Live casino: advantages and how to find the best live casino!


Anyone looking for Casino tricks and Tips is, has already noticed that the typical casino game feeling with roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat cannot be transported into the digital world. But a lot has changed since the new live games were developed.

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A bit of history: How long has there been a live casino??

As many customers know, the first online casinos existed as early as the mid-1990s, launched by the pioneers Microgaming and Net Ent. However, the majority of people were very skeptical in those early years and rarely wanted to log into the Internet, enter bank details and then make a deposit. Serious payment service providers such as Skrill and Neteller did not exist at the time either, which also made things more difficult. But what was the biggest disadvantage: the online casinos of the time simply couldn't offer a real casino atmosphere. There were only slot machines and if you wanted to play blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat or any other traditional casino game you had to be satisfied with a software based version. Of course, the whole flair was lost.

Therefore, it was a small revolution for gamblers and online casino providers when the first live casinos were invented - that is said to have been the case as early as 1996. Real live dealers were in specially equipped studios and played at real play tables, with real cards and kettles. They were filmed and the whole event was broadcast live over the Internet directly to the players' computers, who could conveniently place their bets and win from there. There was no need for big free spins or bonus offers - the gamers were very interested in this new live casino thing!

Hallelujah - improved technology and faster internet

Of course you can imagine how bad the technology was then compared to today. Internet speed was out of the question, so weak and slow were the data transfers and often desperate players when the picture stopped in the middle of a roulette or poker game and the video had to be buffered for a long time - or even the whole website had to be reloaded. Of course, there was still no talk of games on the go on mobile phones or tablets.

Slowly but surely, technology made the necessary advances, and today it is possible to have such a high Internet speed even on a mobile phone that you can have an excellent live casino experience without any problems and the live stream hardly ever stalls.

How does the principle of the live casino work at all?

With a live broadcast via webcam you can play at real tables with a real dealer, but you have the advantage of not being seen yourself. The dealers sit in front of a camera that broadcasts the game live for you, while you then have to place your bets at a certain time interval. The dealer then starts the round after the time runs out. So many gamers can play at the same table at the same time.

Since the live dealers are streamed directly to your screen, you no longer have to walk into a terrestrial casino to be able to play. That's the great thing about a live dealer casino! You can start any live casino game from your desktop or smartphone. The experience is very realistic because real people are also involved. Fortunately, you get rid of the feeling of playing against the computer, because you no longer play with a software program, but with real cards and gaming tables. It's a game between two personalities that is what makes the game so appealing.

It takes a little longer until the rounds are completed because you have to give each user who plays the casino game in parallel to the others a certain amount of freedom of choice, but from our point of view that also makes it better! In clearly defined time intervals of 30, 45 or 60 seconds, you can claim enough time to do your job. If you have not made a bet, no stake is placed and you can continue playing in the next round.

Casino Live is an expensive technology for the player?

Some players have the idea that the casino live would somehow cost extra. This is of course not the case, because the use of the live casino area is automatically included in the offer of every online casino provider, and you don't have to make an extra large deposit or be a VIP player to be allowed to play there. The only restriction is that there is usually a minimum and a maximum bet at every table in the live casino. At a table that is more intended for high roller players, you may have to bet at least 5 euros, but the max bet is also very high, for example 200 euros. With a good provider there is always enough selection of tables that offer the player the opportunity to choose a table with the appropriate min / max stake.

In fact, however, the standard rules or. Terms and conditions apply and you don't have to pay more for the live casino than for the other games. As always, the casino's payment is based on the house edge that every game of chance brings with it. Quite simply, when you play slot machines there is a house edge of maybe 4%, when you play roulette you are at 2.7% and with blackjack you can reduce the house edge to under 1%. This means that the live casino can usually be financially more attractive and offer better chances of winning!

How can you win in the live casino?

The operators actually answer the question of whether you can win in the live casino by themselves through the bonus conditions that they set for it. In the bonus conditions of the providers you can see that games in the live casino count to 5 or 10 percent - sometimes 0% - of the turnover, while slot machines are 100%. Why should operators make such a decision?? Because you win more in the live casino and thus the bonus is implemented faster and more securely!

The most common live games are live blackjack and live roulette, with live baccarat and live poker now also being offered frequently; the latter game is particularly popular in the Texas Hold Em version. And as you learned in our other articles, the house edge on these games is very small in comparison. That means that you as a gamer win more! There are usually no extra fees or the like for the live version. In addition, the live experience with a real person as the dealer who has real cards on the tables gives many players the security of not being cheated. Most people trust their own eyes even more than the random number generator of automata and machines.

Is there an online live casino test and where can I find it?

Of course there is more than one online live casino test on the net. And especially since the offer is now gigantic, you should definitely do some research beforehand before you register in a live casino. In any case, the quality and the chances of winning should be right. Good quality also means good software in live casinos. Because even if you play on real gaming tables, you of course need software that serves as a surface on your screen on which you can interact. It is extremely important that this is perfectly coordinated. Developers who have stood for excellent software from the very beginning are, for example, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming. Good live casinos only rely on such top developers.

And as we have already indicated above: A very important aspect if you want to play live are the wagering requirements for the bonus. If you mainly want to play live games, please make sure that you get at least a few percentage points off these games for the wagering requirements. Otherwise the bonus amount will never be paid out.

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Find an online casino that offers live casino games from Evolution Gaming and NetEnt

But now we come to the point, because you want to know where you can best play in the live casino. After all, online casinos abound, and it is precisely this large selection of offers that can sometimes make a decision difficult. But: the good news is that you already know exactly what you are looking for - you are looking for an online casino that has an excellent live casino section. This is not the case with every provider, because many focus mainly on having as many great slots as possible and then luring as many gamers as possible with bonus and free spins offers.

If you read through online casino reviews, be on the lookout for a provider that offers a particularly large selection of titles at live casino tables. These games should be provided by Evolution Gaming or NetEnt whenever possible. Evolution Gaming is the undisputed leader in live casino, and NetEnt is also an excellent provider. When you play games from these manufacturers, you know that everything is completely fair and that the live dealers are perfectly trained.

There should be as many different live tables as possible to choose from

If you have found an online casino that offers live casino games from Evolution Gaming and ideally also NetEnt, then look next at the number of different tables. The rule is: the more, the better! Because even if there are 5 roulette tables, it doesn't have to be that they are all manned by a German-speaking dealer. It is also very important that you have different roulette tables with different limits on the subject of minimum and maximum bet. After all, you want to find the table that fits the size of your budget. And then of course you don't want to just play roulette forever and ever! Therefore, there should also be a corresponding selection of poker, sic bo, blackjack and baccarat tables, each with different max and min bet limits and, in the case of games like poker, also with different versions of the game, for example Texas Hold Em.

Are there bonus offers in the live casino or are they only available with slot machines?

There is a question that almost all players who gamble in the live casino ask themselves. What about a bonus? There is a welcome bonus for slots and many other games everywhere. But what about when you want to play with croupiers??

Yes, there are special bonuses for the live casino, but these are not offered in all play casinos. If you are explicitly looking for it, you should register with a platform that gives away such rewards. There are hardly any free spins in the live casino, because free spins make more sense with slots. After all, you want to wager a certain amount. For this reason we recommend a no deposit bonus or deposit bonus. Read the bonus terms and conditions in advance and find out whether the bonus is even valid at the live casino. Sometimes there is a special one for this sector, elsewhere general bonuses are given away. Every casino acts a little differently here.

If the bonuses apply mainly in the slot machine area, it usually only applies in part to the live casino games. 10% or 20%. What do we actually mean by apply? Well, every bonus has to be unlocked. Sometimes 20x, or 40x. This is decided by the casino itself. Get 100 $ and get 20x. Do you have to play for 2000 $. If the game is only 10% valid, you have to gamble 90% more. This would be far too much effort, which is why we only recommend the bonus if it is really 100% in the live casino area. Unless you're just using it to practice playing with croupiers. If you are not interested in winning, you can of course use it. If you absolutely want to unlock your winnings, you have to work for a long time and that's why you have to open your eyes.

Of course, there are other rules to be observed. For example, there are limits that must be adhered to. For example, you can only bet 5 $ or similar on roulette. That also determines the respective casino. In any case, you should read the terms and conditions in advance, no matter what you plan to do. These bonus conditions are noted there. As soon as you grab bonuses, you have to agree to them anyway. The casinos assume you know the rules. Because of this, you cannot object later if you do not receive your winnings. Read and inform beforehand will save you from chaos.

What advantage do newcomers enjoy in the live casino online?

A live casino is not only beneficial for those who like to play on the web, but also for everyone who is still too shy for the right casino. We always advise you to start in demo mode. Play the normal table games first and as soon as you know your way around, head to the live casino area. It's just nicer live and you're not playing against a computer there. Since you also gamble with other players, the whole thing is even more fun.

If you have never been to a real play casino, you can use the live croupiers to imagine how things work in a real casino. You will learn the dealers' instructions and know where to place your bets. Many start online to lose shyness. Of course, it's not a complete replacement, but live casinos are still better than automated computer games.

It is best to try out different games so that you can learn the rules and differences directly. A good example is American roulette, which has double zeros as opposed to French roulette. A slot machine is easy to use. You place a bet and the reels spin. Things look different when it comes to table games. You need to master these before you venture out into the wild. It's less bad online than in a real casino. A certain elegance is expected there. Anyone who messes around forever and holds up the others doesn't exactly make themselves popular. The casino game lives off of the fact that the players know what you are doing. Practice it live and nothing can happen to you.

The question of the very best online casino ever

The question of what the best live casino online is, is very difficult to answer across the board. Basically, one can say that the best providers that also have a live casino with them are recommended. Special aspects that you should not forget are, as usual, the game selection, customer service and various payment methods (at least Skrill and Neteller should be the online casino for fast deposits and withdrawals) and of course the mobile offer. If you want to play on your smartphone or tablet while on the go, make sure that there is either a mobile app or a good mobile website that can also be played live. After all, the profit should quickly migrate to the account in live dealer casinos.

In our test section you can find good offers at live dealer casinos, all of which are licensed and present perfectly trained croupiers. Do not rely on the advertisements, read reviews and look out for a gambling license number from Malta. Take a look around our website, our team won by far the most in the live games, especially Live Blackjack and Live Roulette. We wish you good luck!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can play live casino games for free in demo mode?

Unfortunately there are no live casino games in demo mode and there is a reason for this. After all, they are live games. The dealers have to be paid. That is why the casinos do not offer any free offers. But, the good news. Most providers allow you to watch for free. Register in the online casino and start a live casino game. You are there in a row and can watch the goings-on. If you want to play without a stake, the best thing to do is to get a welcome bonus. This is a good alternative and it's just as fun.

Which providers are particularly well known in the live casino sector?

There are several game manufacturers for live casino games. Most often you can find some from Netent, Evolution Gaming and Playtech. These are particularly popular and well known on the market. Evolution Gaming also presents some game shows like Dreamcatcher, Deal or No Deal and Co. This transforms the live dealer casino into a virtual TV landscape, where the viewer can spend many cool hours. Trying out is worthwhile. Even if you only play in demo mode at the beginning.

Which games are mainly offered in the online live casino?

The classics can be found almost everywhere. Look forward to Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and Sic Bo. There are also game show games like Deal or No Deal, and lots of lottery games like Keno. Bingo is also sometimes offered to make playing in the live dealer casino even more varied. The typical casino games are usually available in different versions, languages ​​and limits. Whether high rollers or bargain hunters, everyone gets their money's worth and can try their luck. Who knows, you might soon win the jackpot.

You can also play as a VIP in a casino?

Some bet providers even have special VIP games. For example Sic Bo, Black Jack, or others. With live dealers, high jackpot stakes or low stakes are fun. Read the details of the games in the casinos and compare the different variants. Whether Playtech or Evolution Gaming. Secure a place and start playing.

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