Casino Neuchatel

Casino Neuchatel

Presentation of the plant

address Faubourg du Lac 14
city Neuchatel
Postal code 2000
E-mail info @
phone +41 32 729 90 00


Today we would like to offer you the Casino Introduce Neuchatel. In German Neuchatel means Neuenburg and this place has a cultural past that we would not like to withhold from you. Come to this city and experience a lot besides the casino. Visit, for example, the castle or the Kollegiatskirche, a reformed, Gothic church that dates back to the Middle Ages. Here you experience pure history that lasts forever. Many universities are in Neuchâtel. There is also the lake of the same name, on the north bank of which the city is located.

The city center is particularly breathtaking. This comes from the 12. Century and will pull you into the past too. If you find time between poker and roulette, head to the Museum of Art and History. There you will find thematically separated collections that everyone should have seen. Automaton Collections, Applied Arts, History, and More. If you are more into archaeological pieces, we recommend the Latenium. Today it should be about the casino in Neuchatel. We introduce you to the most important factors so that you are informed directly. Find out everything about the opening times, the dress code and more. Much joy!

Opening times and etiquette

The casino is currently closed but is slated to reopen in late February. On the website we found the following opening times. From Sunday to Thursday: 10.00 - 3.00:00 and from Friday, Saturday, the eve of a public holiday from 10:00 - 4.00 o'clock. Please note that the table games do not open until 6:00 p.m. daily. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. We do not guarantee whether these times will still be valid after reopening. Since times can generally change at the moment, you should always surf the official website promptly. If you have any questions, please contact the staff directly, who you can also reach by phone. If you have any questions, the best thing to do is to write an e-mail, as nobody knows when staff will be available.

Entry from the 18th. Year of life with ID

If you want to play in the casino, you must be at least 18 years old and present ID. Passports, ID cards and driver's licenses are accepted. Certificates for foreigners should also suffice. The best way to get along with a pass is to have a pass. If you have already been banned from another US casino, you are no longer allowed to play in Neuchatel either. This can be checked and then you will certainly not get entry.

Which dress code applies at the Grand Casino Basel?

Casino Neuchatel is a bit more glamorous than some other casinos. However, you do not need a suit or tie. Those who want to dress in class can of course do so. In any case, ripped jeans, shirts without sleeves, provocative slogans on shirts, shorts and swimwear are frowned upon. It doesn't have to be the evening dress, it should still look stylish. After all, people go to a casino because they want an evening of glamor. The outfit plays a role here. Please note that the bouncer has the last word. He decides whether you can enter or not. If anything is unclear, it is best to ask beforehand so that there are no problems.

Game offer

At Casino Neuchatel, slot machine fans are just as delighted as those who love table games. Please note, however, that the tables are not occupied until 5:00 p.m. There are reasons for this because most players only make a pilgrimage to the casino in the evening and the dealer doesn't want to wait alone. We have put together the most important games for you so that you can get started right away.

If you want to play roulette, you will find two tables with English roulette at Casino Neuchatel. You are there from 5 francs. In addition, an electronic roulette is available from 5 p.m. in the slot machine area, where you can also try your luck. Blackjack is offered on two tables, starting at $ 10 each. There is also the option of placing additional bets to increase the stake.

Anyone who has their poker face can use it at two poker tables. Texas Hold'em and Ultimate Texas Hold'em are played. The special thing about Texas Hold'em Poker is that you play against other visitors here. Ideal for those guests who like to be in company and maybe also want to get to know new people. In the Ultimate you play against the dealer.

If you love slot machines, you can let off steam on 150 slots. With many of them you can start at just 1 centime. You will find the classic reel machines, but also video poker, video slots and electronic roulette. If you don't want to give up smoking while playing, you can also gamble in the smoking area. There are 41 slot machines available to you there.

There are also so-called mystery jackpots in the casino, in which sometimes up to 36.000 $. Who knows, you might crack the machine and win big money in the end. In addition, tournaments take place in the casino again and again. If you want to compete against others, Neuchatel is the place for you. It's definitely worth stopping by.


If you want to drive to the casino, it is best to take route 5. Follow the street to Neuchatel. There, turn onto Place Alexis-Marie-Piaget and then right onto Faubourg du Lac. You will find the casino on the right. If you arrive by train, it is only a few minutes' walk. The nearest airport is in Zurich. There are only a few parking spaces in front of the casino. We recommend parking garages in the area. For example Parking du Lac or Parking du Seyon, these are only five minutes away from the casino.

The online casino

Casino Neuchatel is currently closed, but an online casino will soon open which you should take a closer look at. We are talking about the This platform belongs to the casino Neuchatel. Unfortunately, so far there is little information on this. In any case, you can register in advance and you will be contacted as soon as it starts. As we unfortunately do not have any further information, we cannot tell you which games you will find there. We assume that it is similar to all other online casinos in USA. There will be plenty of slot machines and a live casino. New customers may even be rewarded with a bonus. You can be curious.

What we already know that only US people can register. This is common practice at US online casinos. As long as they really are US casinos. You must not forget that there are also foreign casinos that have secured CH domains. Please do not confuse them. Only real US country casinos are allowed to officially offer online websites and publish games. Conversely, foreign players are not allowed to play in USA. Until Hurray Casino opens, there are a few alternatives that can help you improve your casino skills. A good bridge until the country casinos open again.

More information about Casino Neuchatel

  • Casino Neuchatel has a B denomination. This means that the limits are restricted and the provider is only allowed to offer a certain number of table games. If you don't join the high rollers, it shouldn't really make a big difference.
  • There are two bars, a restaurant and in summer there is a terrace where you can spend beautiful summer nights. In addition, shows and tournaments take place again and again so that it doesn't get boring.
  • If you visit the casino more often, we recommend the loyalty program, you get a ZE Card and enjoy a lot of advantages. It is best to find out more directly on the Neuchatel Casino website. The card is available free of charge and without obligation.

What can you expect from Casino Neuchatel in the future?

According to the website, the casino is expected to reopen at the end of February 2021. It remains to be seen whether this is really the case, after all, everything can change very quickly at the moment. We recommend that you surf the website as soon as possible so that you do not miss any important information. If you come from abroad, you should inform yourself about the entry regulations so that you are not faced with closed borders.

At the moment everything may be a bit complicated, but that will soon change. In the future there will be many events, games and everything that goes with them. You might even be planning a birthday or a party at the casino? Many companies celebrate their parties or large events there. Everything is possible at Casino Neuchatel. We are sure that life will soon be a lot more fun again. Because we will all enjoy life even more. Have fun together and have a good time. Even if you just treat yourself to a drink at the bar, what could be nicer?


Casino Neuchatel is unique and one of the most beautiful in USA. With his B license, he ensures many evenings that are fun and create full excitement. It will open its doors again soon. If you are in the area or are planning a vacation in the region, you should definitely stop by this casino. Even if it's just a look inside, you'll love the glamor. Enjoy and good luck.

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