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Novomatic - and also the name of the associated brand, Novoline - are well-known terms in the world of online casinos. In this article, we're not just introducing you to this one Slots developer before, but of course also the most classic Novomatic slot machines as well as suitable alternatives. Alternatives why that? We'll go into that in this article, too.

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From then to now: Novomatic

Novomatic book of rah

The Novomatic Group is a huge, internationally active group from Gumpoldskirchen (Lower Austria, near Vienna) in the gaming industry, whose history began in Austria in 1980 when Johann Graf from Vienna founded his company Novomatic Automatenhandels GmbH, which deals with manufacturing and Sales of slot machines busy. Today the headquarters of the group is in Gumpoldskirchen and more than 30,000 people are employed worldwide - but not only abroad - in the Alpine republic alone, the Novomatic Group provides 3200 Austrians with jobs who work in various entertainment areas.

Today the group consists of much more than just one company, Novomatic Automatenhandels GmbH, because over the years this founding company has grown to more than 300 subsidiaries, some of which have been bought up. Admiral Sportwetten GmbH, Austria's largest sports betting provider, is also part of Novomatic sales. The group also owns a large stake in the gambling company Casinosaustria, the management and administration of which will be shared with other shareholders such as the national Czech lottery Sazka. The Novomatic Group from Gumpoldskirchen near Vienna has a great influence on the Austrian economy, which is why politics and business have often mixed up in the past, for example in the controversial case of Peter Sidlo, ex-district councilor and ex-employee of Casinosaustria. Novomatic CEO Harald Neumann also recently quit his job.

The best slot machines from Novomatic + alternatives!

Novomatic book of rah

Without further ado, we would like to introduce the most important Novomatic slot machines here, because these titles are so legendary in the world of slots, jackpot and video games that you simply have to know them. As one of the leading technology groups in this industry, Onlineslots not only successfully operates casinos, but also actively participates in the development of slot machines. So it's no wonder that the world's most famous slot machines have found a location in 70 countries, but are also causing a sensation online. We all know Book of Ra ™, but you have probably also heard of the famous Lucky Lady’s Charm ™ or Sizzling Hot ™ and Lord of the Ocean ™.

And since you can't play these games for real money on the Internet at the moment, we will also name a few suitable alternatives that replace the original games quite worthy. Answers to the question "why alternatives" can be read in the next paragraph.

Book of Ra and Book of Dead

Novomatic slot book of ra

In the field of Egypt slots, Novomatic has created an icon of the genre: Book of Ra. Even in times when there were no online casinos, this slot machine had cult status. The music, the symbols of hieroglyphs, jackals, scarab beetles and temple tombs - for many gamers this means pure nostalgia and therefore Book of Ra is probably one of the most missing slot machines at the moment. However, the online slot software developer Play´n´GO has managed to bring an extremely similar slot machine to online casinos instead of Book of Ra: Book of Dead. As in the original slot, the aim here is to hunt mysterious treasures together with a researcher in ancient Egypt, including the eponymous Book of the Dead. But not only the story is similar, also in terms of game structure in terms of reels, paylines and functions, Book of Dead emulates its role model.

Sizzling Hot and the Flock of Fruit Slots

Novomatic slot sizzling hot

Fruits and slot machines have belonged since the beginning of the 20th. Century, inseparable, because at that time gambling for real money was forbidden and instead you played for chewing gum in different flavors. One of the most famous slot machines in retro fruit style comes from Novoline: Sizzling Hot. As with Book of Ra, the nostalgia factor is present here, almost twice, because Sizzling Hot and its various successor and deluxe versions are not only reminiscent of the ancient one-armed bandits, but also of the 80s and 90s when Sizzling Hot was still known gambled in the pubs.

There are a large number of alternatives because almost every game developer today has their own interpretation of the original fruit slots. Some of the best are Fancy Fruits, Fruit Mania, Berryburst, Magic Fruits, and Wild Cherries.

Lucky Lady's Charm and other pretty lucky charms

Novomatic slot lucky lady's charm

It is a statistical fact that most slot machine players are male, most of whom (apparently at least that's what it is supposed to be) like to look at pretty ladies. What could be more obvious than building a complete slot machine concept around a pretty and lucky lady? This is exactly what Novomatics Lucky Lady's Charm is, and since this game became so successful, there have been enough other slot machines that use the same theme: Gypsy Soul, Lucky Fortune, Lady Luck, Goddess of Life and Madame Destiny.

2018: withdrawal from the online gaming market

Novomatic slot

German gamblers already had to experience the harsh reality. Novoline pulled out of the gambling market in 2018 and it did so for a reason. Allegedly the company was involved in illegal activities. Since we weren't there and don't know what exactly was going on, we don't want to comment. The fact is that the Novoline games in Germany can no longer be played in real money mode. Unless someone wants to gamble with play money. So it is still possible.

However, there is a rumor that persists. There is talk of the fact that Novomatic games are no longer offered in USA and Austria either. This may have been the case in 2018. In the meantime, it is no longer the case. Well, at that time USA did not have its own online casinos and more or less had to turn to foreign companies. Austria, on the other hand, enjoys its own platforms and customers can definitely find Book of Ra and Co there. If you watch the media a little, you will find that Novoline likes to be in conversation. The politicians are involved here too, which is probably the reason why the games can be played in the Alpine republic and not elsewhere.

As a German and US customer, you are allowed to play in the Austrian online casino?

In Austria there is only one official platform for online casinos and it is called Win2Day. As far as we know, only Austrians are allowed to register there. Even if you register, you will not be able to play the Novomatic games because they are blocked for Germany. In USA, on the other hand, it could be possible. Because some US online casinos have Book of Ra and Co in their program. Only Germany is left empty at this point. It's a shame, but maybe something will also change at this point when there are finally casino licenses in Germany. This was already announced. Whether and when these will start is still in the stars. After all, the world now has other problems to contend with.

Attention: If you want to play as a US, you should register in a real US online casino with a US license. If you gamble on a platform that is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, it will not always work. At some casinos it is possible, at some not. Trying it out is worth it. Only German customers should be careful. If you see an offer where Novomatic is offered in Germany, stay away. It's illegal and you shouldn't put yourself at risk.

As a player, can you somehow bypass the country ban??

No, no, and once again no. We don't mention these words for nothing. If you are planning something like this, please leave it. You will not have any pleasure with it. The online casinos require copies of your ID and can also see where you are. That's why you should leave it. At the moment we cannot say what it looks like when you are abroad. This is certainly a gray area. However, we do not recommend it here either. Finally, you need to log in with your address. If you live in Germany, enter the German address accordingly. It is of little use to you if you play in Austria. It is possible that certain games are suddenly available when you are in Vienna. Then of course you can play and argue that too. There was no lock. Unfortunately, that's one of the things with licenses and limits. It's actually a shame because Novo Matic has really great games in its program.

What options do you have so that you can still play Book of Ra??

If you want to continue playing Book of Ra and Co, it is best to go to Austria and play the game in the right online casino. It is still offered there. A good tip is the Baden casino. If you are on vacation in Vienna, you should definitely visit it. If only because it is beautiful and promises great architecture. Events also take place there time and again. The best thing to do is to get the program of events and take a short trip there.

Even if it is not currently possible in Germany, you can still enjoy the games for free in demo mode. Take the chance and play it the old days sake. Of course, Book of Ra was a hit that will remain unforgettable. However, you can also give other games a chance. There are so many providers who want to present their hits. Discover them and fall in love all over again

We share our Novomatic experiences with you, from the classics to the new releases

Novomatic slot gangster

As mentioned before, this group has had the greatest successes among slots, but why? In addition to the captivating themes and graphics, it is of course the generous profit distributions that cast a spell over gamers around the world. The thrilling bonus rounds, which give out free spins for free and enable big winnings, are probably the most popular. In our Novomatic experience, the US games with higher volatility are also the most attractive ones, because even if the winnings are sometimes rather meager, one can suddenly make a huge profit against all hopes.

Not just classics: these games are also recommended

Novomatic slot wild life

Every year this company makes millions in sales. In recent years NovomaticcCasino has introduced new games such as Lucky Lady’s Wild Spell ™, MacGyver ™, Prized Panda ™ and Prize of the Nile ™. But not only slots were presented at ICE 2019, but also new platforms, electronic table games and biometric systems were announced.

So we can look forward to a lot of Novomatic news - even if the Novo games are not playable in the online casinos for the time being, that doesn't mean that the entire Novomatic group is now out of the way!

In which online casino can you play the best Novoline alternatives??

Novomatic slot joker

Original Novomatic games have not only disappeared from Stargames Casino, but also from all online casino platforms, and players have been turning to the alternatives ever since. But here, too, you are spoiled for choice: in which of the many, many online casinos you should now register? It is not enough to simply check whether an online casino offers the games you are looking for - there are other aspects that also matter, such as welcome bonuses, promotions for regular customers, mobile apps, payment methods and customer service. Checking and comparing all of this takes a lot of work - and we have taken on this job for you and written many test reports with ratings. Let us advise you and take a look at the online casinos that we have given a good rating.

Original Novomatic games have not only disappeared from the Stargamescasino, but also from all online casino platforms, and players have been turning to the alternatives ever since. But here, too, you are spoiled for choice: in which of the many, many online casinos you should register now? It is not enough to simply check whether an online casino offers the games you are looking for - there are other considerations too, such as welcome bonuses, promotions for regular customers, mobile apps, payment methods and customer service. Checking and comparing all of this takes a lot of work - and we have taken on this job for you and written many test reports with ratings. Let us advise you and take a look at the online casinos that we have given a good rating.

Are there special bonus offers for Novomatic games in the online casino?

If Novomatic games are offered in the online casino, there are sometimes bonus offers. Most of the time, these are given out when new games hit the market. New customers as well as regular customers ultimately get free spins to test the new ones. If you are interested, you can always play in real money mode later. Of course, this only applies to those casinos where Novomatic is permitted. If there are no separate free spins for the games, gamblers can use the regular bonus. Unless these games are excluded. In any case, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions. There it is noted which counts and which do not. Warning: It is essential to adhere to the rules so that you do not lose the bonus. Each bonus amount must also be cleared so that a payout can be made.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it legal to play the Novomatic games in demo mode??

Yes, it is absolutely no problem if you play the games in demo mode. After all, that's what these are for. The casino is only liable to prosecution if you use real money. We cannot judge to what extent customers are committing a crime here either. The casino must ensure that the game is not offered. However, you should not risk it, because in the end you may not receive the winnings if it is an illegal game. Better play alternatives, then you are on the safe side.

Are there other alternatives to Book of Ra?

We already mentioned Book of Dead. There are many other book games in online casinos that are similar in structure. Book of Ramses, for example, and numerous others. We can't post every single game here, it would go beyond the scope of this article. We'll give you a tip. Log into an online casino and click your way through the variety. Take the time to carefully check out all of the many offers. There are thousands of games. It really has to be book games? Why so many love this game of all things is questionable anyway. Maybe it's because the advertising did a great job. Treat yourself to a change. Many adventures await you even without books. Let it rip and get started right away. Have fun.

Can you play the Novomatic games on your mobile phone??

Some titles yes, some old ones no longer. It depends on whether these are optimized for the smartphone. If so, you will usually play the games on all platforms. These were converted into html5. That's why the games can be played on Android, IOS, Windows and Co. in a row. Of course, the games also work on tablets. Not every title is fun on the phone and it always depends on what device you own. Sometimes a bigger screen is an advantage. So that you can better see the reels and operate buttons. Tip: just give it a try. Open the games directly on the smartphone in demo mode. We also recommend that you play on a secure connection. Avoid playing on public WiFi as it could crash there.

Can you find Novomatic games in the right Austrian casino??

Yes, you can play Novomatic games in numerous casinos in Austria without any problems. No matter which country you are from, check in and start playing. If you win in Austria, you can keep the money. If you miss Book of Ra so much, you should definitely dare the trip. Austria is always worth it anyway, so why not dive right into the casino. There are not only casinos in Vienna, several are spread across the country. Just don't be surprised, the little game of chance is now banned. You won't find any more vending machines in pubs. Dress up and go to the casino. You will not regret it.

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