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Casino Tips & amp; Tricks

This page is intended to be your ultimate guide to Online casino USA to serve. We learned a lot, saved ourselves a lot of grief and instead had a lot of fun. We'd like to give something back and that's why all of our casino tricks are free.

Use tips and tricks right here and win!
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1. Perfect betting in three steps - that is the important strategy basis

We start our guide with the perfect bets by explaining a simple mathematical method of how you can place your money bets in the Casino USA can perfect. Then we will show you how you can deviate from these fixed amounts depending on your happiness and feelings. And finally, we would like to give you valuable tips on the software of the gambling platforms as well as on help inside and outside the casino providers.

So: Have I chosen my assignment correctly?? Should I have invested a few more euros, or should I rather have unpacked the cents? These are questions that users often ask themselves when gambling. We asked ourselves how exactly we can help these players and have developed a 3-point plan that can be followed by anyone, no matter how small or large the budget is. We are for equality in gambling: No matter if you are a man, woman, small budget, large budget, beginner or professional - our tips and strategies will help everyone!

1.1. Step # 1 of the Casino Tricks: Think about how much you want to spend on gambling each month

Now you are probably wondering why we talk about "spending money". Of course you play to win, otherwise it would be pointless, but the fact is: losses are possible and nothing is more annoying than losing your money in the game after a short time. Therefore, you should always expect to be able to lose your real money, even if money winnings appear completely within the scope of the possible, as you can read here.

Most players are not millionaires, they want to become some first. It can therefore be assumed that these players receive a monthly salary. At least the majority of users. Now the question should be asked: What part of my salary would I like to spend on gambling?? Subtract the necessary monthly expenses from your net salary and you have a maximum budget that you must not exceed under any circumstances!

1.2. Casino Strategy Step # 2: Define the Number of Hours You Spend

The second step away from random bets and towards tightly calculated investments is the definition of the desired playing time. If you only gamble on the weekend, you might play 3-4 hours over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This would add up to 12 to 16 hours per month. It is best to calculate with the conservative estimate, i.e. 16 hours in this example.

This playing time can vary from player to player, but the principle is always the same. But it is worth defining the number of targeted hours per month, because this is the only way to gain control over your gaming behavior - the key to long-term money winnings on the Internet!

1.3. Step # 3 of the Tricks for the Casino: Calculate the correct stakes using the budget and playing time

Ready for the final step? If you want to be successful in gambling, you have to adhere to basic principles. One of them is the conservative choice of money stakes. Fortunately, this choice is not accidental or openly debatable, no, it is set in stone and has served players well for many decades.

Since we've already done the groundwork, it's a breeze to calculate the correct stake. Depending on which game you prefer and how long it takes to complete a round, your outcome will be different, but let's say you would be playing two rounds of roulette in one minute.

    Then the calculation would be as follows:

    Number of rounds per minute x playing time per month in hours x 60 = rounds per month

    Budget per month / rounds per month = amount of stake

    In our example it would be:

    2 x 16 x 60 = 1920

    With a budget of 2000 $ you would get 2000 $ / 1920 = about 1 $. The user should therefore play with an average of $ 1 stakes.

2. Deviation from the perfect bets to ensure fun - Internet casino tricks for advanced players

We talked about the perfect wagers in gambling in the previous section and presented a safe way to calculate them. Now we all know that the fun of gambling is so high not least because you vary your stakes in order to be able to exert at least a felt influence on the game.

But that does not mean that one should rely on experience and luck again. So you fall back into the negative cycle of careless play. We do not want to allow this fad to find its way into our game. Instead, we want to preserve the basis of mathematically calculated stakes and add variety to the game.

2.1. The deceptive feeling of premonition - This is the enemy of all successful internet casino strategy

A problem often found in gamers is also known as premonition. Do you know it when you have a dream or a queasy feeling? One thinks it is a kind of supernatural warning sign and can be influenced by it. Even if this premonition turns out to be untrue 99 out of 100 cases, the one case in which the premonition became reality can manifest belief in this type of divine inspiration.

We do not want to dissuade anyone who gives this premonition a place at the side of rationality, but this inner voice has no place in gambling. Many gamers have gambled away a fortune just because of such a premonition. No matter what budget you have, it is not worth deviating from a mathematically sound, calculated plan.

2.2. Have fun and purposely deviate from the plan - despite all the casino tricks, fun should not be missing

Now that you know how to use a system for calculating the correct stake, you are free to deviate from it. This concept seems confusing for many players, but works according to a well-known motto: Only those who know the rules can break them!

If you want to vary your stakes, you should only make sure to get the average amount you have determined. If your stake should theoretically be $ 1, you can bet 50 cents once and $ 1.50 once - the average stake was $ 1 and you comply with your own rules.

2.3. Bet more when you can afford it - this is how you perfect our casino tips and tricks

The good thing about our conservative method is that if you win, you can either increase the stakes or the targeted playing time. Every win is an extra, no loss is really tragic because you count on it. Increase the stakes when you win, lower the stakes when you are getting nothing. It's up to you as long as you stick to the plan.

Sooner or later you will find the right mix between cold calculated stakes and intuitively determined stakes. At first, however, we would recommend that you do not deviate too much from the defined stake. This is how you manage to maneuver from whitewater into shallow waters and avoid problems. Never pay real money again, never again stop after a few minutes because you've played too aggressively. These problems are a thing of the past!

3. The software - When it comes to tricks for the casino, the manufacturer's software plays a huge role

The most important thing about any gambling platform is basically the range of games and their quality. What does that mean? Well, the most important thing in gaming is the games and these are based on the programmers' software and online Game maker.

Because not only are important aspects programmed into the game software, such as the chances of winning, but they also determine our gaming fun. It is not for nothing that some very good game manufacturers have established themselves that are very popular with gamers: their games run fast, work easily and smoothly, are fun and always offer new features and functions. You should therefore always make sure that your slot machines etc. come from well-known and renowned developers.

Last but not least, the software also ensures a great one Live experience, even if it does not play the greatest role here at first glance. But it is precisely there that the combination of real dealers, tables, cards, etc. interact perfectly with the surface on your computer. This is a masterpiece of the programmer, who ensures an authentic and exciting experience from home here. We have written our own article on this subject, which we would like to recommend to you.

The software quality was particularly impressive here:
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4th. Help from the company itself - casino tricks for free from customer service and support to payment methods

One thing that many do not necessarily have on their radar when they think of tips and tricks for the casino: Get the help of the providers themselves.

Of the Customer service is always completely free. There you may not be taught a strategy for the machines (there is no such thing anyway), but help with all questions about bonuses, money deposits and other topics. So if you are unsure about the wagering requirements, hidden fees, etc. - ask for! That is why the support is there and they will be happy to help you.

When it comes to fees, they are also an important point Payment methods, which the providers make available. For you as a customer, it is essential to know whether there are any fees for certain deposits, how long withdrawals take and how you can get money into your player account in the first place. Customer support can also answer your questions, or you can simply read through a test on the respective company. After all, when it comes to money, nothing should be left to chance.

5. Help in the network from outside - slot casino tips and tricks in gambling forums and if there is a risk of addiction

After all, there are also numerous opportunities outside of the providers themselves to get help and support online. The internet is full of guides like this one. There are also numerous platforms on which gamers can exchange ideas with one another. So we looked at the benefits Gambling forums can have and whether they are worth it. Can you really increase your money winnings with it or is it just a forum to release your emotions? We have looked at it and report our experiences on the separate page.

At the latest when it comes to the topic Addiction risk however, you should get help from experts. This is serious business and can become a disease. So get professional help in good time if you notice that your gaming behavior is becoming problematic. In particular, our tips and strategies for betting at the beginning of this page should be observed in order to guarantee responsible gaming. However, it is important to continue to address this issue. We have therefore dedicated a separate article to this topic.

6th. Get and use a bonus to play with

Anyone who registers in online casinos wants to start playing immediately. No question. Why invest all of your precious money when you can claim an online casino bonus? There is hardly a casino that does not offer such a bonus. In the next few lines we will explain what types of bonuses there are and what you should be aware of. Have fun with it.

6th.1 The deposit bonus

The most famous bonus in the online slot casino is the welcome bonus. For example, you deposit 100 euros and get 100 euros on top. This is called the 100% bonus. You should make a bet for this, otherwise you will not get the casino bonus for playing. The bonus can be applied wherever you want. At slots, roulette, blackjack and other games. It may just be that the games do not fully count towards the wagering requirement. We'll explain what we mean about this later. This allows you to increase your chances of winning with a casino bonus.

6th.2 bonus free

Sometimes there is a no deposit bonus, also known as a no deposit bonus. You can simply get this free of charge. These are rarely given away in casinos. If you get it, use the bonus or would you like to give it away? With this you can also play slots or try your hand at roulette and blackjack. Basically, this casino bonus works just like the welcome bonus. The only difference is that you do not make a transfer. It's free, but you have the chance to win money. Is there anything awesome? You should check out the no deposit bonus. Even if you don't win with it. You can use it to collect empirical values.

6th.3 free spins

Another method is free spins. These are similar to the online no deposit casino bonus. With the difference that these have no direct value and usually only apply to slots. It doesn't matter whether you play jackpot slot machines or normal slots. Unfortunately, this does not work with roulette and in the live casino. That's why you only get free spins when you want to play in a slot. You can get this either for the transfer or free of charge in between. Use free spins to try out new casino games. Or do you want to buy the pig in a poke straight away? Hardly anyone likes this. That's why such bonus promotions are great for playing through new games and learning to love them.

6th.4 Note the bonus conditions

This point is extremely important because many people do not stick to it and end up wondering if their winnings are not paid out. Certain bonus terms and conditions always apply. Example: You have to wager the bonus several times before a withdrawal is possible. Sometimes 30x, elsewhere 50x etc. If you get a casino bonus of 100 euros, you have to play 30x for 3000 euros.

We recommend that you only play where the wagering requirements are not that high. It makes a difference. Whether you clear the bonus 20x or 50x. It is best to compare the offers of the casinos and read reviews from other users.

Free spins also have a bonus policy. This is where the profits are used. If you win 10 euros at the machine, you have to play for 300 euros. At first glance, this sounds complicated. But it's not that difficult either. It is important to know that roulette, blackjack and other live or. Table games do not apply heavily to the wagering requirement. Sometimes only 10% or less. It is best to only use the bonus on slot machines so that you have no disadvantages with it.

Other terms and conditions could be that you only get paid out winnings up to 100 euros. This is mostly the case with free spins and bonuses without a transfer. Tip: Jackpot slot machines are usually excluded. If there is a jackpot slot machine, for example Mega Moolah, play the free spins there if possible. If you hit a big jackpot, you are not allowed to keep it. Not all casinos offer jackpots slots. And the jackpot rule does not apply everywhere. It is best to read the terms and conditions in advance so that you know. If this jackpots clause is noted in the terms and conditions, nothing stands in the way of the whole thing.

Attention, sometimes there are other bonus conditions to be observed. You should find out where the limits per round apply and titles are sometimes excluded. For this reason, you should always read and confirm the terms and conditions. This is generally required by casinos. If you don't do this, you risk your casino bonus and that would be a shame.

6th.5 Why a bonus gives you advantages

You now know how to get a bonus and what to do with it. Now we ask ourselves what advantages do you have with it?. Why is it a ploy to get a bonus?. Well, especially when it comes to free spins and no deposit bonuses, you don't need to make a transfer, but you still have a chance of winning. Is there anything more beautiful? For this reason, we recommend that you always keep an eye out for free bonuses. With this you can try out the tips and tricks for free and you are guaranteed not to lose anything.

With free spins you don't risk anything, but you can still win. This is why bonuses are so popular with players. If you don't want to win, at least use the bonus to practice the title. Especially table games like roulette and blackjack. Before you play live against a dealer, you can try a live casino bonus to see whether you have already mastered the rules. If so, you can still switch to real money mode.

7th. Become a VIP in the online casino and let yourself be rewarded

A tip that we always recommend to the players, register in an online casino, where there is a VIP area or. a loyalty program there. Both are fun and ensure that you will be rewarded time and time again.

If you are more of a high roller, we recommend casinos with a VIP area. why? Because here mostly only those players have access who make enormous deposits. A loyalty program is intended for those who deposit in the medium term. If you only invest 10 euros a month, neither will do you any good. If you do play regularly, you will benefit.

With a loyalty program, you gradually collect points. There is a certain number of loyalty points for each transfer. This differs from casino to casino. The more points, the higher you will move up. There are also different levels. example. Silver, gold and platinum. The higher you get, the more rewards and extras there are. Such clubs are worthwhile because you gradually receive free spins, bonus offers and specials. This is how you get something back even if you lose a lot of real money.

A VIP program is intended for those who deposit a lot. Some VIP clubs are unique. Some of them invite you to top events. Whether a wellness weekend or a flight to Las Vegas. Everything is possible. However, there is also a disadvantage. You can usually only come to the VIP Club with an invitation. So you have to play for a while before you get picked up. Once there, you can look forward to it.

Try the VIP area here:
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8th. Deal with the odds of the games in the casino

Every online casino game has a certain RTP value. This means the payout ratio, in other words return to player. The slot machines are on average between 94% and 97%. Table games and live casino games often have better odds, coming in at 98% and 99%. The RTP in online casinos is definitely better than that in land casinos. There players sometimes only get 50% of the stakes back. So you definitely enjoy an advantage when you play in the online casino.

Can you rely on the values ‚Äč‚Äčalone?? No, of course you have a better chance of winning with a high value, but as always, these are long-term calculations. Don't forget that. The 98% at roulette applies to all users and not just to you. We cannot say directly which period is calculated here. But what we do know is that it is a general value.

The 98% say that the stakes come back. However, there are some losses here and bets do not mean wins. Now, if someone has a high profit and you only have a small one, the quota is met, but you are still not a millionaire because of it. Many give too much attention to the RTP. In the end, it still depends on fate. You can hit the jackpot with an RTP of 50% as well as with an RTP of 98%. It feels better, that's for sure. And that's why players like to play with high values.

9. Pay attention to the volatility of the games - is the value high or low?

Another trick is the volatility of the games. Many players have never heard of it. That is why we would like to tell you about it today.

There are games with high and low volatility. In the end, you decide whether to play at high risk or at low risk. With high volatility, you will receive less profits, but you can expect higher profits. In the case of low volatility, it is the other way round. We find this information useful because it will give you more opportunities.

There are some online casinos where you can set and filter the volatility value. There are low, medium, and high values. You decide which one you choose. You may have wondered in the past why you win a lot in some slots and not in others. It could be due to the volatility.

10. Change your mindset before playing in the online casino

Yes, we have already written above that you should not rely on your inner voice. Well sometimes it makes sense to listen to your gut feeling. For example with lottery numbers. You decide whether to take the risk or not. We couldn't stop you. But, if you don't want to lose too much, you better stick with the probabilities.

There is a reason why we mention the mindset. Whoever thinks they are a loser will attract bad karma. You probably know The Secret. If not, read the book or watch the movie. There is also a lot of information about the law of attraction on YouTube. Take your time to take a look at this and change your attitude towards coal.

Most of us are brought up to believe that there is nothing to be won from gambling. We think it's hard work and at some point we will manifest just that. Why do lottery winners not only win the lottery once, but several times?? Because you believe in it and you know it is possible. There are also families who repeatedly win competitions. conicidence? We don't think so. Faith moves mountains.

We do not advise you to put all your eggs in one basket now. It takes time before you really become a winner. First, you need to reduce the fear of loss. Meditate daily and you will see your life will change. With this you will not only have more successes in the online casino, but also in real life. Sounds great, and it is. From today, take your fate in your hands and guide it in the right direction. Professional players also believe in themselves.

Anyone who has a lucky streak can guess what it feels like if you really believe. But most of the time this streak ends again because at some point you begin to doubt. That is why we advise you to dream big and think positively. Try it out and train it in demo mode. You will see your whole world will improve if you stick with it.

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