Top 3 casino slots where our favorite films play a big role

The best movie slots

The cold season is perfect for digging old and new film classics from the Internet, curling up with them at home and letting the cold outside pass you by. In keeping with this, our popular game providers have also thought of us game fans and provided us with the right slots. No unnecessary leaving the warm four walls to go to the play library, but rather easily accessible from the couch, even after the film is over and we want to stay in the world of dinosaurs, talking monkeys or detectives.

ITEM 1: Our ally in the fight against bad guys - Sherlock Holmes ™

Sherlock Holmes slot

Who doesn't love him, the somewhat confused-looking Sherlock with his decent friend Watson?

We are always excited about his adventures and are usually more than surprised by the result.

IGT is also a big fan and has launched an excellent slot for us with various bonuses and puzzles to be solved.

The various bonus features guarantee lots of fun and big wins.

TOP 2: Planet of the Apes ™ - The thrilling remake now as a slot

Planet of the Apes

Netent did us a big favor with this slot and launched an excellently animated slot. As exciting as the film with many extras that can be activated by the most important characters in the remake.

This slot promises a rush of emotions, just like the movie, and great wins that will knock you off your feet!!

ITEM 3: Are you ready for the wild ride through Jurassic Park ™?

jurassic park

Who hasn't seen the nerve-wracking five-part?? Scary and exciting, the series takes us into a prehistoric world that we as dinosaur fans can only dream of.

Thanks to Microgaming: Thanks to the lively animations, we are finally able to immerse ourselves in the world of the Tyrannosaurus and the Triceratops at any time. This slot has a function with an unprecedented 35 additional jokers that promise extra winnings. Free spins can easily be triggered with the amber symbol.

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