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Customer service

Casino tricks get everyone's attention, the quality of the customer support offering is often secondary. If you do get in touch with your provider, you can be surprised both positively and negatively. All information can be found here.

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How can a top online casino customer service be reached??

Check: First of all, we would like to answer the question of how you can reach customer support. Mostly via live chat, hotline, email and contact form. Not every provider offers all options. It always depends on the size of the casino. Some offer many options, others only a few.

Many users do not worry about the help support at first. When it is needed, many people wonder why they are not getting the help they need. That is why we recommend that you also involve customer service when making a comparison when choosing a casino. Find out when he can be reached, which languages ​​he speaks, whether there are fees and much more.

It also depends on you personally. Would you like a specific contact or are you satisfied with each way? There is seldom an egg-laying woolly milk sow. Therefore, read test reports in advance so that you get to know the services. We will introduce you to the individual options in detail.

Live chat

Live chat means you chat with customer service. Most of the time there is a button with live chat on the website. Just click on it and you can start chatting. Sometimes you need to enter your name or your email address. As a rule, the live chat is only available to registered users. It doesn't take long for an employee to answer. Live chat is the fastest way to get in touch in the casino.


Few online casino offers on the Internet have their own hotline that customers can call. Either they are foreign telephone numbers or regional hotlines. Be careful so you don't have to pay a fortune. We only recommend contacting you by phone for free services.

Email / contact form

If you can wait a little longer, write an email to the help support. Good casinos respond within 24 hours. Unfortunately, there are also providers where nobody writes back by e-mail. Unfortunately it happens. If there is a live chat, this should always be preferred. You will get an answer faster and you will save energy.

Postal address and fax

Few gaming casinos disclose a postal address. In case you want a letter oldschool. Just to send you one. Whether it makes sense remains to be seen. You will have to wait longer for the answer. Some have a fax machine. Here you can, for example, fax a copy of your ID card or something similar.

Upload center

Sometimes the providers have a special upload page that you can use for the documents. If you would like to send a copy of the ID, upload it and send it off in sequence. However, do not use the Upload Center for any inquiries. Only current documents that are required for verification, for example, are uploaded here.

What languages ​​are spoken in customer service?

Check: The spoken language is definitely an important point for users. Many do not know that some employees only speak English. If a problem arises at some point, users don't know how to express themselves. Anyone who understands English a little or well has no disadvantages. All those who don't speak English are lining up. That is why it is important to deal with the topic in advance. You never know when you will need help support, so please do not ignore this point. Inquire in advance so that there are solutions for you if the worst comes to the worst.

English is the most widely spoken language in online casinos. Above all in those who are in Malta. If we are talking about the right US game casinos offer, you can assume that the help support German and probably French speaks. Inquire in advance on the website or read reviews where such information is mentioned. Sometimes German employees can only be reached at a certain point in time.

The rest of the time there are only English speaking support workers. Most can live with this limitation. If you would like a German-speaking service around the clock, you should look for a suitable one. Tip: If you are already registered with a top provider and don't know what to do, ask whether there are German-speaking employees. They will be happy to pass you on. Alternatively, you can write an email. Either you or the help support use the Google Translator. Today there are many ways to find solutions. Don't worry, all roads lead to Rome.

How long do you have to wait to get an answer??

As we mentioned earlier, the fastest way to get in touch is through chat. Here, users usually get an answer within a minute. At least the employees report to the Internet in a short time. If the problem is difficult, you may of course have to consult with them first.

However, many questions can be answered immediately and directly. Our experiences relate directly to the pure response time. By what time employee XY reports and the conversation begins! Of course, the employees pick up the phone immediately, unless it is busy, in which case you will be put on hold. The rush in game casinos is not as big as in some other companies.

As mentioned, in addition to the usual phone numbers and live chat, there is also the method of writing a normal email to customer service. This certainly has the advantage that you as a player can describe in detail what problem is involved and you can also attach attachments such as pictures or screenshots there.

Unfortunately, it cannot be said that email contact is the fastest way to clarify a question. But if you have a lot of stamina, you should use this method of communication. The other contact channels via phone or live chat are faster, but especially when it comes to phone support, gamers should better look at the small print. It is true that many of the providers' telephone numbers are switched 24 hours a day, but these calls are often associated with high costs.

The live chat, on the other hand, is very popular with many players, as you can describe the problem quickly and easily and also exchange files for evidence or screenshots via the chat.

We have had in the past that at some casinos only customers get an answer. We once wanted to know something about a casino and wrote an email. We are waiting for the answer until today. Unfortunately, we no longer know which platform that was. Unfortunately, this happens more often. It seems that some companies only want to cooperate with regular customers.

Maybe there are just too many review writers blocking help support. You can of course understand that some are becoming more cautious. But customer service also includes answering new customers or potential customers. After all, many have questions in advance. For example, which payment methods are offered or similar. Why should you register if in the end the offer you are looking for is not available.

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Are there any fees for using customer service as a customer??

Many players are afraid of costs, no question about it. After all, there are enough companies that hide some fees and bill the player. That is why we keep pleading. Be sure to play games in licensed online casinos. Such things are also controlled there. If players keep being fooled into with hidden fees, they will report this at some point. The commissions also check whether the providers ask for something or not. Fees are not prohibited in the sense that they are clear and declared in advance. Of course, a phone call without charge information is not legal.

Live chats and the contact form are usually free of charge.You don't pay anything here. The situation is different with the hotline. Here you have to pay close attention to what fees are stated. Sometimes there is a premium rate number or it is a foreign number. It is up to you whether you want to call Malta from Germany. Don't forget, there are now many EU tariffs. It is no longer so expensive to call abroad today. If the casino is located on any island, you have to be more careful.

Many providers offer an extra hotline for Germany, Austria and USA. Here you call directly in your home country and do not have to expect extra fees. Something like this is a top service for us, in our opinion.

What problems does the online casino support help with??

Now we would like to go into the subject of "problems". Which ones should you contact the service about and when is it better to leave it alone?. The employees are not girls for everything. Of course, they can't give everyone advice. In any case, it should be casino themes.

They don't believe what kind of people live chat can sometimes prove. Some may want to flirt, chat, or think the staff can predict the lottery numbers. Many are poor because they are alone. It should not be forgotten that casinos are often frequented by lonely people who are unhappy and gamble. Unfortunately, the help support has a lot to do sometimes. That's why you should think three times whether you need it or not

As is well known, it costs nothing to ask. But neither should one overdo it. If you have problems with the payout, you should check in advance whether the bonus free spins have been cleared. Many forget this and wonder if there is no payout. You should also give the whole thing a little patience. If nothing happens after a week, this is the ideal time. Asking for the money after 24 hours is definitely too early.

Customer service is also happy to provide information on bonuses and free spins. He tells you where the free spins guidelines are and what you need to consider with Bonus + Free Spins. But here, too, we recommend reading the terms and conditions and bonus conditions in advance. You can usually find all the answers you're looking for there. If not, contact support.

If you want to be blocked or set a limit, customer service is also a help. There is also an item on the subject of gambling addiction on the website. Read the information there through and only then contact customer service. Because you will also find a lot of content on the said page. If you are looking for a game, you will be given the selection of gaming offers, and you can also get deposit options from the help support. If you are looking for slots, you should get an overview yourself and look at the different categories. Those who seek will find.

Customer service is usually responsible for checking the documents. Send a copy of your ID card, etc. to the employees so that they can verify everything. Some bonuses also have to be activated via the service.


Regardless of which online casino you should choose as a player, you should put the support through its paces before making your first deposits. There is hardly anything more frustrating than when you find after many wins that you have to wait days for your request to be processed. The providers have now heard this criticism and especially the serious and large online casinos mostly offer first-class support around the clock.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which languages ​​are spoken by support in USA??

Most support staff in USA speak German, French and English. Make sure that it is a real US casino. There are also some who are based in Malta and are correct to US. A real US casino has a US license.

You can ask the support about the rules of the game?

In principle, the support staff are responsible for technical queries. You can also ask when your payout will be made. The rules of the game are sufficiently described on the Internet or you can stop by the casino games. There you will find numerous instructions for you to read. The employees will of course also give you small, up-to-date details.

Is there an FAQ area in the US online casinos?

Sometimes yes sometimes no. There are websites where you can read a lot of information. Other sites are so small that you can hardly get any hints. If there is no direct question / answer area, you will find some facts on the individual sub-pages. If all else fails, customer service will help, as I said. Much joy!

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