How artificial intelligence will transform online casinos

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Most people are familiar with artificial intelligence thanks to modern science fiction films. But this is mostly anchored in a gloomy future scenario with mostly not so good endings. The reality, however, is different. Here the AI ​​has already arrived and brings many economic advantages with it. Find out here what this is in the online area Casinos are.

“The range of games can be offered more individually and tailored to the individual player, and promotional offers are also individually tailored. […] On the one hand, players and casinos themselves are on the safe side against fraud."

Artificial intelligence - what is it actually?

But let's start at the beginning. What is this artificial intelligence about?? Simply put, it is an attempt to transfer human learning and thinking to a computer in order to give it intelligence. The computer does not have to be programmed for each individual task, but can independently find answers using a programmed algorithm in order to solve problems independently.

In the case of artificial intelligence, the neural network of the brain is imitated. In humans, these neurons connect the nerve cells in the brain, which enables learning.

Artificial intelligence in online casinos

Artificial intelligence has also found its way into online casinos. The gaming industry is starting here, with a computer program based on artificial intelligence able to beat some of the world's best poker players in 2017. This already showed that machine intelligence could imitate and implement complex thought structures.

Data analysis by machines can increase sales

A great advantage that using AI in online casinos can offer is the analysis of gambling behavior. This is already done in the form of loyalty programs, club cards and database systems based on them. Through this, casinos try to find out why players select certain games, switch games or abandon them while playing.

In this way, trends can be derived from the data collected. The casino can learn which elements of a game are important for players or which table arrangements influence the gaming behavior. This data can be collected in order to use individual gaming experiences with individual promotional offers in order to retain players in the long term and to increase profits.

Customer service can be improved sustainably

Customer service can also be improved by using AI. So far, bots have already been used, but most of them can be expanded. In this way, an intelligent concierge can be used in the future, who can lead sophisticated conversations and knows the preferences of the player in order to cater to him individually. The combination of collected data and improved customer communication means that solutions can be delivered more quickly in the future and a higher quality of problem solutions is also guaranteed.

AI to protect against gambling addiction and to protect casinos

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AI technology can also be used as a protective measure. One possibility is the early detection of gambling addiction. Many casinos are already committed to preventing gambling addiction and can be supported in this by an AI. Gambling addiction can be recognized earlier by the technology, so that countermeasures can be initiated in good time. The AI ​​can analyze player-related data here and thus recognize conspicuous behavior and people with addiction patterns and notify the casino. The user account can be temporarily blocked so that the relevant person can get help.

On the other hand, a properly used AI can also protect casinos themselves by being able to find fraudulent players. In contrast to land casinos, online casinos find it more difficult to observe player behavior individually. An intermediate AI can observe the behavior of the players and quickly identify fraudsters. In addition to the online casinos themselves, players who play fair games also benefit from this.

Artificial intelligence in casinos offers many advantages

The use of AI in online casinos can offer many different advantages when data can be collected and analyzed. The range of games can be offered more individually and tailored to the individual player, and promotional offers are also individually tailored.

In addition, an important aspect is security, which will increase. On the one hand, players and casinos are protected here.

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