Sic Bo: The dice game explains including the rules and strategies

The game of dice has it at the beginning of the 20th. Made it from China to America and Europe in the 19th century. Sic Bo is also sold as real money in European gambling halls Casino game More and more popular. Since this is still a fairly new game, we have explained the Chinese rules for you!

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Right at the beginning we would like to take away your fear. Sic Bo is a little reminiscent of roulette. You bet in advance on which dice will roll. Instead of a cauldron, dice play the main role in this game. But there is also a table where the numbers and betting options are printed.

Once you get used to it, you should quickly grasp how the game works. Don't worry, you will soon have an overview. As they say. No master has fallen from the sky yet. On the contrary, everyone starts small. Once you understand the rules of the game, it shouldn't be difficult. Get started today.

The Sic Bo rules briefly summarized for you for betting


You can implement the Sic Bo rules either in a live online play casino or on a slot machine. But no matter how you choose to play. It is always played at a semi-circular table. There you will find fields with different numbers and number combinations. You can think of this as a more complex roulette table. So you bet on either a number or a combination, such as Small, which are numbers between 4 and 10, or Big, numbers 11-17.

The course of the game at Sic Bo

After you have placed your bets on the table, the croupier will spin a birdcage. This is a cage-like container that contains three cubes. Now you will wait until the dice have been cast and then the fields corresponding to the number will light up. Your winnings when playing Sic Bo are then paid out and losses are deducted. The possibilities for your bet are very extensive and you can bet on two or more fields. You can play the game of dice without any risk Sic Bo free play on different sides.

A suitable strategy to use

There is hardly an online real money casino game where you cannot use strategy. Just keep one thing in mind, there isn't one that works 100%. There is always a risk. On the Internet you will probably come across salespeople who want to sell you some strategies. Books, for example, where you can find the ultimate tricks. Forget this. The only one who gets rich is the author of these books. All tactics that work can already be found enough. We would like to reveal one to you right now. A well-known strategy that helps some to win better totals.

The chance of profits can be increased through a Sic Bo strategy. As with almost any game of chance. If you're just starting out, start with the simplest strategy. This is one of the great combination fields to choose and start with a low stake. If you bet on “Big”, you have a higher chance that the sum of the three dice corresponds to one on your field. If you lose, switch fields. If you win, stay on the same square.

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Bet on Sic Bo on different platforms


Many software providers have now noticed that there is a great demand for Sic Bo online. That's why they brought various slots and one or the other jackpot onto the market. If you decide against a live variant, you will have a virtual dealer. Bo Sic will probably remind you of certain great table games, such as craps.

You can play your new favorite game wherever you want. Even on your smartphone if you wish. Newer versions are programmed in html5 and run without problems on different platforms. IOS, Windows, Android and Linux. Wherever you want to gamble, anything is possible. Tip: You don't have to download an app. Most online gaming casinos work directly on mobile devices via the browser. Just type in the URL and it will be forwarded automatically.

Warning: only play on reputable websites. All players should take this tip to heart. Unfortunately, there are many scammers on the web who advertise with free offers. In the end, you get caught up in subscriptions or get viruses on your PC. It doesn't have to be. The best games can generally be found in an online casino with a license. We particularly recommend those casinos that are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. The providers have to abide by many rules of the game and present them with valid data protection information. If you don't do that, you lose your license. Always focus on the reputable sites and the casino game will be really fun.

What odds do players enjoy at Sic Bo?


Players keep asking themselves one question. What is the return to player for the individual games. At Sic Bo, too, of course, you want to know that. We cannot give you an exact number, because this depends on several factors, and there are different variants in the super online play casinos. But we would like to reveal the average value to you. This is around 97.5%. The chances are that players will get their money back. The bank advantage is therefore 2.5%.

Please note one thing, there is no exact value because the payout percentages are always based on long-term calculations. It can take 1000 rounds to meet the value. It is a statistic that includes all players. If it says that 80% are unemployed, you don't have to be affected by it. It is similar with the odds in the casino. Of course, the higher the value, the better for the player. In any case, the risk is minimized. But nobody should get too fixated on value. That makes no sense.

We generally recommend playing long-term. Some win something the first time, but neither do they. The longer you play, the better your chances of winning. Because at some point there has to be a profit. There is no guarantee of when and where. But at that point we just think humanly. Those who believe in victory are ultimately more likely to pull it into life.

What table limits are there with Sic Bo in the table game area?


Another question people like to ask is that of table limits. How high are they at Sic Bo and here as a normal citizen you actually have the chance to play along? Of course you have. The good thing about casino games is that there are usually different limits. So bargain hunters can play along as well as high rollers. Of course, it depends on the individual casinos. On some platforms, Sic Bo isn't even offered. As a result, you have to be content with what you get or look for another casino.

The limits are between 25 cents and 10.000 euros on average. We hope this answers the question. As you can see, it's not that easy to tell. The higher the limit, the higher the minimum limit. You may have to pay at least 100 euros to be there at all. The casinos want to protect themselves in this way in case someone uses martingales or similar tactics again.

There are also differences between the live casino and the table games. Here you should make a good comparison. In the live dealer area there are usually higher limits because those who invest a lot usually treat themselves to the best of the best. Compare the offers, what have you got to lose?

Do you have any questions while playing SicBo??


Then just contact the service, each casino's website will provide customer service. This is available around the clock and around the world.

If you have any questions about SicBo in general, game rules or payouts, you will of course receive all the information there. If you want to play today, our site has a guide to the best online casinos out there.


Sic Bo is offered in the live casino?

But it is rare to find casinos where Sic Bo is offered in the live dealer area. Unfortunately, this casino game is not one of those that are everywhere. Sometimes you have to search for it a little. It is best to orientate yourself according to our recommendations. We introduce you to many platforms where you can find Sic Bo and other games. Otherwise, always dare to take a look at the live casino. You can examine many of them without registering. Test reports also help, where the most important games are listed.

Is there a trick that works 100% on Sic Bo?

No, of course there are no tactics that are 100% effective. It wouldn't work. If there were, those who knew would already be rich and the casinos would be bankrupt. All the tips and tricks you can find on the internet may increase the chances, but never ensure a sure-fire win. There is no guarantee. Anyone who tells you this is lying and just wants to cheat you.

Can you use a bonus for Sic Bo??

Yes, if the bonus applies to table games, it can also be used in the Sic Bo game. It should be noted, however, that such bonuses usually only partially apply to the wagering requirement. You have to wager the premium twice or three times if you use it for Sic Bo. If it's all about practice and not about winning, such a bonus is ideal. There are no deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins and other types of bonuses. Compare the possibilities.

Play Sic Bo for free: How and you can just enjoy it for free
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