Online casino payment methods: Deposits and withdrawals from the providers

Payment methods in the online casino

In terms of Casino tricks and Tips will give every player the same answer: deposits are quick, but withdrawals are not. Find out more about the online slots casino payment options here and, for example, get a bonus or start playing with real money.

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Trust is a must

Certainly there will always be providers who do not really treat their players fairly, but these providers do not last long in the market.

Use our information in live and color in the online casino. Learn how to transfer your payment via internet payment options to the games casino account and much more.

As soon as players discover that certain payments are taking too long or, in rare cases, not being processed at all, players will lose trust and no payment provider can survive without trust. If you rely on established providers, you do not have to worry about anything with regard to fraud or the like. On the other hand, many players do not understand that the game casino operators are legally obliged to check payments carefully for things like money laundering and that it can therefore sometimes take a while. Immense amounts are won every day and everything has to be done right.

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Which payment methods are most common in the online casino?

Anyone who deals a lot with online casinos will notice that there are similar payment methods on many platforms. On the one hand, this is because there are certain Internet service providers in every country and only those who want to deal with online casinos.

We now present the most important ones to you:

  • Paypal
  • Credit cards
  • Skrill and Neteller
  • PaySafeCard
  • Bank Transfer

These are actually the best that apply in USA. There are still a few small ones that are also offered, but do not matter to us. We would mainly like to take care of these and introduce them to you.


Do we really have to introduce PayPal?? Almost everyone knows this payment service provider. Paypal was developed by Ebay and established itself as a system that found worldwide approval. In Germany, PayPal is no longer allowed to be used in online casinos. This is because there are no longer any official online casino licenses in Germany. In some countries it is still allowed, especially if it is a sports betting site.

This payment method is so popular because customers pay virtually nothing. Transfers are free and transferring from PayPal to the bank account does not cost anything. What could be better?? We recommend PayPal through and through because it is a safe way to play with it. Even if you deposit with a credit card. Deposit the data with PayPal and the Internet casino will not receive the credit card number. This is the advantage of PayPal. Transfers with the bank account are also quick and easy. Simply pay with PayPal and the player account will be topped up.

Credit cards

Credit cards are still the classic when it comes to online casinos. Above all Mastercard and Visa, which everyone knows. Anyone who has a credit card likes to pull it out. But unfortunately there is also a great danger here that you will be overwhelmed. In addition, you shouldn't store your Visa or Mastercard credit card details everywhere, after all, nobody knows whether the site has been hacked after all. In principle, of course, this must not happen because the online real money casinos are equipped with the best security systems. However, Mastercard and Visa credit cards are still some of the most risky methods. If possible, you choose an intermediate step via Paypal and you make a risk-free deposit in any case.

Skrill and Neteller

These two methods are structured in a similar way to PayPal. With one difference, the payment fees are a lot higher, unfortunately. Payouts to the bank account cost money. If you get a debit card, you have to pay for it again. We claim that these two methods are interesting for those who play a lot online and also use it to pay online. Then it definitely pays off to set up a Skrill or Neteller account. Important: Some casinos do not give a welcome bonus when deposits are made using these two payment options. You can usually find this information in the bonus terms and conditions. Make sure you take them seriously so that you don't miss out on any bonuses.


Another method is the Paysafe Card. Developed in Austria and now known worldwide. Who does not know the classic phone cards where you have to scratch off a field. In this there is a code that you have to type into a field. This is how it works in the casino. The difference is that you don't top up your phone, you top up your casino account. You can get the PaySafeCard in the supermarket, at the petrol station, at the kiosk and even online. Unfortunately, there is one disadvantage: you cannot receive credit on this card. Here you need to choose an alternative so that you can withdraw your funds.

Bank Transfer

If you don't want to or can't use any of the above methods, you should choose bank transfer. However, the classic transfer takes a few days. You have to expect that the money will not be credited to the casino account immediately. But there is also a solution for this in which you choose Sofortüberweisung. For this you need an online banking account. You connect and top up the real money in the casino via the account. Of course, instant transfers only work in one direction. Transfers are processed normally and take a few days to complete. But this method is cheap and safe.

What waiting times can be expected? Is there a legitimation?

Regardless of which payment method you choose, as a new customer you always have the task of legitimizing yourself for your first major payment.

That makes sense for all parties, because the operator makes sure that you as the player are really who you say you are. On the other hand, such security checks are always an indication of the seriousness of the provider.

However, opinions often differ about the processing time for these payouts. So you can with methods like credit cards, Casino Sofortüberweisung or eWallets such as Neteller and Skrill and now also PayPal can often top up his account with real money in seconds, but withdrawals also take one PayPal Casino sometimes several working days. Deposits through a PaySafeCard Casino usually take place immediately. Thanks to the ten-digit pin, the real money is quickly transferred for payment. This is not the rule and varies from payment provider to provider.

💳 Payment method ⏱️ duration 🛡️ security
PaySafeCard immediately safe & anonymous
Credit card immediately for sure
Bank transfer 1-2 days for sure

However, the providers are obliged to check every payout and therefore these waiting times can sometimes occur. Therefore, you should first see what other users say about the waiting times before deciding to use a certain page. Should you be interested in it, Bitcoin casinos please follow this link to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the casinos that accept these with cryptocurrency.

How do ID checks take place in the online casino and how long do they take?

As just mentioned, there may be a check before the first payout. Many casinos now do this automatically. Some only from a certain amount. Don't worry, such a check isn't that bad. All you have to do is send in a copy of your ID and any confirmation of registration. A current electricity bill or the like is sufficient here.

Sometimes you also have to show the cards you used to deposit. Credit cards, for example, or the Paysafe Card. You should definitely keep the latter so that you have proof. Mr Green is particularly known for wanting to see the Paysafe Card. This can also happen to you with other providers. Of course, you don't have to show the complete data. Black out the security code on the credit card, it's nobody's business. You also don't have to show all ID information.

The review usually only takes a few days to complete. Sometimes it can be done faster. It depends on how busy the customer service is. We recommend that you upload the files immediately after logging in, if you can. At some casinos this is only feasible before the withdrawal. The best thing to do is to find out what options are available from customer service. If you do the ID verification during the withdrawal process, it will be delayed a few days.

Are fees charged for payouts of winnings?? How high are these?

In most cases today you can get your winnings paid out for free, but as is so often the case, the devil is in the details. For example, if you choose the option of having your money paid out directly to your account, there is always an extra fee. This is by no means the case with all payment methods and eWallets such as Neteller and Skrill are even advertised by most of the operators, as these transactions are much easier for the providers.

The problem with this, however, is that these eWallets themselves have withdrawal fees if you then want to take the winnings from the account. In short, no matter how you twist it, there will almost always be additional costs when you make a profit. However, PayPal is an exception, where there are no fees for the user and the amounts should be in the account immediately. Unfortunately, this option is far from being offered everywhere. So we hope that PayPal can establish itself even more as a payment method on the gambling sites.

So or we recommend you to check the fees in advance. Above all those that arise directly at the casino. Do you really want to pay 20 euros in fees even though you have only won 10 euros?? Make sure you trap lots of it and end up paying for it. Such fees are rare, but they are offered. Unfortunately

Casinos with particularly short waiting times:
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There is a deposit and withdrawal limit in the online slots casino?

There is hardly an online casino where you do not have to reckon with a limit. Most, however, do not matter. But then there are also those casinos that are visibly turning to high rollers.

Most casinos ask for a deposit of 10 euros or 20 euros. A few start at 1 euro and even give bonus offers from 1 euro. This is generous and attracts some players. When it comes to deposits, we don't think 20 euros are so bad. However, the payouts shouldn't be that high. If you win 10 euros, you have to wait at the 20 euros limit until you win 20 euros in order to get your money. We don't think that's fair. Here, a maximum of 10 euros should be the standard. Unfortunately, there are many real money casinos that drive customers crazy. There are even those that only pay out from 50 euros. This may sound unfair at first, but at second glance, the offer is clearly aimed at high rollers. Anyone with 10.If you play 000 euros and more, you won't get upset at 50 euros. It's good that there are different payment providers. So everyone can choose the right one for themselves.

Which payment methods are ideal for making mobile deposits on your cell phone??

If you want to make a deposit on your smartphone or tablet, you can basically use all methods that are also common on the desktop. In any case, PayPal is the most convenient because you can use it with one click. If you enter the account details, you do not have to enter them every time.

Important: Always make your deposits via your private internet connection whenever possible. If you are on a public WLAN, you should be careful. Especially when you enter your credit card details. Again, we recommend PayPal to be on the safe side, because if something happens, you are on the safe side. Or you can use a credit card that you can switch off via the app.

For example, some bank and credit cards can be blocked for international payments. But be careful, if the online casino is abroad, you cannot deposit again. Unless it's separate. Discuss with your bank how best to go about this. An interim account such as PayPal or a Paysafe Card are the safest here. Nothing can happen to you with the PaySafeCard. The code is valid once and is then deleted.

Tip: There are also some one-time credit cards available from various. Banks are offered. These are linked to the correct credit card or debit card. With this method, you can also make a risk-free deposit on your mobile phone with your credit card and you don't have to worry about your data.

New payment methods that will play a role in the future - look forward to them

In the future, too, a lot will change when it comes to payment methods. Apple Pay is becoming more and more popular and popular with Apple users. However, this variant is not offered everywhere and is mainly pushed by modern providers. Likewise bitcoins or other crypto currencies.

Bitcoins haven't quite hit the casino market yet, but are gradually taking on a role. The problem is, it will never be as anonymous as customers would like. Anyone who plays in the casino must register. There are a few Bitcoin casinos where you can play without registration, but there are only a handful of games waiting there and nobody knows if you will ever see your money again. If you play anonymously, you have to expect that the slots casino will also remain anonymous and this does not always end well. It would be better if you play on an online platform with a license and enjoy the best security there.


The choice of payment methods has certainly improved over the years, not least because payment providers are very interested in attracting more users.

Since credit cards are still not as widespread in Germany as they are in the USA, for example, the new eWallets and, above all, PayPal are a welcome innovation. So if you as a user inform yourself about things like processing time and fees before the transaction, then you don't expect any unpleasant surprises.

We have written on many more subjects!

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