Roulette casinos: the best addresses for the kettle game

Roulette is one of the most popular Casino games worldwide. The game with cauldrons, numbers and roulette balls is hundreds of years old and of course also a success in online casinos. History, important background information and in particular online roulette are the subject of this article.

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The history of roulette - a game with a long tradition has also reached the providers


The origins of roulette go back to the 17th century. Century back in Italy. But the game didn't really make it until the 18th century. Century in France, where the game of roulette was initially forbidden by the king himself, but was still played undeterred. It is possible that the gloomy nickname of roulette comes from this time: the game of the devil. All the numbers in the cauldron add up to the devil's number 666, and one wanted by all means to trick the people into believing that gambling roulette is a bad thing that should be avoided - without much success.

The game of chance spilled over from France to the German casinos of Baden-Baden and Bad Homburg. There, for example, the famous Russian poet Dostoyevsky fell into the game. In between, roulette games, like many other games of chance, were repeatedly banned and allowed again in Europe - they kept shining in new bloom. Today the game is played in almost exactly the same way around the world, the subtle differences we will discuss here.

Roulette through the ages

Although the rules of the game are quite simple in roulette, the casino game evolved along with the entire gambling industry - and the biggest change in this sense was certainly the Internet and the advent of online casinos. Smart game software developers were already so far in the 90s that they had programmed the age-old casino game with the kettle as a virtual version that could be played over the Internet. A great advance, but with considerable disadvantages: Players of these roulette variants have to completely interact with a dealer or. The croupier and fellow players do without, as well as, of course, the entire atmospheric casino atmosphere. A dilemma, it seemed, but after a few years it was solved in the best possible way: through live casinos!

Today, roulette is one of the most popular games that absolutely must be available in every live casino. The game is played with a real roulette table, complete with a rotating bowl, numbers on a green and red background and the fateful ball. A live dealer manages the stakes and bets for each round, throws the roulette ball and announces the winners - and also acts as a sole entertainer for the players who watch the action via live stream and screen. You can also use the chat function to chat with the live croupier, so that the social aspect of roulette is not completely lost.

The betting options and the course of the game - this is how online roulette is played, it is not difficult at all


Each round of roulette always begins with the players placing their bets and determining their stakes. There are many different ways in which you can place your bet. If you want to read more about the betting options at roulette and are also interested in the details, we recommend our article on exactly this topic on the corresponding page.

When every player has made his bet, the croupier throws a roulette ball into the rotating wheel, against the direction of rotation, and the exciting seconds follow when everyone waits and watches as the ball comes to a stop on a certain number. This gameplay is very easy, isn't it? Perhaps that is exactly one of the reasons why roulette always gets such good ratings from the players.

When betting you can either bet on single numbers or whole series of numbers and fields, such as the first, second or third third of the field. Then there are the options of even or odd numbers, lower or upper half and black (Black) or red (Red). With the latter, the chances of winning are 50% and accordingly the stake is paid out 1: 1. That means if you z.B. If you bet 10 $ on black and win, you will get 20 $ and have doubled your money. But you probably get to know the principle best if you do Roulette for free gamble.

What types of roulette are there in online casinos?


Almost everyone knows roulette. However, many players do not realize that there are different types of it. Today we would like to introduce you to the most important ones so that you can get an overview. The good news is that the rules of the game are almost the same everywhere. Switching is not difficult. Still, there are little things that you should know

French roulette

This roulette is the classic among the roulette types. This type is offered in many online casinos in Germany, Austria and USA. There is a 0 and the typical rules of the game are appropriate here.

American roulette

American roulette is less popular with us. why? Because the odds are worse. This is due to the double zero. We would like to go into the differences in more detail later. In any case, you will discover this variant of roulette in almost all American casinos. For example in Las Vegas. If you go on vacation there, you should know the rules of the game.

European roulette

This is actually the same roulette as the French one. With the difference that it is offered in the language in which it is played. If you are sitting in a Spanish casino, the roulette is played in Spanish. In Germany in German etc. If you have mastered the rules of French roulette, you can definitely play it too.

Racetrack Roulette

This version is offered in some online casinos. There is an additional area called the Racetrack. Here you will find the numbers in the order in which they are listed in the boiler. This makes setting the Voisins a little easier.

Roulette machines

Some casinos have roulette machines. Basically it was a machine where the numbers and fields are listed like in real roulette. There you select the appropriate fields. If you guess the right ones, there will be profits. The advantage of a roulette machine is that it is faster. Ideal for practicing and for in between.

Other types of roulette in the online casino

These variants are probably the best known in online casinos. Sometimes there are many more. Do not be surprised if you discover a Turkish roulette, for example, or a Spanish one. Basically, this is classic roulette as we know it. Only here the language is different.

We give you some important advice. Would you like to play a roulette that you do not know yet?. Play in demo mode beforehand or read the rules of the game carefully. Then you will immediately see the difference. Basically it's the same everywhere. Except that some have more fields than others. Think of the double zero in American or similar. Where you ultimately play is up to you. Tastes are different and that's good.

The difference between American and French roulette as variants of roulette


But now again to the matter of the variants, because although roulette is easy to play, there are small, subtle differences that can also play a role in terms of house advantage. So you should be familiar with the differences between the rules of the various roulette variants. Two versions of roulette are known on the Internet: French and American roulette (also: American roulette).

There is a small but important difference here, which essentially consists in the fact that the American variant has a double zero in addition to the normal zero. If the roulette ball hits zero or double zero, every bet without the zero being involved loses, including all 50:50 bets. Because of this double zero, the house edge in American roulette is a little bit bigger than in European roulette. For this reason, you should always stick to American roulette whenever you have the option to choose between the two variants. Your chances of winning a nice real money win are higher!

Playing roulette with strategy - safe ways to win?


Since the very first roulette game, players have probably tried to develop a strategy for betting on the correct number that actually works or that at least - as in blackjack - can significantly influence the chances of winning and the house edge. It is for this reason that there is such a wide range of strategy tips available today.

We have also written in detail about this extravagant topic on a separate page. However, we can already tell you here: an infallible recipe with which the chances of winning increase, the house edge decreases and the money has only increased in this way has not been found until today and will probably never be found, because roulette is and remains simply a game of chance. In principle, please do not believe anyone who wants to take advantage of your good character and who promises you high chances of real money winnings in any game if you only buy their strategy for expensive money. Sure, there are often options such as.B. at blackjack to improve your own game and increase your chances of winning. But luck and bad luck will always play a big role!

You can play roulette at these top casinos!


You want to play roulette now. The best thing to do is to register directly at the online casino. We provide you with a list of where you can find suitable casinos. Whether bonuses for entry or not. There is something for everyone here. In any case, the platforms are reputable and safe for you to gamble fairly.

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How and where is the best way to learn roulette?


As they say? Practice creates masters. If you want to learn roulette, you should start with it. At best in the online casino. Where you will discover tons of possibilities. There are numerous providers where you can gamble in demo mode for free. Take advantage of this and try out different uses. Until you feel good and that Rules of the game dominate. Then nothing stands in the way of switching to real money mode.

Tip: If you do not want to log into the online casino, there is another option. There are numerous game sites on the internet. Or roulette apps that you can get on your smartphone. These are handy because you can always play between. Roulette is not difficult, but the different ways it can be used make it a little complicated at first. Once you've got the hang of it, the roulette will definitely work out. It's best to start with simple odds. Once you have understood this, increase yourself. In an emergency, always bet on black or red. You can't really go wrong there.

Why is roulette in the live casino even more fun


The question is easy to answer. A live casino is similar to a real casino. If you gamble there, you will be met by dealers. These guide you through the game and start the kettle. It is well known that it is more fun with real people and fellow players than without!

Live casinos also have an advantage over the right casino. If you are a beginner and want to practice first, you should start right away and get started. After you have practiced in demo mode, a live dealer area is an ideal intermediate address. You get to know the game live and know roughly how it works. However, you don't have to be nervous at the online casino. You can't be seen and you don't have to dress up. Even when you play naked or in your pajamas. It's up to you. In this way, you gradually practice the rules of the game live at the dealer and are later ready to play in the real casino.

There is one thing you need to know. Unfortunately, there is no live casino demo mode. If you want to play for free, you only have the table game mode to choose from. But you can usually watch the live casino as soon as you are logged in. Watching also helps to understand the process a little.

What should be considered when choosing the provider if I want to try out a casino roulette?


In the meantime, live roulette is also often offered in the online roulette casino. This means that the casino broadcasts roulette via a webcam, with a real croupier and a real roulette table. The player can then interact with the croupier via the software interface and thus place his bet. Just as you might know it from blackjack and poker.

So if you are looking for a roulette casino, look for a provider that offers the widest possible selection of casino roulette games. The more different tables, the better the chances of winning that you can find a table with French rules and a stake limit that suits you. The best course of action, if you are looking for a good and reputable online casino, is to simply read a test report with an objective evaluation - you can discover such, for example, directly on our website.

Advantages of roulette in the online casino


If you really want to play roulette and really want to feel like you're in the casino, you may not be particularly impressed by the concept of online casinos. That is why we would like to explain to you here what the unbeatable advantages are that you can enjoy when playing roulette in the online casino - and which you could never get in a terrestrial gaming hall.

The most important thing is probably the possibility in online casinos to get a bonus with which you can then play for free, so to speak - after all, a bonus is nothing more than free money. Playing with a bonus without risk is unbeatably practical, especially for practicing. If you register for a new online casino provider, there is almost always a welcome bonus that you shouldn't miss. There are other types of bonus offers later, if you count as a regular customer or even as a VIP. Please note, however: please always read the terms and conditions and the bonus conditions. If you are also interested in slot machines and not exclusively in roulette, free spins are also very interesting.

Important to know: In most online casinos there is only one bonus for slot machines. If you are looking for a bonus for roulette, you have to register where there is explicitly one. The bonus offers can be used, but most of the time the bonus does not apply to the wagering requirements. One must not forget this. If you just want to practice with it and not make a profit, it doesn't matter. But if you want to keep the money, take care. If it applies, then mostly only 10% or 20%. This means you have to play 80% longer than with slot machines and there the wagering requirements are already quite high.

Tip: There are some online casinos with their own live casino bonus offers. You should use this. Because these are usually 100%. You will surely only know when you read through the bonus terms and conditions. We strongly recommend this to you. Read this information so that you know what your requirements are. Many lose their bonus winnings for not doing so. We know that with the flood of rewards it is not always easy to find the right one. We also keep linking to promotions and the like on our website. After all, you should have fun playing games and not bury your head in the sand.

And speaking of slot machines: The huge selection of different games is another advantage of online casinos. Thousands of slot machines, scratch cards, progressive jackpots and of course the complete live casino offer - there is an overwhelming selection that is on offer today. This makes boredom something unknown.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can also play roulette on your smartphone?

Yes, roulette also works on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets and the like. Make sure that it is a modern roulette in html5. Then it shouldn't be a problem. Those offers in online casinos can definitely be played on the mobile phone. The live casino games shouldn't be a problem either. Here, however, you should make sure that the connection is secure and stable enough. At best, play roulette only at home or on your own mobile phone network. This ensures that you can safely enjoy the game.

Is there a strategy that works 100%?

No, there is no such thing. It is true that there are always people who claim that they can be used. But that's a lie. Of course, there are tactics that improve the chance of winning. But never 100%. Under no circumstances do you get hold of them if someone wants to sell you these. The only ones who get rich are those who Roulette tricks Selling. Mostly in the form of e-books and the like. You can find all the tips that work for free on the Internet. If someone had a surefire strategy, they would not sell it, but use it themselves. You must never forget that.

Can you play roulette at home with friends??

Of course, there are roulette wheels for the home that you can buy in toy stores. Respectively. in specialty stores for games. The best thing to do is to look for it on the internet. If you want to set up a casino basement, you can also set up a real roulette table. Everything is possible. But be careful, you can of course only play in private. Commercial gambling is strictly prohibited if you do not have a permit. Playing a round of roulette on New Year's Eve or on birthdays shouldn't be a problem.

Are the odds important in roulette??

Odds are almost always only guidelines, because in the end fate will decide whether you win or not. However, they can be helpful at roulette. American roulette, for example, has a better house edge. Because of this, the chances of winning are worse for the player. This is what you should know when you play. The better odds for you, the more fun you will have. Some like the risk and play the other versions especially. In the end, there are only minor changes. You can still win big if you are lucky.

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