People who were incredibly lucky

Incredibly lucky

We are all lucky hunters in the casino world here. Whether playing roulette, slots or drawing cards in blackjack, every player hopes that luck is on his side. That sometimes raises profound questions: Is there such a thing as fate, and sometimes it actively interferes with our lives? Or is it all really just coincidence? If so, then how do you explain these remarkable cases where people have been more fortunate than you can believe?

Betty Lou Oliver - Plane AND Elevator Crash

On a fateful day in 1945, this American woman was lucky twice in a row than one could have hoped for in the wildest dreams. She was then 20 years old, newly married, and worked as an elevator operator in the Empire State Building in New York.

The 28th. July was her last day of work - in that sense, Betty had bad luck, because on that very day the pilot of a US military aircraft lost his orientation in the thick fog and crashed the plane into the skyscraper - only one floor away from Betty in her elevator! However, she survived with burns and bone fragments.

But that wasn't enough: paramedics put her in an elevator to get her downstairs and to the hospital as quickly as possible. And it went quickly, too, because they were Betty's great horror The elevator cables were so damaged by the plane crash that they tore off and the elevator and Betty started a free fall down. And she survived a second time! Can you really be that lucky??

Bill Morgan - two lucky scratch cards

Incredibly, he won a second time, in front of the camera, for a profit of 250,000 Australian dollars!

An Australian had a bad car accident and was found clinically dead at the scene of the accident - but he had incredible luck and could be resuscitated. During this time, however, he could have sustained all sorts of serious brain damage, which, strangely, was not the case. Then he was in a coma, doctors did not believe in his recovery. After twelve days, however, he woke up and finally became completely healthy again. Incredible!

But not enough: to celebrate his victory over death, Bill Morgan bought a lottery ticket and won a valuable car! At least now the media became aware of him and during a live interview he was asked to try another scratch card. Incredibly, he won a second time, in front of the camera, a profit of AUS $ 250,000! How was so much luck possible? Did death accidentally grab Bill Morgan and then give him back with a few “apologies”?

Roy Sullivan - the human lightning rod

Even this gentleman has little to do with gambling, but maybe he should have tried it, because he was born between 1942 and 1977 Struck seven times by lightning - and survived each time! This is how he made it into the Guinness Book of Records. Allegedly, he was struck by lightning as a child, but couldn't prove it.

He worked as a National Park Ranger in Virginia on the American east coast, so he was out more often than most other people. However, his story baffles all statisticians to this day, so it is all the more sad that he committed suicide at the age of 71. Because if you survive such a series of events against all odds, you should rather use your luck and enjoy your life, preserved as if by miracles. Whether you consider him a bad luck or a lucky guy because of his unique life story, that is up to you.

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