Scratch Cards: How one of the first lottery games became a casino hit!

In the 1970s, online scratch cards were invented by computer scientists. The first scratch card was sold in Massachusetts in the mid-1970s, called The Instant Game, and it has been growing in popularity ever since. Also as Casino games scratch cards have now become established.

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Young and old alike will enjoy the scratch card concept, as it is not only used in casinos!


Due to the many thousands of possible variants, scratch cards are not only very popular in the casino or the lottery. These can be used for all conceivable cases and reasons. Whether for an organization to raise money for a good cause or at a fair. They are represented everywhere. The little cards that have to be scratched off are very popular all over the world. And with a little luck, many of the scratch cards offer a huge jackpot as the main prize!

Here you can "scratch off" scratch cards online!
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You can't touch the online scratch cards, but the fun and profit are very real!


Much has not changed since the sweeping success of scratch cards. You are still scratching the fields to find matching images on the scratch cards. Just minor things, to be precise. On the one hand, the profits have increased considerably in amount. You can now win several thousand $ / Euro. But arguably one of the biggest changes is that you no longer have to run to the next lottery to get those scratch cards. Thanks to the online scratch cards, you can simply switch on your device and get started. You can also use the huge selection online, where you can choose from various scratch cards with millions of opportunities at any time. The best scratch cards make even experienced online casino customers work up a sweat!

You do not need to register and log in to play scratch cards online!


If you want, you can of course register at an online casino and then play with real cash. The conditions of participation under which the scratch cards are offered online should also be decisive for you. But if you want that, for the time being, you don't. Then it is recommended, play the scratch cards for free. You can also download an app to "scratch" without a connection. You can find instructions on how to play on the Internet. These are available in English as well as in German.

Every online scratch card lottery will endeavor to provide excellent service


Should you decide to go to a casino, you have a number of advantages. Online casinos that have one or the other online scratch card on offer will offer customer service. This help is available to you around the clock. There you will find information about the scratchcardheaven. Regardless of whether you have questions about the scratch cash, winning numbers or general questions about the lotteries. You will receive professional answers to all of them. We'll help you with simple things like forgetting your password. From time to time you can also get one or the other bonus.

This way if you want a scratch card:
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Now the big question is, what about the scratch card odds are they realistic at all?


Anyone who buys a ticket will surely be amazed at the scratch card odds and ask if there is anything to be won. Of course, it depends on your stake and how many scratch cards you buy as a player. The more, the higher your chance of winning. There are also sites on the Internet, one of which is Lottoland, where you can see the price and number of scratch cards. You can also find a winning plan on the Internet. If you pay a stake of 5 euros for a number of tickets, your chance of having good odds is higher than if you only wager $ 0.50. You win when you have three or more fields of the same size. If that is the case, you should contact the provider immediately and collect your winnings.

What advantages do you enjoy in the online casino compared to real tickets??

Now, let's respond to a question that many players ask themselves. Why should you use the scratch cards on the web and not those that are available at the kiosk?. Well, you know the moment when you get an inspiration in the middle of the night. Put one euro in the casino now. Perhaps you hear the word scratch cards as well and want to take a chance. Then you should start right away and go online. Otherwise you would have to go to the gas station or somewhere else. You will see that it is more convenient online.

Another reason is that the casino allows you to compare prices. As are the odds. As is well known, there are several of them. You should pay attention to how many tickets are sold and how often you can win a certain number of euros. For example, there are 100.000 tickets, of which you win 1x 500.000 euros, 10x 100.000 euros, 50x 50.000 euros, 100x 10.000 euros, 500x 500 euros, 5000x 100 euros etc. You need to know these values ​​so that you know what the odds are. In addition, there is usually a number. 1:10.000 e.g. There are lots of colorful pictures in the kiosk, but you rarely see what's going on at first glance. It would be better to compare online where you can find them all on one casino site. Once you find the match, play for as long as you want.

Another advantage that speaks for those who are online. You waste less paper. Each ticket is bought, scratched off and thrown away. A total waste, actually. Of course, if you give away scratch cards, for example on New Year's Eve, you should use real ones. Otherwise, it's only half the fun. An online voucher for the casino doesn't look so good. Lots are the better choice.

Just because there are online casino tickets doesn't mean you have to use them. Sometimes like this, sometimes like that, is probably the best solution for fans. In the casino they are great fun because you can get to the tickets faster. If you drop by the kiosk anyway, you can of course grab one and get started.

Test new online casino tickets directly on the World Wide Web

If there are new lots on the market, you can test them online. Either with a bonus, directly with real money or you can bet on the free mode. You can't gain anything from one of these. But we still recommend the demo mode. This enables you to understand which profit opportunity is available to you. In addition, everyone wants to know what the chances are, how the pictures will work and whether scratching is even fun. Since nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke, it is definitely a good thing that there is a free online casino area. You should definitely use this.

You can go a long way even with a free bonus. In some online casinos, free spins are given away with which you can scratch off the cards. Use this to get to know different games. Make sure, however, that every bonus is subject to a bonus condition. Do not overlook this or you will not receive your winnings.

Get the scratch cards directly on your smartphone or tablet

Scratching with the mouse is great, but scratching with your finger is even better. Therefore, you should get the cards directly on your mobile phone. There are even their own apps or casino sites where this is easily possible. You buy the card normally and it is displayed to you. As a result, nothing stands in the way of scratching. If you receive money, it will be credited directly to the casino account. An app has now become unnecessary. Most websites are responsive so you don't have to do anything. Thanks to html5, this works wonderfully. Regardless of whether Android, Windows, Linux or IOS. The mobile pages can be accessed anywhere. You just have to make sure that your own device is not too old and that it has all the updates. As a result, nothing stands in the way of scratching.


There are scratch cards in every online casino?

No, unfortunately not, on the contrary, scratch cards are rarely represented in online casinos. Where there are some, there are some. But sometimes you have to look for it. We'll give you a few tips. Take a look at our website. We'll show you where to find the best cards and scratch them off. Sometimes there is a bonus, and sometimes even especially for the scratch cards. Providers who have many in their program also advertise them abundantly so that they can be found more quickly.

From what age can you buy scratch cards?

Scratch cards belong to the category of gambling, so you can only buy them from the age of 18. Year of life buy. At the kiosk, the salespeople are not so strict and also give the cards to children. Things are different in the casino. Of course, only adults are allowed to register there. Children will also not be able to pick up large winnings at the kiosk. You can give away the tickets if the parents are there, this is a gray area. But in and of itself, these are games of chance that do not belong in the hands of children.

Are the chances of winning as high online as offline?

As always, it depends on the RTP. Some have better odds, others worse. But basically the chances of winning are the same everywhere. We recommend that you compare the offers in advance so that you know roughly what the possibilities are. Choose the games that have the best Return To Player and you will have more fun winning.

Free scratch cards: You can now play scratch cards for free!
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