Craps Online: How does the game of craps work and what should you watch out for?!

As a simplified version of the English game Hazard, craps became one of the new ones around 1813 Casino games introduced. Before the dealer rolls the dice, you can bet on multiple numbers and combinations. So you should have a good grasp of the rules and strategies in order to win.

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As a shooter player, prepare yourself well for craps online - strategy and a casino bonus are the best way to do this!


Make sure you read the rules carefully before you start playing. Only by learning the craps rules do you have a chance to prevail against other players at craps. So before you put your real money into a wager you should the craps for free try out! You can choose whether you want to play online craps at a live table or at a slot.

Why we recommend this is obvious. Craps is not a complicated game once you understand it, but at first it confuses some players. Therefore everyone should make the effort and play in demo mode at the beginning. Learn the rules of craps, hit the free mode and get started. Do you know what a shooter is? What come, odds, pass, don and co mean? It is best to have the craps rules next to you at the computer so that they are always to hand. So you can look it up if you don't know what to do next.

Craps is all about betting on certain numbers. Similar to roulette, there is a table with different fields shown. So far everything should be clear. The different chances are more complicated. When you sit in front of the table, you will likely know what to do. But only if you know what the terms mean. The numbers have different meanings and can appear in different combinations. Kind of like betting on multiple chances at roulette. Perhaps you now understand why craps is so complicated at times. There are some combinations to learn and remember. If you don't know, you can't play.

If you are at home as a player, there should be no problems. Dor keep looking at the cheat sheet. In the right casino, it doesn't look professional if you keep looking up. Generally in no game. Somehow it is part of being able to use the rules of craps because you don't want to disrupt the process. That is why online casinos are ideal. Here you play until craps runs into your blood. If you get it at some point, nothing stands in the way of a change. Also, knowing what to do will make you feel better and more motivated.

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The rules of craps are easy and clear to learn!

To briefly summarize what the rules of craps are all about, all you need to know is the following. Each throw is carried out with two dice. Before rolling, you set your bets. Of course, you're betting on a number. Then the dice are rolled at the craps table. The moment of truth has come with the Come Out Roll. Assuming you bet on a seven and it is rolled on the first roll, you can either cash out 4: 1 or you bet on an 11. It's a risk, but the payout percentage is 15: 1 and it's called a pass line.

You can play craps online - there is no need to learn any new craps rules

Playing craps online is not that different from playing in an arcade. Only keep an eye on your balance in one slot. Because thanks to the automatic function, you can quickly lose more money than you would like. Even at a machine the result is completely random and you have won or lost according to the same rules as at a live table.

The craps casino are becoming increasingly popular. As a player, pay attention to the bet provider


Since the game with the dice (German: dice) is no longer very popular only in America. Have the online casinos bought a craps casino?. The game is then played as usual. Your stake wins according to exactly the same rules as in your casino.

The advantage of the online casino is that you can place your bets at any time. Make sure, however, that you choose a provider with a great bonus program. Because some providers have better offers than others. And why should you settle for something mediocre??

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Do you fancy a game of online craps in casinos?


If the dealer rolls the dice while playing craps online and you lose a round, don't be discouraged right away. The sensitivity for the odds needs to be learned just like the rules of craps. Just watch the live table for a few rounds and try to spot a pattern.

You are sure to win if you place your bet carefully. You can bet on different bets. One of which is the pass bet. This basic casino bet is based on a bet being made on whether a 7 or 11 will be rolled. If a 7 hits, then a "point" can be bet, which means that the seven will be repeated.

What should you consider when looking for a real money craps casino??


Would you like to get started with craps?? Whether in real money mode or in demo mode in casinos is irrelevant. The fact is that you should find a casino that is reputable. If you want to win while playing, you have no choice but to go to an online casino anyway, because they have a license. If you want to play for fun, you can of course also play on the fun pages. But here you should pay attention to something important. After all, you want to learn pass, come, point, oods, line, out bets don and co with ease.

Some free bonus free spins sites are full of viruses or want to sell you something. For example expensive subscriptions. Here you should be careful not to fall for a scammer. That's why real casino sites are always to be preferred. These have a license from a well-known commission. They regularly check whether the casinos are sticking to the rules of the game and you benefit from this again. While the game sites do what they want on the open market.

The pages should at least be SSL-encrypted. In addition, terms and conditions and data protection guidelines are important. First of all, when you register, you should read the terms and conditions urgently. It is also advisable to start a virus scanner. Better safe than sorry, there is no risk of ending up with spyware on your PC that you don't need.

Play craps anywhere you want on your smartphone.


Can you play craps on a mobile phone?? Of course you can. The online casino sites are now programmed in html5, so they can be played anywhere. Whether Android, IOS, Windows or Linux. Enjoy the games on any device. Craps is ideal for in between, especially if you want to learn it first. Use waiting times to deepen the rules.

You don't have to download an app, but you can if you want. Either a casino site or a craps game app. Here, too, pay attention to whether the provider is reputable. Unfortunately there are many dubious sheep who like to put viruses on your cell phone. This is what you should pay attention to. Those who stick to the official casinos generally have fewer problems. That much is certain.

Enjoy craps live in the best quality live dealer casino


Do you want to try craps in the best possible environment? Almost like you're in a real casino. Wonderful, then you have come to the right place at Livedealer Casino. There are many casino sites like this. The games are mostly offered by Netent or Evolution Gaming. They all have one thing in common. The games are presented in HD and ensure exciting hours. Smart dealers throw the dice, deal the cards and start the roulette wheel. What more do you want?

You should only play in the live casino once you have mastered the rules. In the beginning, the table game area is preferable. You must not forget that there is no demo mode in the dealer casino, so you have no choice but to gamble against the computer. If you want, you can watch the game, that is possible in the live dealer casino. Simply register in the casino, open a game and you're in. You don't need to make a deposit. Watch as long as you want. Sometimes the dealer even greets you by name. You will see it's a lot of fun.


There is a bonus for craps in the online casino?

In some casinos bonus offers or free spins are distributed. However, not all of them apply to craps. It is important that you do your research beforehand and read the bonus terms and conditions. Sometimes it applies to this game, but you then have to clear the bonus for much longer. Table games such as craps are only ever 10% or 20%. Whereas slots slot machines are 100% wagering requirements. Either way, read the terms and conditions so that there are no nasty surprises. If you don't necessarily want to win, you can definitely use it.

Are there differences between online craps and in the casino?

No, apart from the fact that the table is virtually in front of you, there is no difference. For you, this means you can learn the rules online without any problems. If you switch to real money mode later or even visit a casino, you have no disadvantages to worry about. Certainly there are one or the other discrepancy in the game variants. But the basic principle is definitely the same everywhere.

What bet should you start with as a newbie??

It is best to bet on the basic bets. Most start at 7 or 11. With these two numbers, you are unlikely to go wrong. If you win, you can look forward to coal. If not, then you've lost. Unfortunately this happens more often in a game of chance. But these two numbers should be kept in mind. In case you surprisingly get to a craps table and don't know how to start. Choose one of the two. So you are right in the middle of it, instead of just being there.

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