Roulette tricks - valuable tips and strategies for the popular game

Roulette tricks

You already know the basics of roulette and actually want to get into the best of it right away Roulette Casino? But slowly: the best thing to do here is to find out about the most important tricks that have long been used by roulette players.

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Roulette Chance of Winning - In order to develop strategies, you must first understand the odds

When talking about tricks, it is very important that you first understand the different types of bets in roulette and their chances of winning or losing. These can be calculated mathematically and they are always different. In order to be able to accurately assess the risk at which you are betting, you should familiarize yourself with the different ways of winning - preferably before you bet everything! Everyone should know the following numbers. These are the probabilities for the French variant:

  • Color red or black: Win ratio 1: 1, chance of winning 48.6%
  • Even and Odd: Win ratio 1: 1, chance of winning 48.6%
  • Low (Numbers 1 to 18): Win ratio 1: 1, chance of winning 48.6%
  • High (numbers 19 to 36): Win ratio 1: 1, chance of winning 48.6 %%
  • Numbers 1 to 12: Win ratio 2: 1, chance of winning 32.4%
  • Numbers 13 to 24: Win ratio 2: 1, chance of winning 32.4%
  • Numbers 25 to 36: Win ratio 2: 1, chance of winning 32.4%
  • Pleine (1 number): Win ratio 35: 1, chance of winning 2.7%
  • Cheval (2 numbers): Win ratio 17: 1, chance of winning 5.4%
  • Transversal lead (3 numbers): Win ratio 11: 1, chance of winning 8.1%
  • Carre (4 numbers): Win ratio 8: 1, chance of winning 10.8%
  • Transversal Simple (6 numbers): Win ratio 5: 1, chance of winning 16.2%

Anyone who has already dealt with the calculation of probability (or who has been careful) may have noticed something: How does it come that you are betting on simple chances (color, even / odd etc.) has no winning probability of exactly 50%? That is solely due to zero. Since every roulette bet is lost when the ball lands on the zero (unless you bet directly on the zero), this creates the small house advantage of the casino. In this way, the casinos have secured a share of all stakes since the early years of roulette - after all, the organizer should also make a profit.

Play the right variant - an important tip to start with

One of the most important roulette tactics that we can give you in advance is choosing the right games. Before you register, it is best to find out whether the provider has the French version in their repertoire. Because there the possibility for every win is a tad better.

And this small difference can make the difference between winning and losing. It should be said, however, that the advantage of this game is one of the smallest and is therefore very fair. Even without a roulette trick, we already have a payout ratio of over 97%, which is very high in comparison.

The lower house edge and the resulting better chances of winning for the casino player come from the fact that there is only one zero here. In the American variant of roulette there are two fields that lead to the loss of a roulette bet: the zero and the double zero. In the variants with double zero, we as gamers are worse off.

The roulette systems - over time these were developed as a roulette strategy

In this section we would like to bring you closer to the topic of roulette tactics. Spark this or not? You can already look forward to numerous tips. We would like to pull you down to earth right from the start. Remember, roulette is a game of chance and luck is known to play a major role in this.

Now that we've got the basics out of the way, we can move on to the roulette tricks. Mathematicians have been trying for hundreds of years to develop a secure system to guarantee that they can get real money. We'll tell you which are the best systems and which ones really help.

One of the most famous roulette tricks is the martingale system. And it works like this: Each round you bet on a simple chance, i.e. 50:50. In the event of a loss, the stake must be doubled. The idea behind it is that the losses are compensated again and again, because in this case you double the next bet and thus "get it back in". The problem with the method, however, is that there is a limit at every table that you cannot exceed. In addition, with this roulette system you only win as much as the bet you chose at the beginning. In the worst case, you can lose everything and the limit at the table is usually reached far too quickly.

Why Martingale isn't the yellow of the egg

There is another reason we advise against this. Aside from the fact that there are limits, there are other aspects to watch out for. Many casino players overlook the fact that the numbers are doubling too quickly. We now explain what we mean by that: You start with $ 1 and double to $ 2, then to $ 4, to $ 8, $ 16, $ 32, $ 64, $ 128, $ 256, $ 512, $ 1024, and so on. It doesn't even go ten rounds and you're off over $ 1000. Martingale is dangerous and many do not know that. In the heat of the moment, people are spending more than they'd like. Then there are the limits. If you are only allowed to bet up to $ 100, doubling up will not do you any good. After a few rounds you are out of the game. If you want, you can start with a few cents, but then the chances are again high that you will only receive a small amount. Whether it is worth it is questionable. And even then, after a few rounds you are at $ 1000.

Martingale is really only for rich people who generally have enough. Unfortunately, those who are rich are getting richer. Those have no problem failing to win 100 rounds. While the common man gets out after a few laps. We don't want to claim that it is bad per se. No, but only for those who are not dependent on the money. Everyone else better let it go.

There are other variants of this game system that work similarly. But the truth is, there is no such thing as a surefire system. And that seems somehow logical, otherwise everyone would be able to empty the casinos with a simple method, doesn't it?

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Exercise does not guarantee anything, but it helps a lot

Practice? Yes no, we're not at school here! We know it can sound so annoying that one would like to skip this paragraph - but we urge you: consider playing roulette before you settle down at a real table or table. set a live casino table!

By practice, we mean playing roulette for free, without wagering with real money. This has many advantages: on the one hand, you can avoid paying real euros, which also means that you do not run any risk of cupping your own capital through inexperience. Furthermore, playing roulette for free is easier than ever today: it is offered everywhere in online casinos, often no registration is required and it can also be used from a smartphone.

We recommend it as such a hot trick because in an environment so free from pressure you can playfully memorize the rules, the different types of bets and their probabilities. Better than learning by heart from a sheet of paper, and definitely better than plunging into a real money casino game completely ignorant.

It is better to play small stakes often than a few times with a lot of money

And when you are ready and want to play with real euros, we have another recommendation for you that could be described as a tip: Keep your stake low, as you can play more rounds of roulette with the same capital. And the more rounds you play, the more experience you gain and the better you become at watching the game and correctly assessing your chances of winning.

Small missions are only boring at first glance. At second glance, they make it possible to prolong the fun of the game and also the learning time and thus get the most out of your time at the roulette table.

Why blackjack strategies work - but chance reigns in roulette

Perhaps you are now a little disappointed that you cannot find systems and strategies here or elsewhere that actually increase the chances of winning and thus lower the house edge in your favor. After all, there is that in blackjack - the infamous card counting - so why not in roulette too?? No math professor has done any work here yet?

We'll explain it to you: the difference lies in the nature of the games themselves. In roulette, the winning possibilities, on which number the ball will land, are completely the same at the beginning of each round. Therefore, the concept of blackjack, in which several rounds are played in a row with the same deck of cards, cannot be applied to roulette. And no math genius will be able to change that - chance reigns in roulette, with every round anew and 100% over and over again. And chance, our fascinating friend, cannot be influenced with probability calculations and great game strategies.

Change your mindset and use the power of your thoughts

We know many will ridicule these tips. Still, anyone who is open to this approach should take advantage of it. It is no coincidence that there are more and more books on the Law of Attraction. The Secret is probably the best known in the sector and has just had its reunion thanks to the film.

Can make thought power rich? It can, but doesn't have to. Of course, fate also plays a role. Just go to the roulette table and think, visualizing positively is enough, is the wrong attitude. Anyone who wants to pull coal into life should turn their whole life upside down. The entire setting must be changed. Then it works better with the profits. Because everything is interrelated. The famous streak of luck is based on this.

If you suddenly win, players speak of winning streaks. For a few laps everything goes well and suddenly no longer. This is because man doesn't believe that he will be forever lucky. In the first few laps you are euphoric and then not anymore. The probability of winning is already decreasing. There is no scientific evidence for this, but the power of thought helps has been researched.

If you have nothing to do with esotericism, you should look around in quantum physics. There are verifiable studies there that prove this. In practice things look different. The fact is, however, that people are more lucky who welcome what is good and can let go. If you observe certain people, that's completely true. Many complain all the time that everything is so unfair, the job is not fun, the partner is annoying.

If you want to win at roulette, you should start cleaning up in other areas of life. Anyway, the crazy thing about the law of attraction is that it finds its own way. If you need money, you shouldn't say where from. It's more like that. Imagine you are in the casino and suddenly you get the inspiration to throw $ 1 into the slot machine or sit down at the blackjack table.

If you trust your gut feeling, you have a better chance of winning than if you persisted in winning at the roulette table. The more carefully you go through life, the more clues you will get. You are more or less navigated through life, that is how the law of attraction works. In other words, you don't go to the casino today because your ego wants it, you go to the casino tomorrow because you have a good feeling. Then you also have a good chance of winning.

If you don't believe in it, google it. For example, there are families who win every competition. There are also people who have won the lottery several times. conicidence? Fate or luck? We are sure there is more to it. Going through life mindfully cannot hurt. It not only takes you further in the casino, but also in all other areas. Why not try it to see if it works? What do you have to lose. It's also a nice game, it makes you feel like you're more in control of certain things. Everyone wants that.

Playing on the net - there is a special online roulette strategy?

The same probabilities apply online as when playing at the real table. However, take advantage of the leverage you have online. That starts with the provider and game selection. Find a provider who promises a bonus that is valid for your preferred game. And also make sure that a variant of the game is offered that is as favorable to the players as possible and offers high payout percentages.

This is what you, the user, can do to get the most out of it. In addition, there are no optimal systems or strategies online either. If you are aware of this fact, you can also play and enjoy online relaxed with a cool head and serenity. A small conclusion on this philosophy.

Keeping a clear and cool head - the most important basis

So it is unfortunately the case that the expected value, i.e. the chance in the long term, is always in favor of the bank. No mathematician or theorist in the world can develop a system that really brings secure profits in the long term.

Therefore, our most important tip for you is: play with discipline and a cool head! Mostly see gambling for what it is: a fun and pastime. If profits are thrown in here from time to time, all the better. But don't expect gambling to make you rich in the long run. Set personal limits and stick to them. When you have reached your limit, stop in time and only gamble for amounts that you can afford. Be aware of the probabilities and do not be under any illusions. Do not trust anyone who promises safe game strategies and tricks and be aware that in the end it is always chance and luck that decide. Then you can have fun and enjoy gambling without getting frustrated.

Play through various tactics with a bonus and try them out

Get a welcome bonus when it is offered for roulette. For example free spins or a no deposit bonus. Even if you don't want to unlock it, with one you can see at a glance how good some strategies really are. Unfortunately, you only recognize a lot as a player when “real money” comes into play.

Imagine it is your personal $ 50 that the casino gives you to play with. Then test how far you can get with these 50 euros. Not long with Martingale. Still, it's worth a try. If you win something with it, you will end up looking forward for twice as long. But be careful, every bonus must be unlocked.

The mean thing about a welcome bonus is that you have to wager each one several times. If a wagering requirement of 20% applies and you get $ 100, you have to play for $ 2000. This information is always in the terms and conditions or. Bonus terms, the website. You should know these so that you know which rules apply.

Roulette is not one of the wagering requirements in most cases. Another problem that makes free spins difficult. Usually the bonuses only apply to slot machines. Anyone who grabs a bonus should really read the terms and conditions. Otherwise chaos threatens you and in the end the winnings will not be paid out. That would be more than a shame.


You can practice roulette for free as a player in any casino?

This is not possible in everyone, but wherever there is a demo mode. Mostly this is the case in the table game area. As a rule, players cannot play with play money in the live casino. There is a reason the dealers have to be paid. It makes sense that the casinos have nothing to give away here. Anyone who wants to watch can do so. There is namely the possibility of logging in. Just open a live casino table and watch. This shouldn't be a problem with Evolution Gaming. Sometimes every casino decides for itself whether it wants to or not.

Do roulette tricks work better in the online casino than in the real casino?

This makes absolutely no difference. In roulette there is no difference there or there. Roulette is always structured the same way and you can't change anything anyway. In blackjack, for example, it would be different in real life. There is the card counting strategy. This only works if the player has a look at the card shoe. Since you don't see it on the web, it makes a difference. At least not with roulette. Nothing changes with the game, except that it is offered virtually.

Is there any trick that works 100%?

No, you will not find any tricks that work 100% in the casino anywhere. Because it's just impossible. There are probabilities, yes, but never 100% accuracy. Games of chance have that in them. If there was such a thing, the gamblers would be rich and the casino would be bankrupt. You can possibly increase the chances of winning a little or reduce the risk. But that was about it. Anyone who thinks they have the ultimate tactic is mistaken. There is no such thing.

Difficulty level: easy

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