only those who call bingo here will win the round. It is well known that it is still best live. But if there is no other option, a live casino is the ideal choice.

How is bingo played? We'll explain the rules to you


If you've never tried the game of bingo, you might know it from the movies. There are often many people, often seniors, sitting in a large room and marking number fields on a piece of paper in front of them. Everything is full of decorations, there is punch to drink and off the party goes! At some point someone suddenly shouts “Bingo!“And won the casino game.

And that's exactly how it works in principle when playing bingo online: You have 4 bingo cards or. Picture cards of 5x5 numbers in front of you, which either consist of your own wish list or are randomly generated by the system. Now, similar to a lottery drawing, 45 balls with the numbers are drawn from a drum and those numbers that you have on your slip of paper are marked. If you create a horizontal or vertical row from the marked numbers, you win.

Bingo games are fun for all ages


Some believe online bingo is only for seniors on cruises. Some are very wrong. Online bingo is played in all ages. Even kids like the casino game. Only if you play it outside the casino, of course.

Bingo is a casino game that should always be played in a group. It's a great place to make friends and share your joy. It is also worth coming to the game as a group. Because someone always wins!

Many games of chance are criticized because gamers are becoming more and more isolated from society and gamble on their own. It's similar to computer games and drugs. But we know that this is very far from the truth. With this casino game in particular, you can see how social a game of chance can be!

In the bingo casino on the Internet, the social factor does not play such a major role, but the winners are very richly rewarded. It is not uncommon for high bingo prizes of tens of thousands of US francs and euros to be won at Bingo USA! And if you want to keep the social factor, you can end up sharing your winnings with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google.

What odds do you enjoy playing bingo??


Every casino game in the online casino and of course also offline has a certain quota. This must be specified or. this arises anyway, through the probabilities of the game. Sometimes this value is given as RTP - Return to Player. For example 50%. This means that players can win back 50% of their stake. 50% of the house edge remains. The higher the RTP, the better the chances the player enjoys. But don't get too fixated on it. After all, luck still counts whether you win or not.

When it comes to the RTP, i.e. the percentage that the gamer gets paid back from his stake through bingo winnings, this is 40-50%. That means, if you go to the bingo game with 10 $ / $, you will come back with an average of 5 $ / $. This statistic applies to all players, but probability theory says that the more you play, the more you approximate yourself to the average player. But you have to note that the variance in the bingo game is very high. That means there are few, but very high bingo wins! That said, many players will miss out, but a few will go home with large sums of money. So if you want to go all out, play bingo all or nothing!

Remember that in bingo there is no other factor than luck that determines whether you win or lose. So you can't gamble well or badly unless you make a mistake when marking the ticket. However, when calculating the probability, one assumes that the gamer is not making a mistake.

The bingo game can be played in a relaxed manner and if you are new to it, you can clear away everything you want with a ball. As with roulette, it all depends on your connection to luck. You can of course do that first Bingo game for free try before you wager your own money.

Which types of bingo are offered on the Internet??


Some readers will probably be amazed now. There are different types of bingo. Most probably only know the classic one, as we already mentioned. Different countries, different types of bingo. Since the casino game is known in many parts of the world, different variants have been developed. We would now like to go into this in more detail!

The 75 ball bingo

In the USA, the 75 ball bingo game is mainly played. Gamers buy one or more cards and place them on the table in front of them. There is a 5x5 grid with a total of 25 fields. The word BINGO extends over the 5 fields. Numbers between 1 and 75 are printed on the fields and must be marked with a cross. For example, if the moderator calls N33, look for 33 in column N. In the middle is the joker, which increases the chances of winning. The winner is the one who has a whole row full first. Either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

The 90 ball bingo

This variant is found mainly in Europe, primarily Great Britain. The game is played with 90 numbers instead of 75. There are also other bingo cards that are often referred to as tickets. There are 3 rows and 9 columns, which in the end make 21 fields. However, only 5 numbers are entered per row. The winner is the one who creates a horizontal line first.

Bingo winning pattern

With this bingo variant, a pattern is given in advance, which must be achieved. As soon as the gamer has the pattern in front of him, it is time to call bingo. For example an X or a square. The game masters come up with many patterns here to keep it exciting.

Blackout bingo game

This method, also known as coverall, means that you have to mark everything. In German, the entire ticket must be marked. As a rule, you can do this with any type of bingo if you have patience. If you have a whole card full before someone else calls bingo, you can look forward to high-quality prizes. There are also bingo games where coverall is a prerequisite for winning anything at all.

Top Casinos: You can try out online bingo games here!


You want to try online bingo now. Then the best thing to do is to get started right away. We have prepared the best casinos for you. There you get a selection of different Bing games and you can also gamble with the best providers in the industry. For example, you can also get a bonus, free spins or gamble in demo mode. Much joy.

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Is bingo worth it or not?


People keep asking whether a casino game is worth it or not. Counter question. Is it worth going to the cinema? Is it worth celebrating with other people? Is it worth turning on the television in the evening? Is it worth going on vacation? The answers are guaranteed to be different. Why, because tastes and opinions are different. Just because someone tells you bingo is a stupid casino game doesn't mean it is a stupid game. It always depends on the perception of the individual.

If you enjoy the game of bingo, then it's worth it too. You just have to play with the right mindset. That might sound a bit esoteric, but ultimately the game of bingo should be seen as entertainment. You also pay an entrance fee for the cinema and, unlike a bingo game, you can't get anything there! The bingo game can therefore also be seen as a product that can be used to buy fun for a small fee. Seniors also understand the bingo rules, so it's a perfect casino game for the elderly. And last but not least, there is also the attraction of big money, because with a little luck you can make a big profit.

So the game of bingo can be worthwhile if you are an enthusiast or have a group of players that you enjoy playing with. The game is just so much fun, and kids can play the bingo game just as much as adults. It is certainly worth a little more financially online, as you get a bonus after registering. Sign up e.g.B. for the e-mail newsletter to always receive the latest offers. There are enough bingo games in German online, just pick your favorites, the games always follow the same principle and only differ in visual details.

Our final thoughts on Bingo Online: What we've learned from hundreds of hours playing the game


We have put the rules of the game, strategies and other things behind us. Bingo is about more than just the numbers on the cards. While other games are only for individual wolves, the bingo game is intended for the group, because nothing is more fun than hitting the jackpot on a TV show. We have already won a lot of euros playing bingo and we know that other gamers do the same.

Today is your turn: Bring the dog, baby or anyone else to bed and play the casino game with full enthusiasm. Using demos to train strategies makes a lot of sense, because online bingo is available almost everywhere. You don't even have to register to play casino bingo. Just play as a guest and only log in when you feel like watching the balls with a few $ stakes.

We did the same thing, only to gamble around the clock and wait for a good card. In the end, in contrast to the lotteries that we usually gamble, it was really worth it and we won just as much as professionals in poker. As a top player, we were able to write many pages of success stories in this game and collect a large number of prizes without big stakes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can you use a bonus for online bingo??

This depends on the respective online casino. Most bonuses and free spins are mostly only valid in the slot machine area. Bingo is often excluded or only partially credited. We recommend an online casino where there are bonus offers especially for bingo. It's best to do a little research. Find a platform where bingo is explicitly mentioned. After all, there are also casinos where bingo is quite present. There you have a better chance of getting a bonus. You can also read our test reports, where you will always find useful information.

Children are allowed to play bingo?

Since it is a game of chance, children are not officially allowed to participate in the game of bingo. Definitely not in the casino because you have to be of legal age there. At a beer festival in the country, you won't pay too much attention to it. As is well known, tickets are also sold to children there. From a legal point of view, it is not okay, but at least the parents who legally purchase the bingo card should be there. Mostly these are prizes that have been sponsored. In any case, children have no place in a real bingo game.

Can you play bingo at home??

Yes, there are also bingo games for at home. For a while there was a small travel game with bingo cards on the market. It may still be available for purchase. If not new, surely used somewhere. Check it out on Ebay or at the flea market. Or you can just play online with your friends. That is possible as well. A multiplayer mode. There are apps, websites and a lot more. There are many options open to you to play the game of bingo for fun or for real money.

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