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address Largo Franco Zorzi 1
city Locarno
Postal code 6600
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phone +41 91 756 30 30


Locarno is located on the beautiful north shore of Lake Maggiore. Since there is a mild climate in this region, you can also look forward to lemon trees and palm trees. Yes, it is also possible to enjoy that South Sea feeling in USA. For example in Locarno. The city has sights such as the Madonna del Sasso, the famous Visconteo Castle and the Locarno International Film Festival takes place there. Today it shouldn't be about films, but about Casinos.

The Grand Casino Locarno opened in 2002 and has made many players happy ever since. Embedded in a historical theater, you will experience gaming fun at tables and machines. In this article we will introduce you to the casino. We tell you which license the provider has, which games are available and which other highlights you can expect. Much joy!

Opening times and etiquette

The casino is currently closed, but we do not want to withhold the normal opening times from you. If the information is correct, the casino is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 am to 3:00 am. Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. We do not guarantee that the times will be valid after reopening. Surf directly to the official website for more information. At the moment, times and offers can change quickly, so it is important that you always check the site promptly. In any case, these are the core times in normal operation.

Entry with ID from 18 years of age

If you would like to play at the Grand Casino Locarno, you must be at least 18 years old and provide proof of this with ID. Take your ID, driver's license or passport with you. If you come from abroad, we recommend the passport. Your ID may be scanned. This is necessary because of the Money Laundering Act. It will also check whether you have already been banned from another US casino. If this is the case, you are no longer allowed to play at Casino Locarno. Foreign guests are also welcome if they can identify themselves. Nobody is turned away in this casino.

Note the dress code

The good news is you don't have to wear a suit or tie. However, you should dress appropriately. Shorts, torn jeans, sleeveless shirts, shirts with provocative slogans, swimwear and the like are prohibited. You should also take off your sunglasses and hats as soon as you enter the casino. If you have any questions, ask the staff, they will be happy to help. Please note that the bouncer always has the last word. This decides whether you are allowed to enter or not.

Game offer

At Casino Locarno you can look forward to table games, slot machines and jackpots. Please note that the table games are only offered in the evening after 6:30 p.m. The slot machines are available to you all day during opening hours. This is because most of the guests arrive in the evening. Roulette and co. Is only fun if there are enough players. Only then does the right casino feeling arise and the dealer also wants something to do.

In the table game area there are four American roulette tables, three blackjack tables and poker tables. Texas Hold'em Poker is played. The best thing to do is put on your poker face and play a round of poker.

The slot machines have 150 different slots with stakes of 0.01 $ and 25 $. Look forward to retro slots, video slot machines and more. There is something here for every slot fan. There are also jackpot slots. In some of them there are millions of euros. Depending on when you visit the casino, there are different amounts to marvel at. Try your luck. With a small stake you have the chance to win big.


The Casino Locarno is located between the harbor and the Piazza Grande in the historic former Kursaal. If you come by train, get off at Locarno Funicolare Bahnhof and walk the few meters.

If you are coming by car from the south, take the Lakes Motorway that runs from Milan to the Chiasso-Brogeda border. Then the Austraße A2 towards Gotthard. Come to the Locarno - Lago Maggiore exit, drive off. From the north, take the Simplon road E62 to Domodossola and continue on the SS337 towards Locarno. You can easily find your way around the city itself. It is best to bring a GPS or use Google Maps on your smartphone.

The online casino

Casino Locarno does not currently have its own online casino. That is why we are unfortunately unable to present a review to you. Nobody has to bury their head in the sand, of course there are other casinos that are represented on the web. Until Locarno has its own website with games, you can use the competition. Important, we recommend that you only play on US websites if you live in USA. These always belong to certain land casinos. This is the only way to ensure that you enjoy fair quotas and that you receive help in an emergency.

Unfortunately, more and more foreign casinos end up on the blacklist because they are actually no longer allowed. There are some platforms with a CH domain that you'd better leave. Conversely, foreign players are not allowed to register at US online casinos. Here we recommend offers that are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. These are just as safe and reputable. Of course, the regulation only applies to online casinos. You can also visit the land casinos from abroad.

Take a look around various pages and get a bonus to get started. There are many slot machines, but also live casino games. Use the play money versions to practice online poker, for example. Until the right casinos reopen, you'll have plenty of time to improve your poker face. You don't have to invest a cent. Many rules of the game are also explained online. If you want to learn about new games, this is also ideal on the web. Without stress, pressure and the like, you can enjoy the best games that are on offer.

Tip: Compare the bonuses at the online casinos. Because there are different ones. Wagering requirements are more important than the size of the bonuses. Sometimes you have to unlock the balance 20x, in other casinos even 40x. You should always take this into account so that you don't get too much on yourself. Also read the bonus terms in the casino. There are again important information that you must not overlook. Otherwise your winnings will not be paid out.

More information about the Casino Locarno

  • The Casino Locarno was opened in 2002 and has the B license. For the provider, this means that he is only allowed to offer a certain number of table games. In addition, the limit per game is $ 25. If you don't count yourself among the high rollers, you will definitely cope with it. It is a small but fine and intimate casino where you can spend hours, meet people or have a nice evening with friends.
  • In the casino there is also the bistro restaurant with 40 seats. Outside there are another 60 so you can spend nice, mild summer evenings together. Look forward to different dishes, such as national dishes, pizza and much more.
  • Because the area is beautiful, Locarno attracts numerous tourists. You may also want to see the many sights. Relax in this place and end the day in the casino in the evening.

What can you expect from Casino Locarno in the future?

Casino Locarno will probably reopen at the end of February / beginning of March. We'll see if and when exactly, because everything can change quickly at the moment. We recommend that you always take a look at the website where you will find the necessary information. In any case, you should check out the opening times before your next visit. Maybe these will change as well. Therefore, if you come from abroad, you should find out how things are currently with the entry requirements.

Even if everything is chaos at the moment, this will soon clear up and then we will all have fun together again. Perhaps you would like to spend your next birthday in this casino. Or plan a company event. We do not yet know when this will be possible again. But better times are coming, we're sure of that. Until then, it is best to use the online casino offers. Practice different games and improve your skills. At some point you are guaranteed to need them when you play at the Landcasino again. Until then, good luck and have fun trying out the offers.


The Casinò Locarno has been active since 2002 and is quite successful in its region. No wonder, with such a mild climate, many tourists are drawn to the area. In the evening, many people get lost in the casino and indulge in a few games there. But the locals and US guests from the surrounding area also like to visit this casino. If you are in the area or are planning a special trip to this casino, go ahead. Dare to do it and look forward to a great time.

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