State Treaty on Gambling: New era begins in mid-2021

An important contract

German online casino players have been waiting for this for years, and now the time has come: The ministers of the sixteen federal states have agreed on a new constitution of the old State Treaty on Gambling, which should come into force in mid-2021. For the Online casinos and the German players will change a lot with it - for better and for worse.

The first German gaming regulator

The new State Treaty on Gambling is still only a draft, but specific content has already been published. The most important change is probably that Establishment of a German gambling authority. Just like the Malta Gaming Authority is supposed to be in Malta a central gaming regulatory authority will also be set up in Germany, the licenses are granted to online casino providers and be responsible for monitoring the providers through conditions and their enforcement. It will probably be based in Saxony-Anhalt and employ several hundred people. The good thing about it: The online casinos with a German license will have to pay their taxes to the German regulatory authority, i.e. the German state. This will make the Billions in losses by German players will no longer flow abroad, but will remain in Germany.

However, changes can also come to the non-German online casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms: If proposed changes in the penal code are actually enforced, it will also be possible, too to make foreign online gaming providers punishable, if they offer their gaming platforms in German or this on .de end.

“Just as there is the Malta Gaming Authority in Malta, a central gaming regulatory authority is also to be set up in Germany, which will issue licenses to online casino providers and be responsible for monitoring the providers through conditions and their enforcement."

Tight crackdown on player protection


As is well known, Germany has a reputation for being somewhat conventional. It is therefore not surprising that in the eyes of many Germans (and many politicians too) the hobby Gambling still has a certain dingy image attached to it. Many people think that a gambler is a gambling addict. Proponents of this opinion are of course not happy that Online gambling is now officially legal in Germany will - however, with an appreciative nod, comment on the strict requirements that will afflict the gaming community and online casino providers from next year.

There will be a central database that will be kept and constantly updated by the German regulatory authority. In this, the Data is recorded for every German who has registered in an online casino with a German license. This is to ensure that a player who has been excluded from a third party or self-excluded from a provider cannot simply register directly with the nearest casino and continue to gamble there uninhibited.

1000 euros deposit limit

However, this is probably the most controversial measure for player protection that the new State Treaty on Gambling provides Deposit limit of 1000 euros per month and per player. This limit should not only apply to one online casino, but all deposits made by a player in all online casinos of which he is a customer should be monitored. Thanks to the central database, it will be possible to actually and effectively check all deposits per player and, after reaching the monthly limit, put the bolt on that player. Those who only play occasionally and with small stakes will probably not be particularly affected - but for all frequent players and high rollers this rule is, as the saying goes: "very bad news".

Of course, the Online casino providers are not happy about this rule - after all, your maximum monthly income per player is extremely limited and probably also extremely screwed down. However, if a provider wants a German license, they will have no choice but to submit.

A virtual fight

But whether the German players will accept these restrictions so easily, is an entirely different matter. The most logical assumption is that the players will probably simply turn to other online casinos that do not have a German license and will therefore be "illegal" - in other words: continue as before and play in casinos with, for example, a Maltese license. In response to this behavior, the German state could take similar measures as USA: The Block websites from illegal providers, making the use of VPN essential. So it could to a real battle between the players and the German law - everything virtually, of course, but no less serious because of that. It remains to be seen how things will develop.

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