Slot machines online - which tips & tricks we recommend

Here we would like to bring you everything about slot machines, also called slot machines, closer to you. We explain how this kind of Casino games works, what tricks and strategies there are. We'll also clarify once and for all what is true of the myth of hot and cold slot machines!

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The most important tips: know your way around the odds of winning the various machines!


We have good news! There are slot machine tips that every player can simply heed to get more out of their stakes. What you can't expect, however, are ultimate slot machine tricks that will guarantee you winnings. Anyone who promises you this is lying. The slot games simply do not offer enough room for maneuver.

So it is important to make optimal use of the little leeway that you have. Our slot machine strategies therefore consist of two important steps. They are where and how you use your money.

Paving the way for happiness - with a high RTP!

The first important step is choosing the right slot machine game. That sounds a lot easier than it really is. Because the selection of online slot machines is gigantic. And new ones are constantly being added. But they are by no means all the same. So what should you watch out for?? There are two central aspects: Firstly, there is the so-called "Return to Player" (RTP) rate, in English the payout rate that every software manufacturer has to specify. This is given as a percentage and, in simple terms, indicates what proportion of the players' stakes will be paid out again. The rate was permanently programmed into this machine. So look for the slots games that offer the highest possible rate. For example, if the RTP is below 96%, that is a very low rate.

🎲 game 📈 Payout percentages
Retro slots 94.3 - 99.3%
Video slots 84.3-98.6%
roulette 92.1-98.7%
Blackjack 91.9 - 99.9%
Dice games 85.6-96.8%
Video poker 94.3 - 99.6%
Scratch cards 93.0 - 96.0%

Important: the RTP values ​​are always only the average! If you don't play for a very long time on the same machine, it may well be that the stake that you get back in the form of winnings is significantly above or below the specified value.

Volatility & the magic of a jackpot

However, the RTP is not everything, as it does not provide any information about the amount of profits. So it can be that an online slot machine pays out a lot of small winnings - no sums of money worth mentioning, but relatively often. This is called low volatility - low risk. High volatility is the opposite: winnings are seldom paid out, but when they are, it is correct! A popular such slot is, for example, Book of Dead.

However, if you really want the chance to win super big amounts, your best bet is to find a machine with high jackpots - progressive jackpots, preferably. Here, however, the volatility will usually be higher, which means that it may not be possible to win anything for a long time. But at some point there will be huge profits for a player, and a jackpot is a very tempting thing. So you have to weigh this yourself and decide whether it is worth the risk to you.

Which slot machines online can be used to achieve the highest winnings?


What drives most players to the online casino is the chance of winning. Of course, you are satisfied with any form of real money, but most of all you are happy about really big winnings. Because of this, all kinds of advertisements that suggest a jackpot are particularly popular.

Most casinos offer a number of different slot games. How much you can actually win depends on paylines and combinations. If you land a lucky hit, you can win more or less depending on the combination. However, there are also progressive slots, which are often referred to as jackpot slots. These slot machine games offer the chance to win big.

Progressive slots

Anyone who has completed a registration in the casino will quickly get to know the various areas of the provider. Players can usually choose between conventional slots, but also opt for so-called progressive slot machine games.

A progressive jackpot slot works just like any other slot machine game. As a player, you can place a bet and then spin the reels. Depending on the number of paylines, you can win a certain amount in normal slots. With a jackpot slot, however, there are usually no small wins. Because of this, players tend to win less here, but when they win, they win large amounts. - This is exactly what progressive slots are all about.

The special thing about progressive slots is that all players pay into a common bowl. As a result, the jackpot is fed with the deposited real money and can keep increasing.

There are a number of well-known jackpot slots made available by top software developers. Some of them are:

  • "Mega Moolah" from the developers at Microgaming
  • "Mega Fortune" from NetEnt
  • "Hall of Gods" from software developer NetEnt
  • "Joker Millions" from the house of Yggdrasil
  • "Arabian Nights" from NetEnt

Of course there are also other titles. Which exactly you can find in the casinos depends on the provider.

Where are the best slots?


When it comes to the best slots, we don't just mean the slot machine games that pay out the most. Rather, it's also about a great gaming experience and the level of entertainment.

In the last few years in particular, many new casinos have sprung up. There are a lot of providers who are primarily concerned with quality and who go to great lengths to design the site. Of course, what is even more important for players is whether the provider also offers top slots. With all the fun and great experiences, winnings should of course still not be missed.

For the best slots, you should primarily focus on top providers with easy registration. That is why we would like to give you a brief insight into trustworthy providers:

  • Zet Casino: At Zet Casino, new players can start with a generous bonus and immediately afterwards use the entire range of games. The Zet Casino primarily provides slots from well-known software manufacturers such as NetEnt or Microgaming. In a separate area, players can also get an overview of the jackpot slots.
  • Caxino Casino: The playful user interface invites those interested on an adventure full of surprises. The offer includes the world-famous and beloved jackpot machine "Mega Moolah". But well-known titles such as “Starburst” or “Bonanza” can also be found on the Caxino website. If you are looking for a specific slot, you can use the search and filter function.

Slot machines: how does it even work online?


Slot machines are definitely the most popular casino games on the net. Everyone has probably had contact with “one-armed bandits” in bars or amusement arcades. The online slot machines are similar in principle, only a little more technically advanced and based entirely on software.

The best software developers of slot machines have made a name for themselves in the industry with great graphics, sounds and game play - such as the German company Merkur.

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The principle of the slot machine is as simple as it is exciting. At the push of a button, a certain number of reels, on which various symbols are depicted, turn. The symbols on the reels finally stop in several rows and, with a little luck, form combinations that lead to a win, activate bonus rounds (i.e. free spins) or even hit a jackpot. However, the most important element in a slot machine is always the random number generator, also known as the RNG (random number generator). To make sure that nobody can manipulate it, you should make sure that both the selected online casino and the software manufacturer of the slot are controlled and licensed by a state authority.

A classic format for a slot machine would be, for example, 5 reels that are arranged in 3 rows one below the other. The easiest way to familiarize yourself with the principle is by Play slot machines for free. And that brings us to the next important slot machine tip!

First practice without pressure


What applies to many other casino games also plays a role in the machines: how well you as a player know the rules, functions and chances of winning the game. Slot machines have a reputation for being extremely easy to play - but don't let that mislead you: with slot machines too, the one who knows the game inside out has the best chance of winning. The best and risk-free way to acquire this knowledge is to play for free online. And that without having to manipulate anything!

What exactly can you learn by playing for free?? The symbols on the reels have different values. This means that some symbols will give you bigger wins than others. Usually the high-quality symbols are represented by pictures and the lower ones by simple numbers or letters like on playing cards. Which lines of symbols will bring you winnings can be found in the game description of the various slot machine games. Here players will also find information on how exactly a bonus round can be triggered, how many free spins you can win and what has to happen so that you have a chance at the jackpot (if there is one - not all slots have jackpots).

This trick called exercise may sound boring, but it has it all, especially since it is very easy nowadays to play the slots in free mode and try it out to your heart's content without jeopardizing a single hard-earned euro to put.

Commitment - yes, but with brains


If you are then ready to make a deposit and want to bet real money on the slot machine, we advise you to use the next tip: Ration your stake capital by betting smaller sums and playing more rounds.

You choose your stake for the slot games at the beginning of each round. Usually you can choose the stakes from less than one euro or US francs up to 100 $ or more. With a higher stake, of course, the potential profit increases - but also the chance of losing everything at once. The regulation of the stakes is therefore a matter of self-discipline and therefore not really a tip or a trick, but rather a strategy: those who keep a cool head have a clear advantage.

Self-discipline: Set limits and stick to them - it will be worthwhile


It is preached again and again: you should set yourself a budget while playing - either per hour, per day, per month, or even per game session - and then really and truly stick to this limit. That means: when a certain amount of money is lost, stop!

We understand that this sounds like an obvious and annoying tip, but we recommend it anyway, because this way you will definitely not lose more money than you can afford, and you will always be in control of yourself and his game behavior. While this strategy does not lead to winning or increasing your chances of winning, it does decrease your chances of losing - and that is definitely something that should convince any reasonable gamer!

Having fun in the foreground and knowing when it's enough


The thing with the gaming budget is not that difficult if you always keep in mind that the game - whether at the slot or at roulette or poker - is primarily for entertainment. Or go to the online casino like other people go to work? Hardly likely.

Therefore: use this psychological trick and always keep having fun as a top priority. So you can be all the more happy if a prize is paid out. Those who play for fun are less angry about losses and are all the more happy about profits!

What are hot and cold online slots? Myth or fact?


Do they really exist, hot and cold slot machines? In fact, millions of players think that you have to wait for the right time to play because machines can be either hot or cold. But there is something to it?

Every player probably has a slightly different interpretation of this phenomenon. Most of the time, however, it is said that the machine is hot when a win is likely. If, on the other hand, you don't win anything for a long time, the machine is cold.

But how do you recognize hot and cold machines?? Cold machines only become cold when a win has just appeared and then nothing has come for several rounds. Because then the machine has to compensate for the losses. This line of reasoning sounds consistent, but that doesn't mean that it is correct.

Machines get warm if nothing has been won for a long time. This idea is a conclusion from probability theory, but it is mostly misunderstood. For example, players think that if you play 100 rounds and lose the first 50 all of them, the more likely you will win the next 50 rounds.

Elucidated: Why Slots Cannot Have Fertility Cycles


Each round of gambling is independent of the previous and the next. It is true that with a sufficiently large number of rounds, the actual result will be closer to the theoretical probability. That is why people always say that happiness always balances out in the end. However, you can still win a very long series of rounds or lose a long series, although this is very unlikely.

So you cannot assume that after many losses you will suddenly gain a lot. The machine does not remember how the last games were. It simply works according to a certain probability that is calculated anew for each spin. It's no different from poker or roulette. Just because you win several rounds in a row doesn't mean the machine is hot, it's the same machine that swallowed the bets two minutes ago.

Does that mean that if there are no hot machines, there can be no cold machines either? Exactly! The idea that a slot machine would adjust the odds of winning after a player just won a lot is a subjectively explainable, but objectively absurd idea. Operators and manufacturers of slot machines are subject to the Gambling Act and this requires that the games function according to a random principle. This cannot be changed dynamically.

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But which slot machines in USA are really worthwhile? Where are the best chances of winning??


As you learned in the previous section under the slot machine tricks, the selection of the slot machine is crucial. So you'd rather minimize your losses and take small profits more often? Or would you like to go all out and put up with a few longer dry spells - but at some point you might win the enormous progressive jackpot?

We are more of the opinion that it has to be the big jackpots. But everyone can think about that for themselves. Because while we're playing, we want to smell the chance of real high sums that can turn a whole life upside down. You're not going to Las Vegas to fly home with a couple of bucks, are you? A blatant example of such a slot machine in USA, which is also played all over the world, would be Mega Moolah ™. Here the jackpot rises again and again to several million and has already turned some players all over the world into multimillionaires.

Whichever way you choose, make sure that you are playing a game from an established gaming company. This is the only way you can be sure that everything will run fairly and according to an independent probability. In addition, in our opinion, every slot should already contain a few extras such as bonus rounds, free spins and wild symbols. Because without bonus, extra spins and new features, there is no joy, nor are there rounds that pay out really high winnings in one fell swoop. Book of Ra ™ from Merkur would be an example of such a top machine with many extras. You should therefore pay attention to these aspects of the games before you register.

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