Blackjack Online: Play successfully with our tips and tricks

Blackjack Online: supreme discipline. Online blackjack players know what's going on when you talk about their favorite game. Other Casino games blur in the background, though Online blackjack shows up, because no other game in the casino is so dependent on the ability to play.

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1. What is blackjack and what makes it so special and popular? A brief introduction


Players love blackjack online because you really have the feeling that you have more chances and that you can win more with a good game! But it is also important to know the history, specifics and basic rules of blackjack. Then we go into detail on the rules and strategies of the game.

Black Jack, as it is also often spelled, is the most popular card game in casinos around the world! It already has a centuries-old history, which we would like to go into in more detail below. But what is special about blackjack and where does its popularity come from?

The casino has a house edge in every game. You already know this when you hit the best online casino.I know. But with blackjack online this house advantage can be minimized, so that you have real chances of big wins here! We'll also go into some very valuable tips on playing blackjack later in this article. Because this is exactly where the specialty of this game lies. It can be played strategically and deliberately, and there are a number of tactics that really work. This is what gives it its special charm, which does not let the players loose and which will keep them interested in the game of blackjack for months and years.

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2. The origins of blackjack in France and its triumphant advance to America and the rest of the world


To this day, there is still a disagreement about the forerunners that could come from Italy or Spain. It is clear, however, that today's blackjack games come directly from the French "Ving-et-un" (ie twenty-one). This was achieved at the French royal court in the 18th. Century an enormous popularity. From there, French immigrants brought the game to America. The rules are initially something different from what we know from today's Black Jack, but today's standards will soon establish themselves equally everywhere.

In Europe, gambling was in the 19th. In the 20th century, it was banned almost everywhere and so blackjack games could hardly spread any further. But not so in America: Here the card game quickly developed into one of the most important games of all. The advantage was that it was so easy to play since all you needed was cards. And so the first legal casinos offered blackjack around 1820. But the game was always incredibly popular in private settings too, with individuals simply taking on the role of the bank. Just with a deck of cards and a table you could just get started and have fun anywhere.

3. Blackjack in USA


If you look at the gambling behavior of US people, you can see that the enthusiasm for slot machine games is significantly lower. In USA, people would like to take their luck into their own hands and at least use a few correct strategies to influence the course of the game.

The typical card games in online casinos are poker and blackjack. However, poker is associated with many rules and players should ideally already have a little experience playing in the casino. Blackjack, on the other hand, offers a unique chance to win with simple strategies even as a beginner. This is a component that especially attracts players from USA. So if we were to give the US providers any advice, it would probably be that it is worthwhile to provide a selection of blackjack offers for the US.

4th. From traditional games to modern online blackjack - this is how the card game evolved


The 20th. Century was the time of the big casinos, but online blackjack was still a long way off. Nevada was the first state in the USA to officially legalize gambling and thus also helped the blackjack casino to spread further. At this time, the name of the game changed from "21" to "Blackjack", as the casinos granted an extra payout on a combination with black jacks. Because of the official character, it was also necessary for the first time to standardize the rules and this is how the set of rules came about that we know to this day.

Very soon the first players started using the Blackjack cards count, to which the casinos reacted in turn and threw the players out. But a more effective method was, as is common in blackjack online casinos today, to increase the number of decks of cards from 2 to 4. That made it much more difficult and the operators were actually happy about the many players who tried to win money by counting, but mostly failed. The first stars of the game were soon born, who still managed to consistently beat the game and so came to big wins and fortunes.

5. A new era of the game begins with Black Jack Online - what are the differences on the Internet?


The game was only changed and further developed by the blackjack online boom. In addition to the standard version, online blackjack could soon also be played in more unusual variants. Because the game is carried out by computer programs, the rules can be varied very easily. Today there are over 100 different versions of online blackjack games. Just take a look at the different variants in a blackjack online casino, maybe there is one that particularly appeals to you? And if not, just stick to the good old standard of blackjack online, which is of course still available everywhere. Please note, however, that card counting is unfortunately no longer possible in a blackjack casino online these days. Because the cards are simply reshuffled within a fraction of a second after each round.

Because many players lacked the right atmosphere when playing blackjack online, but also because some are still skeptical of the software in a purely computer-based game, the live blackjack games soon moved in. The technology there was continuously improved, so that you could soon play and interact with real dealers in a studio from your computer screen at home in the best picture quality. A completely new gaming experience was created and the live variant is now the most popular way of playing online Blackjack USA.

6th. The Blackjack Rules: All the rules of the game explained in a very simple and understandable way so that you can get started


Blackjack Online is the most popular card game among the games of chance on the net, not only thanks to the easy-to-understand blackjack rules, which are quick to learn but are sufficiently complex. We have compiled all the information for you and simply explained the Black Jack game rules. If you're reading this article, you are sure to be ready for your first round. But if you are already an active player, a refresher will certainly not hurt - you might learn a little bit or two too? We recommend that you practice afterwards Blackjack online for free to play.

6th.1. The basic blackjack game rules - This is how this classic card game is played

The blackjack rules of the game come from the French game 21 and are almost always uniform internationally. The game is played against the casino or. the dealer. The aim of the game is to use your at least two cards to reach a value higher than the croupier and as close as possible to 21 without going over it. The game is played in a semicircle, with the players sitting on the round side of the table opposite the croupier. Each player competes against the croupier for himself, whereby the results of the other players are irrelevant for his own success in the game.

One of the rules of the game of blackjack is that a 312-card French hand is used. It is fundamentally important to know exactly the blackjack values ​​of each card. We will explain these in the next section.

6th.2. The Values ​​of Each Card - A very important aspect of the blackjack rules that you need to know

Knowledge of the individual card values ​​is an absolute basic knowledge of the rules of the game of blackjack. So be sure to memorize these values ​​or print them out and hang them next to your computer. Here are all card values ​​for the blackjack rules at a glance:

  • Aces: count either 1 or 11 points. (The value is only counted when the player does not take any more cards and is always scored in favor of the player).
  • Jacks, queens, kings: All face cards count exactly ten points.
  • Twos to tens: Count according to your eyes on the card (i.e. 2 = 2 points, 3 = 3 points, etc.).)

As you can see, it is not difficult to read the values ​​of the cards and with that you have already learned the most important blackjack rules. Just keep in mind that an ace can count as both 11 and 1 points and all pictures are worth 10 points. The remaining card values ​​correspond to the numbers on the card.

So if you have an ace and a jack, for example, that means 21 points for you. If you get exactly 21 points, you win automatically. (Unless the dealer has exactly 21 points, then it's a tie and you get your stake back.) This gives you a profit of 3: 2. So if you bet 10 $, for example, you get a profit of 15 $. So you get your 10 $ back PLUS 15 $ as a profit on top of that.

6th.3. The Game - After you know the Blackjack game rules, you should be familiar with the game

You already have the most important Black Jack rules on board. Now let's explain the gameplay of a round to make it easy to understand.

At the beginning of a round, the players place their bets - whether online or offline at the table. According to the individual Black Jack Casino rules, there are certain betting limits that can be different. The dealer now deals one card face up to all players and himself in turn. Then each player receives a second card - but not the dealer.

Then the players at the table decide in turn whether they want to ask for more cards ("hit") until they decide that they have come close enough to 21 and want to stop ("stand"). However, whoever has exceeded the value of 21 with his cards ("bust") has lost immediately and is eliminated from the round in question. His stake is lost.

When all players have finished with their cards, it is the dealer's turn. He pulls his second and possibly. third / fourth card and has to follow certain blackjack dealer rules, which we explain in the next section. If the dealer exceeds 21 points, all participants who are still in the game automatically win. Otherwise only those players who have reached a value closer to 21 than the dealer win. Winners receive a prize equal to their stake. So if you have bet 10 francs, for example, you get 10 francs on top of your stake. Whoever has reached exactly the same number of points as the croupier is considered a tie and gets his stake back.

6th.4th. Requirements for the dealer - The casino must follow these rules of the game Black Jack, this is your advantage

So we said that when the dealer draws cards, he has to follow certain rules of BlackJack. These are important for you to know and are therefore explained here.

In principle there is three important basic rules for the dealer to follow - he has no freedom of choice here:

  • The dealer must stop at 17 or more points and cannot draw any more cards.
  • The dealer must draw another card if there are 16 points or less.
  • The dealer must count an ace as 11 points. So, unlike the player, he does not have the choice of counting it as 1 or 11 points.

Here is an example of the rules of the game for blackjack at the dealer: If the croupier has an ace as his first card and a six as his second card, he has 17 points, since he has to count the ace as 11 points. He is therefore not allowed to draw any more cards.

So you can see that the dealer does have some disadvantages when playing because he is not quite as free to make decisions. This is of course to the advantage of the player. Nevertheless, as with all games, the bank has a small house advantage, which is, however, nowhere near as great as with other games. This is usually because the player loses immediately if he exceeds 21 points - regardless of the dealer's result.

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6th.5. Split, double, insure - these are the important intricacies of the game of blackjack

You have now learned the most important blackjack rules and how the game is played and you can get started right away. But there are still a few special rules to know that are very important for the success of the game. These are the splitting of the cards, the doubling (double down) and the insurance (insurance). Let's just explain these three game elements:

  • Split: If the first two cards have the same value, the player can split (e.g. B. 2 sevens, 2 face cards, etc.). He then continues to play with a split hand and two separate bets. A second bet is made in the same amount as the first. This makes it possible to win one bet and lose the other - or of course to win both or to lose both.
  • Double down: After a player has been dealt the first two cards, he can double his stake if desired. It doesn't matter what the value of the cards is. Then he is dealt exactly one more card.
  • Insurance: If the dealer gets an ace as the first card, any player can insure himself against a blackjack. For this purpose, an extra contribution must be made as insurance. If the dealer actually gets a blackjack, the insurance pays the player a 2: 1 premium. If no blackjack occurs at the dealer, the insurance is withheld by the casino.

7th. All about blackjack strategy - this is how you can actually beat this game and make profits

It is important that you now know the basics and how to play. With that in mind, you are now ready for blackjack strategies that will show you how to win. There are very different strategies, so let's start with the basic blackjack strategy. You should really master them in order to be successful. You don't have to know it by heart either, because you have the advantage that you can simply put our blackjack strategy table next to you while playing.

We will then give you further blackjack tips that will be very helpful to you.

7th.1 With this blackjack table you will always know which decision to make to win

On the basis of the work of the mathematician Baldwin, Ed Thorp developed a strategy that tells a player which action is optimal for which cards. Since one card of the dealer and at least two of your own hand cards are always known, there are recurring situations in blackjack online for which you always have an optimal answer. After all, there is only one unknown card left in the game and that is the dealer's second card.

In a simple blackjack table there are all the different combinations of the two cards in hand and one of the croupier's cards. We have translated this Black Jack table into German for you and shown it below. As a player in blackjack online, you no longer have to rely on your feelings, which can usually be correct because you have already played thousands of hands and can therefore appreciate the right decision. But don't be under any illusions, you will never get anywhere near the optimum without a solid blackjack strategy!

So use our Black Jack table to make optimal decisions. Soon you will have internalized the table and probably no longer need to look at it. In the next section we will explain exactly how you can use the table.

7th.2. The Blackjack table is so easy to use, just follow the instructions

blackjack table

If you are confused just looking at the table, do not worry, we will explain what the individual names mean. It is only complicated at first glance and actually quite simple. Finally, these clear tactics are why players with an understanding of strategy love blackjack.

So the individual columns above indicate which hand the dealer has. Since only one card is known from him, this is very easy. And on the left in the lines you can see your hand, which is known to consist of two cards. Depending on the starting position, you can see your hand and that of the dealer and look for the ideal decision to be made in this table.

The individual letters indicate what to do. They have the following meanings:

  • H stands for hit, so with this combination you should take another card.
  • D stands for double down, this starting position is very favorable for you, so take the chance to double your stake.
  • S means stand, so stand still and do not take any more cards as your hand is already good or. that of the dealer is particularly bad.
  • SP stands for Split, with these combinations you should split your cards in order to have the best chance of winning.

You will see that it is very easy to follow this table and that you are guaranteed to always make the mathematically correct decisions you will make with it!

7th.3. An efficient Black Jack strategy is Hi Lo card counting, which we will explain to you here very simply

Building on Ed Thorp's basic strategy with the blackjack strategy table, you can simply take the whole game to the extreme. If you use the card counting strategy in addition to the basic strategy in blackjack online, you can not only always make the best decision, but also incorporate past rounds into the equation and thus win even more.

What you need for this Black Jack strategy: A very efficient brain, or an outstanding strength for remarkable memory performance. According to our experience and evaluation, this is one of the variants that are very difficult to implement.

It would be ideal to memorize all blackjack cards individually, but that would be far too complicated. So you can acquire a simplified version of the basic blackjack strategy card counting technique, dividing the cards drawn into three categories. Thus, one can estimate in which category the remaining blackjack online cards are likely to be. However, the prerequisite for this is that cards are not shuffled again immediately after each round.

To use this strategy, divide the blackjack cards as follows:

  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 results in +1
  • 7, 8, 9 results in 0
  • 10, Jack, Queen, King results in -1

So you calculate the total after every blackjack online round. If the total is positive, then it is likely that higher cards will tend to be drawn in the coming round. If the total is negative, the cards are more likely to be of little value. After all, you shouldn't bet high with a neutral sum, because you can't make a statement about the upcoming cards. Important rule of thumb: If the total is negative, the player has an advantage and should place high stakes, if the total is positive, the blackjack online player is at a disadvantage and stakes should be small.

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7th.4th. There are other blackjack strategies that you can use to make it a success

In addition to the Hi Lo card counting strategy, there are other, more complicated Blackjack strategies and methods that you can acquire using the Hi Lo strategy. Initially, you should try these methods with a small investment of money. We don't think much of the blackjack betting strategy, however. It should go without saying that you study the casino software well before playing any particular game in order to increase your chances of winning. However, varying the stakes does not help, since the chances are the same in every round. The assumption that the automatic blackjack games online have sometimes happier phases and sometimes worse phases that one can somehow exploit is a misconception. So do not base your bets on this superstition, as it is irrational and has already resulted in high losses for many players.

Just know the rules, stick to our blackjack tips with the table and you should be successful. There is never any insurance, of course, but be aware of the various options and everyone should read a little before playing blackjack online. Before you go to the table, check out lots of blackjack tips, there are so many, don't be shy. In the next section, we have finally collected some very valuable tips that have saved us a lot of losses and instead have repeatedly brought profits.

7th.5. Important blackjack tips at the end: What you should definitely not do while playing - common mistakes

At the end, let's share some very valuable pieces of advice that many gamblers still get wrong and that is the number one reason why gamers still lose and fail.

It is very important that you only play blackjack games that pay 3: 2 for blackjack. Many providers have meanwhile also introduced the ratio 6: 5, but with this you gain significantly less. So watch out when choosing the variant and look for the description "Blackjack pays 3: 2".

Another important tip at the end that we would like to give you is not to take out insurance at the blackjack table. The "insurance" that the banks offer is always in favor of the casino and will not guarantee you any profits in the long term, but simply cost you money. Save yourself that!

And as a last and very important tip we would like to give you: Stick to bankroll management. You will find quite a few in-depth articles about this online. But it basically means that you base your game on your budget. Set yourself a sum that “doesn't hurt you” and never exceed it. Then you decide how much you can bet and play every day. That is the be-all and end-all of safe and responsible gaming. With this last tip, all we can do in the end is to wish you a lot of fun with the great game of blackjack!

8th. Which are the best blackjack casinos for players from USA?

Many players already know that the regulations for US players are different than for players from Germany or Austria. That is why the casino recommendations differ from country to country. While there are tons of great casinos out there, not all of them are available to players from USA. That's why you don't just have to look at who is offering blackjack, but first and foremost who has a license for USA.

One casino that we can warmly recommend is Casino777. There you can find a huge variety of different games, including the most popular table and card games on the market. In a separate section, players can choose between poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack. These games are available in different versions at various tables. In addition, players at Casino777 are also offered a live casino. Blackjack is also available there and you can even play with real live dealers.

8th.1 live blackjack

Not only for US players, but for all blackjack enthusiasts, we also recommend you to try blackjack as a live version. As a rule, you play in a separate area of ​​the casino and can choose between several tables. When you have made up your mind and start playing, the live dealer deals the cards in real time and the game is played.

Most online casinos offer a live casino with the most famous and popular table and card games. In addition to blackjack, most providers also offer poker, roulette, baccarat, but also Sic Bo. Many casinos now even have classic games such as Monopoly as a live version, but also games such as "Deal Or No Deal".

9. Why is blackjack so popular in USA?

US players don't like to leave the outcome of a game to chance. This is of course particularly unfavorable when it comes to gambling. This is why the US are increasingly opting for games of chance where they can at least have a little influence. First and foremost, in card games this is possible through the right strategy and a certain amount of experience. While you can't really get better at a slot machine just because you play regularly, things are different with blackjack and the like. Because here you can actually get better with a little practice, because you can see through patterns and work out more extensive strategies.

For US players, blackjack is a perfect alternative to slot machines and yet blackjack is not as extensive as poker. Blackjack can be learned quickly, but still has many facets that become more and more understandable through experience.

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