Roulette rules - all the rules of the game simply explained

roulette rules

Many gamblers may think that all they need to be successful online roulette is a good one Roulette Casino have to find - preferably with a big bonus. However, in order to have really high chances of winning, you should definitely be familiar with the rules of roulette.

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Essential: be familiar with the kettle and table

The first and most basic rule in roulette and other table games in casinos is that you should be perfectly familiar with the table! That is why we briefly explain again what makes a roulette table and how you can tell the difference between a game with American and European rules at first glance.

The roulette table is traditionally covered with green felt and divided into two areas: on the one hand, the kettle, or. the wheel in which the numbers are placed on fields that are either red or black. In American roulette there is an extra number, the double zero. Like the normal zero, this field is colored green. The all-important ball is thrown into this cauldron, which then remains on one of the number fields. However, the tableau is really important. This playing field is essential for understanding the rules of roulette. In our picture you can see the arrangement.

The tableau is used to place the bets. Depending on how much a gamer wants to bet on which number or combination of numbers, the chips or. Chips placed on the roulette table. There are numerous different types of wagers on roulette. The large squares on the page are for the single chance bets, which we will explain in a separate section.

The next step: be familiar with the game process

Basically, the game and the rules of the game of roulette are based on guessing which number (or category of numbers) the ball will fall on. The croupier opens with the request “Faites vos jeux!"(" Make your game ") the rounds and the players place their bets in the form of chips. As a rule, there is a minimum and a maximum for use, which is not under or. may be exceeded.

If each token is in its place, the dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball in the opposite direction. Online this is done accordingly by the computer or by the live dealer. As soon as the croupier calls out “Rien ne va plus!”(“ Nothing works ”) no more bets may be placed. As soon as the ball comes to a standstill, it is clear who won his bet and who lost his bet. The croupier first collects the lost chips and then pays out the winnings.

Bet on easy chances

The most popular bet in roulette, the rules of which you should definitely know, is the simple bet, or simple chance. All these bets are paid out at 1: 1, so promise to double the bet if you win. These are the main types of easy chances:

  • The colors red or black
  • Even (impair) or odd (pair) numbers
  • Low (Manque), i.e. numbers 1-18, or High (Passe), i.e. numbers 19-36

Bet on multiple chances

With multiple chances, the roulette rules are a little more complicated. So it's a little harder to win these stakes. You also get more money for this if you place the stake correctly. There are the following options:

  • Plein: Bet on exactly one number. The payout is 35: 1.
  • Bet on a range of two to six numbers. The payout depends on the number of numbers you have selected. You determine this by placing your chips exactly between three or four numbers on the board.
  • Douzaines: Bet on the first, second or third dozen. These are indicated on the panel by P12, M12 and D12. The payout is 2: 1.

Note that the rules of the Roulette Casino game are designed to be very fair. The house edge indicates exactly the probability with which one could win. The chances of winning are therefore very different from type to type of bet, so that there is something for every taste and every level of risk appetite. The house edge of the house is only zero, because all simple bets lose against them. However, you can also bet on zero directly.

The rules of American roulette

We have already explained the basic rules to you. Now we would like to go into the American roulette explicitly. The good news. Some rules remain the same. So we won't mention everything. However, it is important that you know some points that are different. Don't worry, American roulette isn't that difficult. Once you know the course of the game, you can switch directly and get started

The double zero

Probably the most important point is the double zero. In the French variant there is only one zero. In American roulette there is a zero and a double zero. So a 0 and a 00. On the roulette table, the double zero is right next to the zero, above the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Since the numbers are arranged a little differently, players can also bet on other combinations. For example to 0.00,1,2,3 or to 0.00.2 etc. As you can see, the bank does have better house advantages in this variant, but you also get new betting options thanks to the double zero.

The order of numbers in the cauldron is different

This point is not that important to the player, but it is relevant nonetheless. The numbers in the cauldron are arranged differently. The zeros are opposite each other. If you look closely, you will also notice that neighboring numbers are always opposite. E.g. 27 and 28, 20 and 19 etc. If you bet on neighboring numbers, you think the chance of winning increases because the ball cannot land everywhere at the same time. In reality, however, it does not change anything. The chances are therefore no higher. System players prefer American roulette because they love order. As mentioned, tastes are different. Those who feel better should also be allowed to do so.

Payout percentages with this variant

The double zero ensures that the house edge increases to 5.26%, while the profit expectation for the player drops to 94.34%. The combinations with 3 numbers are paid as everywhere with 11: 1 and with four numbers 8: 1.

There is a new setting option that can only be used with the American one. Players can bet on 5 numbers on the first row with both zeros. Whoever wins here gets a 6: 1 payout. Unfortunately, you don't have any better chances. The house edge is unfortunately even higher with this bet at 7.89%.

The tables are smaller and the process is faster

There is a reason why many love to play American roulette. The game runs faster because Americans can sometimes place bets without an announcement. The tables are also smaller and therefore easier to see. However, players only notice such differences in real casinos. Anyone who plays online will not notice this. Actually everything runs normally there.

Hard fact: the double zero was actually always there. Many think the Americans only added these. Misconception that it was the Europeans who removed the double zero. They wanted to reduce the house edge a bit so that they had better chances on the market. So the "French roulette" is actually wrong, the American one came first.

Lots of different bets - and what about strategies?

So, as you can see, there are many different types of betting in roulette, each with their own odds, rules, and house edge. It is precisely this variety that makes roulette so popular.

But you may now be wondering whether there are also strategies for betting in roulette, and whether these strategies are forbidden or allowed by the roulette rules. Here we can reassure you: we don't know of any roulette strategy that is officially prohibited. As long as you are not clearly cheating, for example manipulating the wheel or the ball (which is difficult or impossible), you are not doing anything forbidden when using one of the common roulette strategies such as Paroli or Martingale.

Why you should be careful with Martingale and Co

Because strategy is always a popular topic with gamers, we would like to go into it directly. Martingale is sold in many places as the miracle strategy. You just have to double up and at some point you win the big prize. At least that's what the players think. Is it really like that? No, and why that is so, we will explain to you now!

How does Martingale work? In the first step you put 1 euro on a single chance. For example on black fields. If you get red, you double your bet. In the next round you bet 2 euros on black. Repeat this until there is a profit. For beginners and all those who don't really think about it, it sounds logical. At some point, the right color is guaranteed and you never lose money by doubling it.

If it were that easy, a lot of people would be millionaires. In fact, most people who already have money win. There is a reason for this. Do the math for yourself. 1 euro becomes 2 euro, then 4 euro, 8 euro, 16 euro, 32 euro, 64 euro, 128 euro, 256 euro, 512 euro, 1024 euro etc. In the round you already lose over 1000 euros.

Have so much to play with? Most will likely give up on round 5 and the top it gets worse. At round 20 you should have already got over 10.Put 000 euros. That's what Martingale is all about. Due to the constant doubling, the numbers go up rapidly. There is a good chance that 10 rounds of the wrong color will come up.

Incidentally, there are no statistics that say how often red / black come. It's always a 50/50 chance. It seldom happens that 50x black comes, but it did happen. Hence, one cannot know. Most assume that the right color has to come next at some point. We think so, but there is no evidence to back it up.

There is one more problem that many gamers do not think about. This is called the table limit. Almost every table has an upper or lower limit. For example, the minimum bet is $ 1 and the maximum bet is $ 100. If so, you wouldn't get very far with martingale. At the latest with the maximum bet you lose everything if you do not win there. You can no longer double your stake. Unfortunately, this is annoying. At some tables it is not possible to bet 1 euro or more. You need to wager at least 10 euros in order to go any further up. You can get rid of even more money here. Martingale is truly just a strategy for rich people who like to bet a lot of money. For the average wage earner, the tactic hardly pays off. Unless you start with 10 cents. Small cattle also make crap. But with a 40 cents win, the joy is a little sad.

Playing on the Internet - different rules apply?

In the end, the roulette game works the same way on the internet as it does on the real roulette table. In a live game you even have a real roulette table with a real dealer and there are no differences at all. Here, just like in poker or blackjack, the dealer takes over the management of the game, is responsible for ensuring that every chip is correctly placed on the tableau, that everything is fair and that every win is paid out correctly.

In addition, playing in the live casino does not lose the social aspect of roulette, which has ultimately contributed a lot to making this game so popular over the centuries. Players can also use the chat function to contact the croupier in the live casino directly - with questions about the game and the rules, or with small talk and jokes. The dealer is also an entertainer and some players develop a friendship with "their" favorite croupier - even in the live casino.

Always make sure that you know whether a table with American or European roulette rules is being played. The American rules with the double zero bring the house edge a little higher, which is why your chances of winning in the European or. French roulette are generally higher. If you have the choice, you should always play at a roulette table that is played according to the European variant - easily recognized by the absence of the double zero!


How and where is the best way to practice roulette?

Preferably on the internet. Many online casinos offer a free demo area where players can practice and learn the rules. For some, this is even possible without registering. Alternatively, roulette websites are available. There are so many roulette games out there. It shouldn't be a problem to find a suitable one. The only important thing is that you play the correct version. Always pay attention to which roulette you are in. Since you can't put anything wrong on the computer, this shouldn't be a problem.

Like the American roulette, also offered by us?

Yes, different variants are offered in the online casinos. Not just the French one that is known in Germany and USA. The American one is also available. There is hardly a casino where this is not offered. As far as there are table games. Of course, you won't find the game in casinos that only have slots. Live casinos are an insider tip for this. Almost all of them are presented there. Keep an eye out for Netent and Evolution Gaming games. There is usually a large selection there.

Can you play roulette with a bonus??

It depends on what bonus it is. Most of the welcome bonus offers you get at the online casino are for slot machines. You can also play roulette with it, but these games do not count towards the wagering requirement. If you really want to keep the winnings from roulette, you should look for a live casino bonus that explicitly applies and is credited there. Otherwise, always read the bonus terms and conditions. There it is noted where it is valid and where it is not.

Now you have learned all about roulette rules

If you want, here's how you can play the game well:

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