Privacy Policy

Thank you for reading this information, which is important in relation to the use and rights relating to your personal data. We explain here the conditions and guidelines under which we at acquire and use this data.

By reading our privacy policy and using our service on continue, you declare that you agree to the stated terms and conditions and consent to the use of your data in the form shown.

1. Definitions

In the following text, terms like “we”, “our” and “us” are used in relation to used. We refer to all readers of our pages in this text with formulations such as "reader", "user", "player" or "customer". When we speak of "personal data", we mean the personal data and information mentioned above. With "public space" this entire website is from meant.

2. Information that we collect through our service:

Within this public space, we collect central details from users who visit certain areas of bestonlinecasino.I want to use. This information processing works in two ways.

2.1. Using information about users to improve their experience and our own service at to improve. It does this by storing movement within the page to create a profile of what captures the user's interest.

2.2. By requesting personal information and data about the user, such as their email address, full name, home address, mobile number or any other contact number. However, there may also be a digression from those who voluntarily provide this data. This can sometimes be necessary for legal requirements, for example to determine the legal age of the users at the best online casino.want to use.

2.3. Automatic collection of data takes place at directly from the I.P. of the user, which contains cookie information that refers to pages that the user may have before, during or after their visit to has visited. We will have access to the time, date and access to the I.P. Have the address of the user who visits our website. This information can then be used when interacting with the customer via email or instant messenger to further help all customers on our site.

2.4th. Authorized services on our site collect information that the user voluntarily gives us, such as his information for a newsletter subscription. Such information is provided by sorted and, for example, by ID (if necessary. with photo), email address, gender, date of birth and full name. By using the authorized service, users allow the storage of this data for further use to improve our service and, if necessary, to. also the transfer to third parties, should this be required for legal reasons.

3. How is the information collected used by us? will collect a wide variety of information from one or more users during their visit to our website. Below are examples of the extent to which this information is extremely valuable for us to validate our service to customers.

3.1. Executive services

The information received can support service operation and maintenance and improve the service we offer. It is helpful with all of the user's inquiries, such as comments, questions, and recommendations about what is best online can offer as an experience.

3.2. Improving our services

The correlated information is used to understand and analyze trends from our own performance that users are using. This leads to new products, better user experiences, service functions and updates of offers that are less popular.

3.3. Communications

The data collected enables us to communicate with the user for administrative purposes only. (a) In the customer service area, including the need to address violations of law, violations or complaints. (b) To provide users with current promotions and exclusive offers relating to the best online to supply services and products, either through us or through additional third parties. These are suggested offers that any member can withdraw from. For more information, see "Your Rights" (Section 5).

3.4th. Cookies

Information can be collected automatically through cookies and other technologies to help:

(a) Personalized use, for example no need to re-enter personal information to access services. (b) customized advertising, content and tailored information. (c) Identification for third parties and monitoring services from (d) tracking entries and submissions, logging status, and using promotions.

3.5. Google Analytics

We also use Google Analytics to track the traffic on our website and then evaluate. We are not affiliated with the Google service and it is an independent legal entity as an addition to our services. The reports are sent on both sides, as Google can access the analyzes in order to see the activities of the users on our own website.

4th. Publication and dissemination of information

This is the disclosure of information to which the user has consented under the following circumstances:

4th.1. Voluntary public information

This is voluntary information provided by the user in the public area of ​​the website, such as. B. a message in a comment area that other users and we can access.

4th.2. service provider

Our website is inevitably edited by third parties who work on the website, in maintenance, hosting, development and other service areas. You have access to information and personal data, but the information for the service providers is limited to where it is reasonably necessary to support them in the performance of their tasks. You are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of such information in order to further protect user data.

4th.3. Unidentifiable information

If information is collected automatically, it will be passed on to third parties in order to support the following areas. (a) Matches for reporting. (b) Marketing Purposes. (c) Matching user habits with the use of patterns, content, the availability of functions and the services used.

4th.4th. Judicial processes

We will disclose personal information if required by law and if permitted or required by law in order to comply with court orders, subpoenas, arrest warrants or other judicial practices. We will work with law enforcement and other government agencies in this area of ​​legal rights. This includes the following: (a) Provision for liability. (b) Protection against fraudulent, illegal and abusive activity. (c) Defense against claims and / or allegations by third parties. (d) Security for our service and enabling the provision. (e) To protect our property and our legal rights, to enforce our contracts, to safeguard our rights and the safety of others.

4th.5. Change of owner

Should it happen that our services have changed hands through acquisition or a merger, the personal data will be accessible to one or more third parties. The new owner must continue to commit to a privacy policy to uphold your rights.

The data can be passed on to the purchaser physically or electronically. The acquisition can also result from bankruptcy, asset sales, or possible bankruptcy.

5. User rights

5.1. We protect your rights and will provide you with appropriate access throughout the time you are using our service. You can request this information and / or have it changed or deleted. The request can be made via our "Contact Us" page.

You may wish to refuse to provide us with certain personal information that may affect some of the services that we might otherwise provide.

You can object to the processing of your personal data at any time, unless it is a legal matter. You can keep a record of all of your complaints in case you believe the matter has violated your legal rights. Please contact a data protection office to deal with your case.

5.2. Unsubscribe Newsletter

You can unsubscribe from commercial email at any time. You can find the instructions for this in the email itself. You can also contact us directly to process your request. The deletion process can take up to 10 working days. If you stop commercial communications, you may still receive emails from services that are directly related to our website.

6th. Third party services

This service process may contain links or functions to linked websites and services that are provided by third parties. We are not responsible for information that you post on third party websites or on third party services. We will also not be held accountable for their actions, even if the site or service is provided by us. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with their practice before communicating with them and disclosing the necessary information to them.

7th. Data protection regulation complies with the GDPR of the EU, the general data protection regulation. When it comes to the use and retention of all personal data and information. In the event of a conflict of interest in relation to the GDPR, the GDPR governs the inspection process.

8th. Cookies used by third parties

8th.1. Cookie functions, the can be used

  • Required Cookies - These cookies allow you to navigate our website. You can use our security access functions without which you cannot be identified as a user.
  • Performance cookies - The collection of information is intended to help us understand how a user uses the website. It also helps to understand how the website works should the user receive an error message about a frequently used service that is normally not displayed.
  • Functional cookies - memory for login data and reminder of the previously made selections. This includes username, language and the region / country you are in. These cookies adapt the site to your specific settings and can even remember the font size or imagine adjustments, in case they have been adapted to your needs.
  • Behavioral cookies - These help target advertisements and bring you more relevant concerns in case you are interested.

9. Protection of minors

We do not provide or support services for children under the age of 18. It is a policy not to make our service accessible to minors, and we do not collect any personal data from children under the age of 18 unless express parental consent is given. Should a legal matter arise. If you are not of legal age, we ask you to stop all activities relating to our service and our website. If you are a parent, legal advisor or legal guardian, you can report any suspicions about your child or ward to us on the "Contact Us" page so that the information that is automatically collected can be deleted.

Furthermore, our service is not intended for the use of minors. If such activity has taken place, we and the user concerned may remove and delete all content that he / she may have submitted. We have to point out that the complete removal of content and information cannot be guaranteed and we therefore cannot guarantee 100% deletion of data.

10. Technical security standards for data protection

By adhering to the recognized industry standards to which we have subscribed, we follow the rules to protect the information that has been transmitted to us directly. We adhere to administrative standards, technical and, of course, physical measures to protect the collected data from accidental or unlawful loss. No data may be destroyed, changed, disclosed or distributed through an illegal process in our procession. We have software that supports SSL technology to encrypt data when it is transmitted over the Internet.

Although all measures are taken, we cannot guarantee 100% security. Therefore, all details and information given to us are provided at the user's own risk. Any breach of your personal data will result in us contacting you and the relevant authorities directly, who can handle the matter in accordance with applicable law. If you have the impression that a violation has occurred without our knowledge, please contact us via the "Contact" page.

11th. Data retention

The data retention will only be kept for a limited period of time and for as long as we need it in order to be completely convinced that we have met all objectives for their original purpose, or insofar as they are not (no longer) necessary for legal purposes. We will retain all information that has been used for such legal cases in order to comply with our own legal obligations to resolve disputes and to enforce the agreements below.

12th. Individual settings

You have every right to adjust or change the data protection settings. However, you need to know that no security measure is impenetrable. We cannot be held responsible for violations that could threaten the security measures of our website and our services.

13th. Data transfer

Third parties in the EU to whom data transmitted through our services are provided may not have the same level of security. As a result, we cannot be held responsible for external framework conditions. As already mentioned, we transfer data with the best possible security measures, but we cannot guarantee complete security.

14th. Data controller and data processor is the data controller with regard to the classification of the GDPR of the E.U under Regulation (EC) No. 2016/679. This means that all user data, which contains personal data, is from, including determining how and for what purpose this information is used.

Usually has best online has no influence on how third parties handle such personal data or how it is stored. However, best online casino have subcontractors who process the data on behalf of, in connection with the service, the best online offers to its users.

15th. Update or change these terms

Over time and our performance, the guidelines may need to be changed and updated to comply with the law and the way we operate as a service provider. We encourage you to check this page for the latest policy changes and to keep up to date with our services and your rights. The continued use of our services by you, the user, means that you have indeed read and understood this policy and that you agree to everything that is stated in the current version.

16. How to contact us

If you have any questions, concerns, or additional interest in our policies, please contact us using our contact form, which is located at here is located.

Last updated: January 2019

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