Online Casino Paypal: Alternatives 2021

PayPal in the online casino

Over the past few years, PayPal has become a hugely popular payment option for online purchases. These Payment method makes deposits and withdrawals safe and easy and is therefore widespread in the online casino world. is? Was because PayPal has gradually withdrawn from casinos. You can find out why and which alternative methods are available here.

Reputable online casinos with PayPal alternatives

Can I still deposit in online casinos with PayPal or not??

It used to be easy to find online casino providers who accept PayPal as a means of payment, because this payment option was considered the most popular in Germany for a long time.

Today it is unfortunately a bit different, because due to the legal status of online gaming in Germany, PayPal wanted to distance itself from the online gaming industry and not support payments or transactions with a gaming provider. Since then there have been fewer and fewer Paypal online casinos, and for a while now you can no longer use the payment option in any online casino.

But that is no reason to despair! Because wherever one payment option gives way, many other providers seek out and try to present themselves to the online casino community as trustworthy alternative methods. The online gaming industry is still booming, because players still want to process their payments.

The best PayPal alternatives in 2021

Each of the online casinos listed here provides the two best alternative methods to PayPal and has been tested by us for security and reliability. You can of course use all the important games such as roulette or slots there - after all, an online casino without a top game selection is not a good online casino. There are also various bonus offers and free spins as well as an attractive welcome bonus at each of the online casino providers we recommend.

So if you are looking for a good online casino where you can also process deposits and withdrawals as easily and uncomplicated as possible, then you no longer need to spend any longer time doing time-consuming internet research, because we have taken on this work on your behalf. After all, this is not just about entertainment, but also about real money, which is why it is essential to ensure adequate security standards. For this reason, we take it for granted that we only list online casino providers with a valid online gaming license.

How does the E Wallet payment method actually work??

At this point we want to go into a little more detail about why Paypal has become such a popular payment method. PayPal is considered to be a pioneer in the type of online payment option called E Wallet. The principle of these providers is that customers create an account with PayPal (or the alternative methods Skrill / Neteller commonly used in online casinos) and thus receive a kind of virtual money exchange to which they can transfer real money, for example from a normal bank account the end.

With the real money that is in the digital wallet, customers can then send payments to retailers in Internet shops, and very quickly - the real money is often there almost immediately and the retailer can send the goods directly or initiate a service.

In the case of online games casinos, a deposit via e-wallet provider is so fast that the casino player can start playing immediately and possibly also immediately have access to a bonus that is linked to the deposit. In addition, this payment method is also considered serious, as the online games casino itself does not have access to the account details of the players - everything is encrypted by PayPal or Neteller / Skrill. So it's no wonder that the PayPal e-wallet was the preferred payment option for many online casino customers in Germany in order to be able to deposit euro amounts for playing on the Internet.

Advantages of PayPal and its alternative methods

PayPal was the first provider of online payments of this kind. Skrill / Neteller are both companies that belong to the Paysafe Group and are based on the PayPal concept for success: fast, secure, uncomplicated and anonymous deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. There is another advantage especially for the US: The free currency conversion, which enables a US player to deposit in US francs and then play in the online casino with the corresponding value in euros.

And now that PayPal no longer accepts deposits / withdrawals from and to online casinos, the other two e-wallets have followed in PayPal's footsteps. The online casinos have also supported this and today there is hardly any top online casino that does not offer at least one of these two payment methods.

A deposit with Neteller / Skrill works just as easily and immediately as with PayPal. How about withdrawals, however? After all, we all play in the online casino because we also want to win a few euros, which we would then like to pay out to our bank account as quickly as possible.

First of all, a player should know that as with PayPal, account management with Neteller / Skrill is free. Transferring to the e-wallet account and making payments to Internet merchants are also free - after all, payment providers are designed precisely for this. In contrast to this, however, it costs something if you want to transfer funds from the E Wallet to a normal bank account or something similar. There are also additional fees if you leave your account unused for more than a year or if you order a plastic credit card, which you can then use to withdraw real money from the e-wallet account directly at the ATM - or pay with it in shops can.

If you are interested in more details about the fees of Neteller and Skrill, we recommend reading our respective articles on these PayPal alternatives.

Speed ​​of withdrawals at online casinos

When talking about real money withdrawals from an online casino, there is no getting around mentioning the time it takes to process the withdrawal.

For many players it is a big annoyance to have to wait days for the real money after a great win at Live Casino Roulette or a slot machine or to have other problems with the payout. The demand for payment options with the fastest possible transfer times is therefore great.

So it is good to hear that the Neteller / Skrill PayPal alternatives are among the fastest methods for withdrawal requests. Of course, it still depends on the individual online casino. In general, however, the waiting time is less than 25 hours, sometimes even after a few minutes.

The lower the amount of money, the lower the chances that you will have to go through further verification procedures. In short: PayPal was probably one of the best means of payment for players in online casinos, but because the successors Skrill / Neteller are so oriented towards PayPal and do everything to fill the gap that has arisen, these two providers offer themselves as worthy PayPal alternatives and make playing in the online casino a lot easier, faster and less complicated for some players.

Alternatives to e-wallets - which are still available in the online casino?

Admittedly, not everyone wants to work with Neteller / Skrill because these methods are not as cheap as many imagine. The transfers to and from the casino are free. If you withdraw the money later, you have to pay something. If you want to save yourself this, we will give you some advice. Get a Paysafecard.

The Paysafecard is serious and a cheap alternative to PayPal. In addition, you do not need a customer account. You simply buy the Paysafecard at the kiosk and you can get started. If you don't go shopping, get the card online. You can even pay for these in many shops with PayPal or credit card. So you can use your beloved PayPal and deposit securely in the casino. As simple as that.

The Paysafecard is underestimated, it is such a good method for depositing. You don't need an extra account with any e-wallet. A big advantage that speaks for this card. If you only play now and then, the Paysafecard is practical and acceptable. The cards are sold in different amounts. E.g. 10 euros or 50 euros. If you have five 10 Euro cards, type in the code one after the other. This is how you can top up 50 euros without any problems.

You can find out how much you can transfer at once at the respective casino. Just look at the limits, you should find out there. If you can only deposit part of it. No problem either. Play with it and top up the account again. What have you got to lose?

How does the deposit with the Paysafecard work in the casino?

Using the Paysafecard is child's play. You get a card in advance, scratch it off and enter the code on the card. There is a separate field for this in the payment methods. Of course, the Paysafecard has to be accepted, otherwise it won't work. If you are using several cards at once, enter the codes one after the other.

The Paysafecard is reputable, you do not have to disclose any other account details. At least when making a deposit. Withdrawals do not work on the Paysafecard because it is a prepaid card. That's why you need an account or an e-wallet for the payout. In this case, we recommend a bank account because you save yourself the intermediate steps and do not have to pay extra fees.

You get a casino bonus with the alternatives Neteller / Skrill?

Quite a few customers ask themselves this question because they are unsure whether they will receive a bonus or free spins.

Unfortunately, at that point we have to say, many casinos will not give you a bonus if you use them to make a deposit. For this reason, you should consider using Skrill or Neteller to deposit. Sometimes only the welcome bonus is excluded, you will receive the following slots bonuses. In this case, we recommend that you choose a different payment option if you would like to have one.

If you deposit with the Paysafecard, it should not be a problem to receive a bonus for slot machines or blackjack. Most casinos only exclude Neteller / Skrill. To find out whether this is the case, it is best to read the bonus conditions on the respective website. There you will find out which rules you have to adhere to so that you receive free spins or a bonus with certainty.

Another alternative - Muchbetter - this is becoming more and more popular in online casinos

There is a lot to add. In addition to Neteller / Skrill, there is another provider that is becoming more and more popular in the online casino industry. We are talking about Muchbetter. Basically the principle is similar. With one difference, you get an app on your mobile phone and you can use it to control your account.

Muchbetter is a lot cheaper than Neteller / Skrill in terms of fees and is accepted in many casinos. You also get a bonus with this method. What more do you want? The provider has been active since 2012 and has quickly worked its way up. Since the credit card is no longer available in some countries, Muchbetter is guaranteed to be well received and wonderfully replace some methods.

Advantages that are not available with PayPal - e-wallets are booming on the World Wide Web

PayPal has its advantages as we all now know. But the e-wallets also offer many advantages that you would not have with PayPal. One of them is, for example, that you can withdraw the money from the account directly with a card. Whether at Neteller, Skrill or Muchbetter. There are debit credit cards everywhere that you can use anywhere in the world. Not only do you withdraw from ATMs, you can also use it to pay wherever the respective credit card is accepted.

Mostly they are master cards. You can use the card to check into many hotels, pay at the ticket machine or in online shops where Muchbetter is not accepted. As is well known, Mastercard is accepted in many places. If you need your money quickly, you will get it a lot faster than with PayPal.

It is also possible to send the money from your own account to friends. This is especially the case with Muchbetter. Those who regularly play at certain casinos are even offered their own bonuses through Muchbetter. This is possible because this provider works with many casino providers. You could almost think that Muchbetter was developed for the online casino sector. So you are not doing anything wrong here. On the contrary. The best thing to do is to find out what fees you have to reckon with directly on the Muchbetter website. You will also find out about the many advantages there.

Why are there casino websites where PayPal is still on offer??

In fact, Paypal should no longer be found on any casino websites. Sometimes it is still displayed on some pages. See if that's really the case. Most of the time, only the PayPal logo can be seen on the homepage. But not in the checkout area. If it is possible to make a deposit, the casino could be liable to prosecution, unless it is located in a country where PayPal is still allowed.

Please note that sports betting providers are still allowed to offer PayPal. If it is a combination site casino and sports betting, it can happen that it is still offered. We cannot say how the site operators regulate this internally. You probably deposit in the sports betting area and then transfer the money to the casino. Or the money is only valid in the sports betting area.

Apple Pay, Bitcoins and other modern payment options are becoming more popular in the casino

In addition to the aforementioned deposit options, there are alternatives that are not known everywhere. They are more like niche providers that are used by certain customers. This includes, for example, Apple Pay. Apple lovers who like to pay with it can make a deposit in some casinos. So far, this has only been possible with a few providers. There are also bitcoin casinos. These are booming and becoming increasingly popular.

Anyone who thinks that they can surf anonymously in the Bitcoin Casino is definitely mistaken. In the end, it's not that simple. After all, it's about security. If you want to receive a payout at the end, you should only register in licensed casinos. To do this, you also have to reveal your data, otherwise it will not work. Bitcoins are still practical. You pay in with Bitcoins and have them paid out again. At least you don't need to provide any sensitive account information. In this way, you are at least paying anonymously. Try it out.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can you use the PayPal payment method in US online casinos??

No Sadly not anymore. PayPal has distanced itself from the online gaming market until the legal situation of this industry within Germany and Europe has been completely clarified.

What are the best alternatives to Paypal for online casinos?

Skrill and Neteller are considered to be the best PayPal alternatives because they are widely used, are considered very secure and follow the same principle as PayPal.

As a customer, do I have to create an account before I can use these payment methods?

Yes, in order to be able to deposit via Skrill / Neteller, you first have to create an account - as with PayPal.

How much can I transfer with the e wallets?

The amount that can be deposited via Skrill / Neteller varies from casino to casino. Every casino defines the minimum and maximum for payments, but these are usually sufficient for all players.

I will incur costs when using these PayPal alternatives?

Yes, both Neteller and Skrill usually charge low fees for processing deposits and withdrawals to and from the E Wallet account.

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