Online Casino Sofortüberweisung: Information & useful information

Immediate transfer

Sofortüberweisung: a Payment method, which is offered more and more, also for payments online casinos. Deposit via Sofortüberweisung is characterized by its great speed and it is also easy to use. This method is mainly used by those clients who do not have a credit card and do not want to get one. Inexpensive, fair and fast. Find out how the payment method works here.

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Why Sofortüberweisung is a real blessing for players

The matter of making deposits in online casinos and online shops in general has been a challenge since the early days of the Internet, because players want their real money to be transferred securely, as free as possible and, above all, directly, so that they receive their goods and services directly can. The demand for good payment methods is particularly high in online casinos.

Many players used and still use the good old method of bank transfer, as they have the most experience with this and also trust their bank that the standards in terms of security are very high. However, traditional bank transfers are too slow.

The spread of payment methods such as Sofortüberweisung, or Sofort for short, was therefore a small revolution in the world of methods for online casino players, which has now established itself not only in USA, Austria and Germany, but also in many other countries. With Sofortbanking it is possible to send a deposit directly from the current account at the normal current bank to an account in an online casino, with great speed and without having to create an account with another provider of payment services, such as for example a provider of e wallets, such as PayPal.

Functional principle of a payment with Sofort

So let's explain exactly with which principle Sofort works and why this is so unique. The key to processing deposits / withdrawals with this payment option is online banking.

Most of the customers of a savings bank in USA, Austria or Germany are familiar with this: instead of having to go to the bank for every account statement and every transfer, you can log into an online banking account via the bank's online portal and conveniently and securely and simply manage everything on the account from there and also initiate payments to an online casino - which, however, can usually take up to five working days.

This is where the idea of ​​instant banking comes into play. If you use the instant banking procedure instead of a normal standard transfer, the service provider, on behalf of the savings bank, reports a confirmation of the payment directly to the online casino (or other online retailer). Although the real money itself still takes a while to arrive, Sofort guarantees the online casino, so to speak, that the payment will definitely arrive. The online casino therefore immediately releases the amount of the deposit for the player account. If a bonus or free spins are linked to the deposit, the player can also take advantage of these directly.

What advantages do you have as a customer with instant transfers in the online casino?

In contrast to many other payment service providers, such as PayPal or Giropay, you don't have to create a new account anywhere in order to be able to use Sofort as a means of payment. So this is a complete work step that is omitted and therefore makes payments with instant banking very easy and direct.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that instant banking and the normal checking account are directly linked. Deposits and withdrawals are sent directly to where you want them without any detours - without many complications, super clear. The security of the procedure is also considered to be very high, since online banking is generally considered to be very secure, not least because a TAN is required for every deposit and a PIN code is required for logging in.

And of course the obvious advantages also contribute a lot to the fact that so many online casino players have had a good experience with Sofort: the variant is reliable, fast, available in many countries and online casinos and free of charge.

Here again summarized:

  • No additional account creation necessary
  • Direct connection to your current account
  • Safe and fast payments
  • No further fees or costs
  • Sofortüberweisung USA

What are the disadvantages of instant transfers when paying in the casino?

In contrast to a classic standard transfer, the exchange of the sensitive account data of the deposit no longer takes place directly between the player and his bank, because Sofort GmbH acts as a representative of the bank for the player, so to speak. Conversely, Sofort GmbH is also the representative of the paying customer towards the private bank. This also means that the player passes on all sensitive data to the service provider.

This fact worries critics of the payment method, because anyone who has the login data for online banking including PIN also has access to the bank account and the real money on it. In addition, Sofort GmbH was accused of not behaving particularly transparently with regard to the amount of account data that is collected - for example, Sofort also knows about the account balance, purchasing behavior, standing orders and the history of payments.

So you should be aware: if you use Sofortüberweisung and benefit from the speed and security of the payment method, you are also putting a lot of very personal financial account details in the hands of this company.

There are also some disadvantages that you do not have when using the Klarna payment option, for example, and are probably a nuisance for winning players: Paying out with instant banking is a normal bank transfer and therefore takes just as long.

Cons in summary:

  • The installment payment via Klarna is not yet available in the Sofort Banking Casino
  • Sofort GmbH has access to online banking
  • Withdrawals of winnings are still made via normal bank transfer, which can take 3 - 5 days

Who is behind the company, the Sofortüberweisung?

The company that invented this method and now operates it is called Sofort GmbH and is based in Munich, Germany. It was founded in 2006, but is now part of the well-known Swedish Klarna Group, also an online provider of online payments.

Online banking is considered reliable thanks to the PIN and TAN procedure. If you use Sofortüberweisung, the company has access to this data information and the bank account, but according to its website it does not save this data and employees cannot view the account details at any time. State-of-the-art data encryption is also used, which is why this payment option is not only convenient and fast, but also serious. However, this also means that you have to verify this payment system at an instant casino. As annoying as this may seem, it is a sign of the seriousness of the casino. This may delay the first payout a bit, but every further deposit, as the name suggests, is made immediately. Immediately therefore tries very hard to preserve the good reputation of the Klarna Group and to earn the trust of the clients.

Even if you are on the move and want to spin a quick spin, you can transfer money quickly in a casino with instant transfer, without incurring any fees, and see the amount in the player's account right away.

Where can you enjoy casino with Sofortüberweisung?

We have already mentioned several times that many online casinos offer deposits via Sofortüberweisung, as the payment method is so popular because of the advantages already mentioned. But which casinos in USA offer this option?

We made ourselves smart for you and tested many online casinos with Sofortüberweisung. Find your online casino with instant transfer here. The deposit was made via Sofortüberweisung, we measured the speed of the transfer and even wrote down problems. Read on here to read all the information our experts at Sofortüberweisung Casino have collected. Such as. B. there are special features at online casino instant transfer USA? Here you can find all US online casinos with instant transfer.

Do users receive a bonus when they deposit with Sofortüberweisung?

There are hardly any online casinos where you will not receive a bonus if you choose this payment method. Most of the time, only those customers who choose Neteller or Skrill do not receive a bonus. Deposit with Sofortüberweisung shouldn't be a problem. But we recommend that you do your research beforehand. For example, read the bonus conditions of the individual website. Whether you are receiving a bonus or free spins to play at the casino, you should know what terms and conditions you are dealing with.

You can basically use the bonus and free spins as a player, for example in slots games, table games and jackpot slot machines. If any games are restricted, you will also find out as a player in the casino. Sometimes there is also a no deposit bonus or free spins for free. In that case you don't have to make a deposit, but you get free spins with which you can try out the various gaming offers. If you like the games, you can always upgrade later and transfer direct. You can also use the bonus to look around the casino.

Important: Each bonus must be unlocked several times. We'd like to mention this point, even if it's only indirectly related to instant banking. If you receive a 100 percent bonus and you deposit 100 euros, you have to pay attention to the wagering requirement. If 30x are valid, you have to play for 3000 euros. With free spins you have to unlock the winnings. Important: Some bonuses are only valid for slots and not in the live casino. You will also find out this information by reading the terms and conditions.

What alternatives are there to Sofortüberweisung

Klarna instant banking is not offered everywhere. If you don't have a Giropay account, you won't have any fun with this method either. We therefore recommend other options that you can use for online banking. Read our review and use the information to make your own experiences. We will give you tips on how to make deposits even faster.


This method is not yet available in USA, but we have had good experiences with it in Germany. Here, too, you need your online banking data. The advantage of Trustly is that you do not have to open an account in many online casinos in order to be able to play. Disadvantage, you usually don't get any bonus or free spins. Because you don't have a fixed account. The advantage of this is that you pay directly into the casino. As soon as you have finished playing, the real money will be booked back. If you do not want to commit yourself for long, it is best to look for a Trustly Casino, where this is possible without problems.

Neteller and Skrill

These two methods are an ideal intermediate step. If you do not want to enter your bank details directly, use these e-wallets. You can upload your real money to this and then transfer it directly from Neteller and Skrill to the casino account. But unfortunately there is no disadvantage here either. There are usually no bonuses and free spins. We don't know why these two methods are usually excluded in casinos. But it's a fact. Still, they are decent options that you should try. There is even a debit card that you can use to withdraw from the machine. Make your Neteller and Skrill experiences, you will be amazed.


This method is more likely to be offered in Austria, and is also an instant transfer that is carried out via the bank account. You enter your tan and the money goes straight to the casino site. The real money is credited and you can start playing. Treat yourself to a round in the live casino or gamble in the slots. what are you waiting for? Get started right away, it's easy to do with this method.


We'd like to introduce you to another option that you should take a closer look at. We are talking about the Paysafecard. This payment option is particularly serious. For all those who neither have a credit card nor online banking, it is a unique alternative. You can buy the Paysafecard at the kiosk, at the gas station or in the supermarket. There are many offices around the world.

The map was invented in Austria and from there it became known worldwide. Why we are so happy to recommend this. It works in a similar way to a telephone card. You scratch off the field and enter the code in the payment field. The real money is then credited to the casino account. There is also a disadvantage. Of course, direct debits do not work. Since it is a pure credit card, you cannot receive real money with it. To do this, choose the classic standard transfer to a bank account.

You can also use this method to shop at other websites?

Of course, instant banking is also offered in many online shops. If you don't know it yet, you should experience it. Unfortunately, many shops only focus on PayPal or credit cards. Above all, instant banking is a great thing that older people in particular make use of.

Almost everyone has online banking today. If you don't want to or can't pay on account, you will find a good alternative with instant banking. Whether theater tickets, cinema tickets or the like. You can buy and do a lot of beautiful things with it. In case you don't believe it, take a look around. Check out the different methods and you'll be amazed where instant banking and / or instant banking can be found. Klarna is available everywhere.

Which method is available to you if you want to withdraw the money again?

Sofortüberweisung works directly. Withdrawals are not yet possible. We recommend the classic withdrawal by bank account if you want to have the real money in your own bank account anyway.

Withdrawals to Neteller or Skrill may come in handy. You usually get the money transferred directly, but you have to pay fees again if you want to transfer the money to your bank account.

The situation is different if you want to withdraw the real money by card or spend it on the Internet anyway. Then Neteller and Skrill is ideal. You may even want to transfer the real money to another casino or buy something with it. In that case it is ideal. Bank transfers usually take longer, but you shouldn't forget that some intermediate steps are omitted.


Instant banking is offered in every online casino?

No, this method is not offered everywhere, but in many casinos. To find out which ones are taking part, click directly in the checkout area or read the FAQ on the website. There you will get all the answers you need. Sometimes it means immediately, elsewhere KLARNA. If you have any questions, ask your bank advisor or customer service on the website. This ensures that you are well informed.

Casinos charge fees for using instant banking?

Not always, sometimes. The online casinos partly decide for themselves whether they charge something. In our experience, fees are either charged for all methods or for none. But there are also casinos that ask for payment for certain payment options. Again, you should look in the checkout area or read the test report, where the casinos are presented, so that you know everything about the casino in question.

Do you need online banking to use instant banking??

Yes, online banking is necessary, after all you have to log in with your TAN. Without it, the principle would not work. Immediately requires access to your bank account so that it can transfer the real money from there to the casino account. If you don't have online banking, it's best to buy a Paysafecard, so you don't need a bank account and you can still deposit in the casino. Many online casino providers also offer this method of depositing. Compare the possibilities.

Find out everything you need to know about online casinos in our casino guide. Would you like to learn more about other payment methods? Then you might be interested in these articles:

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