Craziest bets ever

The craziest gambling bets

Of course, you can not only place your bets in casino games and sports betting, etc. do. However, some people have actually placed their bets in very creative ways! Read here about the slightly different bets and some of the biggest lucky guys in human history!

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A footballer who likes to bite makes Norwegians happy

Luis Suarez

A Norwegian gambling site actually took bets on whether Luis Suarez will bite someone at the 2014 World Cup! For that were Odds of 175: 1 required. We remember: The Uruguayan actually did it and bit an opponent in the shoulder. This made some Norwegians happy, who earned a golden nose for it.

The wizard who took the craziest bet

Brian Zembic

Brian Zembic is a passionate gambler and magician known for taking completely insane bets. Once he agreed, for a whole year Breast implants for 100.000 US dollars to wear. Not only did he pull it off, but after a year he got so used to his breasts that he kept the implants afterwards!

Two suitcases about life and death ..

William Lee Bergstrom

In 1980 a man named William Lee Bergstrom came to Las Vegas with two suitcases. One of them was empty, in the other there were 777.000 US dollars. He bet that amount on a single roll in craps, which was the highest bet ever made at the time! He won and put the double wad of money in the other suitcase.

A friend of his later said that he would kill himself if he lost. Instead, he traveled the world with the money for a few years. We strongly advise against any attempt at imitation!

The grandpa who believed a thousand percent in his grandson

Harry Wilson

A grandfather once watched his 18-month-old grandson kick a soccer ball. He was so convinced of the boy's talent that he staked £ 50 on the boy once a day Welsh national team would play.

A bookmaker took the bet and this grandson named Harry Wilson actually made it to the national team at the age of 16 - even as the youngest player ever for Wales! His grandpa took the money for it 125.000 pounds!

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