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US casinos

There have been online casinos in USA since 2019, but there are also land casinos. We show you the best casinos from USA with license, either A concession or B. Find out the difference and the best here Casino tricks. Use these tips for your first visit to the casino. Have fun with it!

Concession A and B - what's the difference?

In USA there are currently 21 licensed casinos with either an A or B license. 8 casinos have the A license and 13 have the B license. We'll briefly explain the difference between the commissions.

As a rule, those who have the A license do not have to adhere to restrictions. At B casinos, the maximum stake per game must not exceed $ 25. In addition, the location canton can levy a cantonal levy on gross player revenues. In any case, this does not apply to online casinos.

All licensees must offer fair games that are transparent and secure. Player protection comes first, so there must also be checks on the Money Laundering Act and in the event of anomalies there may be checks on the part of the player. For example, where the casino asks for a receipt.

Map of the land-based casinos in USA:

Casinos A:
  • Grand Casino Baden
  • Grand Casino Bern
  • Grand Casino Basel
  • US Casinos St. Gallen
  • Grand Casino Lucerne
  • US Casinos Zurich
  • Casino Barrieré de Montreux
  • Casino Lugano
Casino B:
  • Casino St. Moritz
  • Casino Admiral Mendrisio
  • Casino Bad Ragaz
  • Casino Davos
  • Casino Barrier de Friborg
  • Casino Interlaken
  • Casino Barrier de Courrendlin
  • Casino Locarno
  • Casino du Lac Meyrin
  • Casino Crans-Montana
  • Casino Neuchatel
  • US Casinos Schaffhausen
  • US Casinos Pfäffikon-Lake Zurich

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The 21 US casinos at a glance

In the next section we would like to briefly introduce you to the 21 casinos in USA. You have already found out above which license the providers have. Now we will show you what you will experience in the individual casinos and what advantages they offer you:

Casinò Locarno
There is another company on the border with Italy, Casino Locarno. Enjoy Casinoflair every day from 12 noon to 3 a.m. On weekends it is even open until 4 a.m. You can look forward to over 150 slots, video machines, roulette, video poker, blackjack and poker tables. There is a suitable game for everyone. ...
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Grand Casino Lucerne
There's always a lot going on at the Grand Casino Luzern. Here you not only meet to play, there are also endless events. For example, over 30 parties or poker tournaments. Of course, there are also jackpots and unique table games. Sometimes there are around three million francs in the pot. You can also enjoy the usual tables such as Roulette, Poker & Blackjack. There are also numerous slot machines waiting for you. ...
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Casino Interlaken
Look forward to a casino that is open 365 days a year. Beginners and professionals alike are in good hands at Casino Interlaken. The minimum stakes vary between $ 0.01 and $ 1 at the machines. There are also classic games such as blackjack, Texas Hold'em and American roulette. ...
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Grand Casino Baden
The Grand Casino Baden in the Kursaal has existed since 2002. It was one of the first casinos that was allowed to offer its offer in USA. The Grand Casino with the A concession presents over 300 slot machines, live casino games and many poker tournaments. For example, you can look forward to Baccarat, Blackjack, American Roulette, French Roulette, Punto Banco and much more. Entry is $ 10. ...
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Grand Casino Bern
The Grand Casino Bern can be found near the old town of Bern. Around 300.000 visitors to the casino. There are over 350 slot machines and 14 table games with poker, American roulette and blackjack. The Grand Casino Bern also has an A license. In 2021, the Grand Casino Bern was expanded again and has since offered even more space for players. ...
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US Casinos Schaffhausen
The US Casino Schaffhausen is located in the north of beautiful USA. There are also some roulette, blackjack and poker tables there. You can also enjoy slot machines that even have progressive jackpots. There are also multi-level machines and auto-jackpot slots. Unique events are held again and again. There is no dress code and no entry. ...
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Casino Admiral Mendrisio
Casino Admiral Mendrisio is located on the Italian border. It is one of the most popular casinos in USA because it is also popular with travelers from southern Europe. There are over 350 different slot machines, three bars, a restaurant and over 1.500 parking spaces. ...
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US Casinos Pfäffikon
The US Casinos Pfäffikon-Zürichsee has a similar structure to that in Schaffhausen. Players enjoy numerous poker tables, roulette and blackjack games. Events take place here again and again and there is no entry fee. This is the right place for those who prefer casual gaming. Link to the test report US Casinos Pfäffikon-Zürichsee. ...
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Casino Crans-Montana
Are you an early riser? Then you will feel at home in Casino Crans-Montana. You can start playing here from 10 a.m. During the week it is open until 4:00 am and on weekends until 5:00 am. Look forward to over 140 slot machines. Other highlights are blackjack, poker, roulette, three card and more. ...
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Casino Davos
The famous Casino Davos is open until 2 a.m. and looks forward to gaming enthusiasts. There are over 61 slot machines, numerous blackjack and roulette tables. Poker is also played in Davos. The casino is also known for its events. In addition, small stakes are possible. With roulette you can take part from two francs, among other things. ...
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Casino Lugano
The Teatro Kursaal, which today houses the famous Casino Lugano, used to be located on an old plot of land on Lake Lugano. Today you can play Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Hold'em and Baccarat at the Lugano Casino. Tournaments and other events are held again and again. There are also hundreds of slot machines and video slot machines. Enjoy the wonderful hours in the casino. ...
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Casino Courrendlin
Another casino from the chain is the Barriére de Courrendlin. The atmosphere in this building is unique. You can look forward to high-quality games such as blackjack, roulette & poker. Of course there are also many slot machines so that it is not boring. Friends of classy gaming feel particularly at home here. ...
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Casino St. Moritz
You want to play in the highest casino that USA has to offer? Then you are at Casino St. Moritz right. This is at an altitude of 1850 meters and is located in the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains. Look forward to two blackjack tables, three American roulette tables and a Texas Holdem table. There are over 80 slots and the casino also has a multilevel jackpot system. ...
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Casino Montreux
Where the casino is today, there used to be a venue that hosted the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. In 1971 the location burned down and was rebuilt. This scenario was captured in the Deep Purple song "Smoke on the Water". Today you will find 185 slot machines and over 30 gaming tables in the casino. Also included are roulette, poker, boules and blackjack. ...
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Casino Bad Ragaz
Also in St. Gallen there is a casino, which is located in Bad Raganz. When it comes to dress codes, the company is relaxed. The main thing is that you are dressed casually and properly. Look forward to two blackjack tables, four roulette tables, a poker table and 160 slot machines. Events that attract visitors from all over the world take place in this casino again and again. ...
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Casino Friborg
The famous Barriére de Friborg Casino also offers everything a player could wish for. There are ultimate poker tables, three roulette tables, two blackjack tables and over 150 slot machines. From a penny you can sometimes be there, so that bargain hunters will also get their money's worth. ...
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Casino du Lac Meyrin
Enjoy over 195 different slots at Casino Du Lac Meyrin. There are also plenty of table games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. Different assignments are possible to keep it exciting. Semi-automatic roulette is also available. The casino also has a VIP room for up to 100 players and a restaurant. ...
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Grand Casino Basel
The Grand Casino Basel is famous for its jackpots. There have been several million US francs in the pot in recent years and of course that attracts attention. Twelve years after it opened, 16 players became millionaires. The record profit was the equivalent of 5.6 million euros. Over 300 different slots are waiting in the casino. Blackjack, roulette and poker tables are also represented. ...
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US Casinos St. Gallen
There is a third US Casino in USA, namely in St. Gallen. Events take place every day and there are always offers that are fun. Of course, you will also find the classic mix of table games and hundreds of slot machines here. A highlight is the jackpot machine, where you can win over three million francs. ...
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US Casinos Zurich
All good things come in four. The fourth US Casino is at home in Zurich. Enjoy the usual casino customs with all the trimmings. Big jackpots and numerous events await you. Table games are a given, as is a unique selection of slots. Immerse yourself in the luxurious atmosphere. ...
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Casino Neuchatel
This casino mainly focuses on the table games. You can find a few tables at Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, and Roulette. Slot machines are of course also available, and these come in different variations. If you want to have a drink between games, visit one of the two bars. There is also a restaurant and a nice terrace. ...
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Important information for your first visit to the casino

  • If you want to visit a casino, you should check the website in advance to see whether the casino in question is currently open. As a result of the measures, opening times can change again and again. If you come from abroad, inform yourself promptly so that you do not stand in front of closed gates.
  • It is important that you bring your ID with you because it is checked at the entrance and sometimes scanned in. In USA, players aged 18 and over are allowed to play in the casino. This can be determined by a passport, driver's license or ID card. If you have already been banned in another casino, you are no longer allowed to play in another casino. The casinos watch players and ask for a conversation if necessary.
  • The dress code is casual in most US casinos. But this does not mean that you can come in ripped jeans. Shorts are often frowned upon, as are sleeveless shirts and shirts. In some casinos you can wear shorts in midsummer. The best thing to do is take a look at the website and search for the point "Dresscode". If you are unsure, contact the staff or give the casino a call. They will be happy to advise you. Large bags, rucksacks, umbrellas and jackets can be left in the cloakroom. With some you can even borrow an outfit if you don't match the dress code.
  • Use the online casinos to learn the table games. You should already know the rules by the time you visit a casino so as not to slow down the operation. For beginners there are sometimes events and guided tours where you can learn the most important rules. Use this opportunity to grapple with the games. You will also get to know new games in this way.
  • If you come by car, you should find out in advance whether there is enough parking space. Sometimes you can park at the casino for a fee. It is cheaper to park your car nearby. Parking garages at train stations are also sometimes cheaper. You want a VIP service? At some casinos you can drive to the entrance and an employee will park your car for a fee.
  • Most casinos are open Monday through Sunday. From Thursday to Sunday, the casino days take place badly. If you want to eat here, make a reservation. In addition, parking spaces are often rare. Some casinos are open until 5:00 in the morning. You can usually only take part in table games from the late afternoon onwards. But this also depends on the casino in question.
  • Some casinos in USA are free, but with some you pay an entrance fee. The average is $ 10. You can often exchange admission for chips or drinks. Outside bars and restaurants can be visited without admission. There is also usually no ID check there.
  • In most casinos you will find the classic games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. There are also slot machines and jackpots. Sometimes more sometimes less. You can find out more about the games in our test reports so that you can find out more in advance. We also advise you to take a look at the official websites. There you can get useful information.
  • If you would like to take photos, you should find out in advance whether this is allowed. In the table game area it is forbidden in most cases. In the slot machine sector it is often tolerated, but not always. Under no circumstances should you photograph strangers who feel annoyed by it. If in doubt, ask an employee whether you can immortalize your pretty friend in the photo. Cell phones are hardly noticeable, and you should leave your SLR camera at home.
  • Telephoning is not welcomed in the casino. If you have to, then in a place where nobody will bother you. Please not next to the poker table. Generally speaking, you may seldom make phone calls during table games. Use the hallway or terrace when it really matters. The best thing to do is to switch off your smartphone and enjoy the evening. After all, such a casino day should be a special experience.


Everyone is allowed to play in a US casino?

In the country casinos, guests from all countries are allowed to play if they can identify themselves. Provided that visitors are at least 18 years old and have not been banned from any casino. Attention: Only customers from USA who have an address in USA are allowed to register in the online casino. Foreign players are unfortunately not welcome on the web.

What happens when you visit the casino for the first time?

At most casinos in USA it is common for the ID to be scanned. A player account will be set up for you, which will remain in effect until you have it blocked or it expires after a certain period of time. Make sure you bring your ID with you, even if you are already registered. Anyone who is banned from one US casino may no longer play in another.

Do you have to pay taxes on winnings from the casino in USA??

Winnings made in a US casino are tax-free. However, this only applies to the land-based casinos. If you play in an online casino, the tax-free amount is $ 1 million. Since each canton collects different levels of taxes, we cannot tell you anything more about this. According to the federal tax administration, the organizer has to pay a withholding tax of 35%. If you win big, the staff will certainly help you and advise you on which rules to follow. A tax advisor can also help if anything is unclear.

Are there US licenses also for foreign online casinos?

So far, licenses have only been granted to domestic casinos that already operate land-based casinos. 21 have decided to also offer something online. There are some providers who can get one .ch domain and send your offer to US. Without a license it's a gray area. For your own safety, you should always play in your own country. Mainly because you get support in the event of a problem.

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