Play blackjack for free - trick with many advantages

Play blackjack for free

What could be better than Blackjack online to play for free? Let the cards fly across the table without risking your hard-earned money. But what are the advantages of using the popular card game blackjack online for free?? You can find this and much more interesting information here.

Why lose real money unnecessarily?

Every inexperienced blackjack player knows these or similar situations: What to do when the dealer has an 11 and the player only has cards worth 13 points in front of you? It is often not that easy to say which decision is the right one in this complex card game. For this reason, many players look for a strategy that can help them with the challenges of the game - after all, you don't just have cards in your hand, but potentially the power to turn the stake into a profit or go empty-handed.

But don't worry: take advantage of the free blackjack offers that are plentiful in online casinos to practice and get better without risking real money. Wait to play for real money until you think you definitely have the hang of this card game.

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The blackjack tables: you don't have to rely on luck

How, however, asks most players new to the blackjack table, can I improve my chances of beating the croupier?? What kind of strategies are there that help a blackjack player to always make the right decisions??

The strategy that every blackjack player should become familiar with is the basic blackjack strategy. This may sound like a complicated set of rules, but it is actually very simple because all you need to practice blackjack for free is the correct blackjack table. Such tables were drawn up over 70 years ago and have been continuously adapted and improved over the decades.

The so-called "father of card counting" - Edward Thorp, played a major role in this. This math genius created blackjack tables on the basis of pure probability theory, with the help of which it was possible for a player to read the ideal decision for each scenario. However, if you stick to these tables you are still not guaranteed to win - blackjack is still a game of chance, after all - but you can minimize the casino's house edge this way - more than any other game.

There are some advantages to using online blackjack for free, also compared to casinos

So when you try online blackjack for free, you are doing several things right. Firstly, you save your money, because real money is never used when playing for free, only virtual game money, which in reality has no value at all. So playing blackjack for free is a simulation. And what are simulations for?? For practicing and preparing for scenarios that would otherwise be far too risky.

In this way you can sit down with the corresponding blackjack tables and learn to read the strategy tables correctly while playing. The more you practice, the quicker and easier it will be for you to make the decision which probability calculation will give you the greatest benefit. You can make mistakes to your heart's content - there are no other players to embarrass yourself in front of, and no dealer who pulls your chips away from you with an emphatically expressionless face.

Furthermore: there are several blackjack variants

... and slightly different rules apply to each variant, which is why there are always different strategy tables. So you don't just have to learn to read the table quickly and confidently - the first thing you have to do is to accurately determine which table you need to use in the first place! As with other card games such as poker and solitaire and also with the classic game of roulette, there are always different variants that have developed over the years for various reasons.

For example, one should know that there are two different strategy tables to use depending on whether the player has an ace in their hand or not. If he has a hand in which one of the cards is an ace, this is called a soft hand because the ace can be worth either 1 or 11 points. A hand is a combination of cards without an ace.

Then there are blackjack variants in which it is allowed to do a so-called double down - this means that you can double your stake if you have the feeling that you will win the card game.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be able to play unlimited blackjack for free in the online casinos and get to know the different variants of the game as well as the small, fine differences in the game rules. We can promise you: It will be of great benefit to you when playing for real money and will probably also increase your chances of a real win.

Free blackjack: even without registration and directly in the browser

If you just want to play for points and for fun, there are one side or the other where you don't even have to register. So you can play blackjack online there for free without registering. Only the Internet offers such a service. Most players are primarily concerned with having fun, and free Blackjack is the easiest way to get that. Players who play for real money instantly lose their money way too quickly because they have no idea and only see the dollars in their eyes.

Another great advantage of modern technology and the Internet is that you can play free card games such as Black Jack on the go, as a mobile version for your cell phone or tablet. It used to be that you always had to download software-based games - so downloading was inevitable. Although you can still download Blackjack to your mobile phone today, that doesn't have to be the case for a long time, because thanks to plugins such as Flash, the games work directly in the browser without a download. And in recent years there has even been another step forward that allows you to play without a plugin in the browser. Playing mobile blackjack - also for free and without registration - has never been as easy as it is today. Even if you can of course play for real money on your mobile phone, the free game offers the advantage of not taking any risks.

Keep a cool head, don't let it rush

If you notice that you are slowly mastering the use of the blackjack basic strategy tables and I am regularly posting great winnings, then you can finally still decide to register correctly at the online casino complete with deposit. You might be tempted by the welcome bonus package, which often also includes free spins. But don't let such an offer put you in a hurry and make your nose long, because these bonus offers and free spins are almost always only valid for slot machines, less often for the live casino and the software-based variants of blackjack, poker, roulette, Solitaire and Co. So there is no reason to be rushed to sign up - take your time and do everything right so that at the end you can confidently say that you have mastered the rules of a strategy card game like blackjack, and also the knowledge of the game Castes have how to get the greatest advantage.

When you play blackjack online for free, you have the opportunity to try different versions

Learn how each variant is played. That's the great thing about playing blackjack online for free because you can of course play every version you want. Even experienced players test other variants from time to time to see whether they can increase their chances of winning. Be smart and do the same. Then you will not only enjoy the popular game, but also win with it in the long run!

The different versions of blackjack

Blackjack is a very versatile game and that is why you can choose between different versions of blackjack from most providers. Which are offered can be very different, but there are some versions that you can find more and more often:

  • American blackjack - American blackjack is often referred to as classic blackjack and is the most popular version of the game. The difference to other versions of blackjack is that the dealer gets his card before it was a player's turn.
  • European blackjack - In European Blackjack, the dealer receives his card only after it has been the player's turn and has decided how he wants to play his cards. Overall, there are more restrictions and rules to be observed in European Blackjack than in the American variant of the game.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack - This form of blackjack is named after the southern Las Vegas Boulevard, which is known for its incredible number of hotels and casinos. Vegas Strip Blackjack is the most popular game in this area.
  • Blackjack Switch - With the Blackjack Switch, players get two separate hands to play with. Players then have the option to choose between the cards or to swap from one hand to the other.

Why are the US so avid blackjack players??

Gaming clocks tick a little differently in USA than in Germany or Austria. It starts with the changed license regulation, because online casinos have a much more difficult time in USA than in their German-speaking neighbors.

If you look at statistics on gaming behavior, you will notice that table games are preferred in USA. This means that the US are less likely to opt for slot machines, but primarily appreciate games like blackjack and poker.

In blackjack you can at least have a minimal influence on the course of the game. This means that you are not completely exposed to chance, as is the case with most slot machines. But in the end, of course, you have to understand that gambling is all about luck. But stereotypically, the US are always a bit stingy and prefer to take their money into their own hands. So why the US are so excited about blackjack? Because it's not quite as random as it is on a slot machine.

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