Gambling addiction - a serious issue especially when it comes to gambling

Gambling addiction

If we from Casino tricks and tips, we should also mention the issue of gambling addiction. Games of chance are sometimes clearly addictive, that should neither be concealed nor played down. In the following we want to show the forms of help that people use.

The topic of casino and gambling addiction - what it is and how an addiction to gambling can arise

First of all, it has to be said that for most gamblers, gambling remains fun and therefore unproblematic. From a psychological point of view, gambling addiction is caused less by the games themselves than by the emotions associated with them. There are also professional gamers, especially in poker, who gamble excessively, but still maintain control and distance from the game. Others lose their distance and control and develop problematic behavior - the transition to gambling addiction is fluid.

Gambling addiction can be described as a condition in which the gamer develops a pathological compulsion to play. The gamer spends his entire fortune on slot machines or other games and, even if he has lost it all, cannot stop. In most cases it goes so far that the gamer at least considers taking out a loan.

The mental problem of the player is the idea of ​​trying to regain a loss. But that doesn't work that way and usually leads to further losses. For the players concerned, sooner or later gambling dominates their entire life and everyday life, social contacts are also influenced and neglected. As a result of psychological gambling addiction, gambling addiction behaves similarly to drug addiction and is considered a dependency disease.

How to find out that you are becoming addictive and that you should seek counseling for gambling addiction

A very important point when it comes to online casinos and gambling addiction is prevention. We would therefore like to provide a few pointers and information on how you can notice that your behavior is becoming problematic and that you are at risk of addiction.

Examples of signs of a problem with gambling addiction are:

  • Increased financial problems despite regular income. You are wasting more $ than you have?
  • Getting into debt for no good reason, including with friends or family.
  • You have much less time for your family or you are absent from work.
  • One gets caught up in lies to hide the behavior.
  • One suffers from irritability, mood swings, restlessness and insomnia.
  • One becomes more and more unreliable and absent-minded.

Please note that these instructions do not necessarily have to be general as they indicate a gambling problem, but do not have to. Reflect on your behavior over and over again - watch the clock and set a limit on the time and real money you are willing to invest. And when you find yourself losing control, seek help or seek direct treatment.

What help with gambling addiction USA offers and how you can make use of it

Fortunately, nowadays there are some offers of help that you and should take advantage of if you are addicted to gambling or at risk. If you have the feeling that you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness and irritability or that you have lost control over your gambling behavior, seek help from a counseling service for gambling addiction in good time. Rest assured that you are not alone - there are many who are just like you!

There is sure to be a US advice center near you. Just look for a place on Google where you can log in. However, advice is also available online or over the phone if you do not feel ready to interact with people directly. Getting in touch is important to get started - it can also be a video or an article on these topics that provides an impetus. You can find out everything on the website under Gambling Addiction USA. There are people who can help you.

Gambling addiction therapy is often the only way for those affected to break this vicious circle

Finally, when you're ready to break the cycle and get yourself a quote, gambling addiction therapy is probably the best bet. Just noticing that you are not alone, that others have been tormented by the same issues for years and that help can still be given, can help to gain new courage. The content of therapy is usually to first understand one's own behavior and to look for new alternatives that do not pose a threat to one's own health. Especially through group therapy, you can ask other affected people about their experiences and people will not blame you.

A therapy can be arranged for you either through a help counseling, or directly through a therapist or the health insurance company. Look for a link online, look for contact by mail or tel - there are many options!

What can the operators themselves do about the problem of gambling addiction casino?

The operators are well aware that there are some addicting gamers out there. For this reason, the statistics of those players who meet certain criteria, such as frequent losses or high losses, are evaluated. In extreme cases, these players are often notified and an awareness test is run to see if gamers are clear about your stats.

In addition, the player already has some options to choose from in the account that he can use to limit his playing time or the possible stakes. The game time is not only displayed again and again, but also displayed via popup after certain time intervals while the game is interrupted. With many providers, a possible loss is shown again directly in the game during an interruption. This at least tries to ensure that gamers recognize their gaming results realistically and, if possible, without a subjective change in perception.

As a gamer, how can you protect yourself from addiction??

If you have any kind of addiction, you should not start playing at the casino. Well-intentioned advice that we mean seriously. Also, you should never gamble to pay off debts. Many believe that in the casino you can win a certain sum to pay off the debts. Please note that in the worst case scenario, this will make you liable to prosecution. If creditors notice that you are gambling in the casino, it will not end well. Other than that, it doesn't make any sense. Whoever plays with debt usually loses even more. You don't have to say much about that.

In the casino you can usually set a limit. Take the chance. Whether daily limit, weekly limit or monthly limit. Set a number that suits your finances. This is where you should be honest with yourself. If you only earn $ 1000, $ 50 per month is already too much. If you earn $ 5,000, $ 1,000 per month may be fine. It's not just your income that counts, but your expenses too. That is why you should calculate as it suits you. Win, withdraw one part and invest the other part back. In no case should you exceed your limit. If this is where you're out of control, stop before it turns into gamer addiction.

Are you already addicted or you tend to get banned from the online casino. We also recommend blocking casino terms from the browser. Such locks are similar to parental controls so you don't get tempted. Anyone who uses such a blockage has better control and is not tempted.

Ask yourself the question. Play because you like it or because you want to win. If it's just for gambling, you can also try the casino games in demo mode without logging in. Perhaps this fact already satisfies them. Gamble with play money only for one week and with real money the next. See for yourself whether or not you are missing real money mode. If so, you are probably suffering from withdrawal symptoms, so watch out for problems here.

Gambling addiction: where exactly can I get professional help?

US players can get professional help with gambling addiction here:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Everyone may or may not become addicted to gambling?

Everyone does not become addicted to gambling, but it could affect anyone. Many who never thought it possible suddenly woke up to addiction counseling. It is therefore important that you are in control and observe yourself. Limits in online casinos were not invented for nothing. Use them even if you haven't had any addictions before. Alcoholics fall into the trap just as easily without their wanting to. There are so many casino games out there. Many overdo it at the beginning because they want to try everything. Therefore, especially as a newcomer, you should pay attention to how you react. Spend too much on the first day. Log out again to prevent worse from happening.

Are there forums on the Internet where you can exchange ideas?

Yes, there are forums on the World Wide Web where you can talk to other people about your addiction. Please note, however, that these forums are no substitute for professional advice. It is ideal in the beginning to discuss solutions. If you can no longer find a way out of the dilemma yourself, you should definitely go to a group or see your therapist. Find out in your city what counseling options are available. There is hardly a place where you are not helped. Don't be ashamed, the first step to addiction counseling is difficult, but the most effective.

You can also be blocked in country casinos?

Yes, there is also the option to block the regular online casino. Since you have to log in almost everywhere, your card will simply be blocked, so you will not be able to check-in the next time. Get advice from your online casino if you want to be banned. If it is a casino chain, you could have all branches blocked. This is also possible online if the online platform belongs to a general operator. You can find information on this on the respective gambling portals.

Which payment method is ideal for those who pay attention to the limit?

Under no circumstances should you pay by credit card. There you usually have no overview and are transferring too much. Money you don't already have. We recommend the Paysafecard or e-wallets, where you should deposit in advance. This ensures that you don't spend more money. For example, transfer 200 euros per month to Neteller and top up your casino account with 20 $ once a week. This way you have better control of yourself and don't give up everything at once. Credit cards are dangerous, which is why Visa has abandoned the German market, among other things.

Who can US gamers turn to if they are at risk?

If you want to find out more about gambling addiction, either contact your therapist or inquire in the canton. We also recommend a nationwide service called SOS Addiction. On the website www / people at risk of gambling addiction can get information and advice. There is an e-mail, a hotline and online advice. Just surf over and convince.

So take advantage of these offers that the casino itself offers for the prevention of gambling addiction. It is better to be careful today than to spend years in therapy later because you can no longer get out on your own.

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