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We are always looking for the best online casinos that you can trust completely. The extent to which this trust grows is largely due to the experience gained with the Ein and Payouts to do. You stay excited until the first successful payout. A reputable casino is one thing, but it also needs a good payment processor ... like Neteller.

Best casinos using Neteller as a payment method!
CasinobonusUser ratingTo play
22 bet casino 300$
Play Now
Bahigo 750$+ 100 free spins
Play Now
Leo Vegas 2500 $+ 230 free spins
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1 Bet Casino 500 $
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My 300$+ 200 free spins
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Horus Casino 1000 $ + 125 free spins
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Casombie 1000 $
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Turbico 333 $+ 300 free spins
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Playzilla 100 $+ 500 free spins
Play Now
Wazamba 500 $+ 200 friezes
Play Now
Libra bet 500$+ 200 open spaces
Play Now
i Lucki Casino 300 $+ 150 free spins
Play Now
premier 1100 $+ 80 free spins
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Casitsu 1000 $+ 50 free spins
Play Now
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True flip 750$+ 75 free spins
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Betma ster 215$+ 40 free spins
Play Now
Evo spin 300 $+ 100 free spins
Play Now
Savarona 300 $+ 100 free spins
Play Now
Mr X bet
Play Now
Slottica 200$
Play Now
Play Now
Wild Sultan 500$+ 20 free spins
Play Now
Crazy Fox 20% cashback
Play Now
Eu slot 100 $+ 100 free spins
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Fire slots 1000 $+ 20 free spins
Play Now
Slots Palace 1000 $
Play Now
G Slot Casino $ 200200 free spins
Play Now
Whamoo Casino 400$+ 300 free spins
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Fez bet casino $ 200
Play Now
7 bit casino $ 400+ 200 games
Play Now
Mr Sloty 6000 $+ 120 free spins
Play Now
Ocean Breeze 6000$+ 150 games
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Jelly Bean 1000$+ 20 free spins
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Zet Casino 500$+ 200 free spins
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Golden star 500$+ 100 free spins
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Casino BTC 5000$
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Caxino Casino 200$+ 100 free spins
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Bet Inter 100$+100 free spins
Play Now
Scatters 25 $Risk free
Play Now
Bet At Home 1200 $
Play Now
Dream Vegas 7000$+ 120 free spins
Play Now
Spin Casino 1000$
Play Now
Betway Casino
Play Now
Play Now
Euro Palace 600$
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Royal Vegas 1200$
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All slots 1500$
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Jackpot City 1600$
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Dunder Casino 250$+ 120 free spins
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Only a third party always comes into play and that is the financial service provider.

Many providers rely on Neteller and not without reason. In principle, the payment method is very suitable for fast and secure payment transactions.

We have analyzed exactly how Neteller works and whether the positive reputation is also confirmed in the casino test. Here are the results from our test with Netellercasinos with details on functionality, fees, advantages, but also any disadvantages. So you can make the gaming casino comparison also under the aspect of the payment methods and know what to expect with the payment option.

What is Neteller?

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Neteller is a payment service provider physically based in Cambridge. As part of the Paysafe Group, Neteller focuses on its activities as an e-money institute. Neteller users from 200 countries open a Neteller account on the Internet and can withdraw the money on it using the NET + Master Card, make cashless payments with this card or have their bank account linked to the card and the Neteller account. This also enables the money to be shifted to the registered account at the house bank.

You can think of a Neteller account like a wallet that exists purely virtually. The term for this is called "virtual wallet" or "e-wallet". The former Neteller alternative Skrill works in the same way!The two companies have belonged together since 2015 and have grown together to form a huge e-wallet empire. Since then, the awareness of the authorized electronic financial institution has only grown and most of the residents of USA, Germany and Austria have already used the payment method.

It is a very good alternative to similar systems like PayPal, for example when shopping online or playing online casinos. The Master Card in particular makes the use of Neteller attractive, because people have been familiar with credit card payments for a long time. In addition, Neteller is used internationally and in different currencies, so the transactions can not only be processed in euros, but of course also in dollars or $.

Can you use Neteller in USA??

As already indicated in the previous section of the review, Neteller as a huge financial network spans many countries and works in their currencies. The US franc is also among the 26 national currencies. It is therefore possible to use Neteller in USA and many US have been using it for a long time. You use Neteller for online shopping, to send money to other Neteller users, to have another payment option for vacation trips abroad or to play in online casinos. Many online shops accept payment via Neteller.

Online casinos have long since discovered the advantages of the method and are happy to let players use Neteller for deposits and withdrawals. Unfortunately, online gambling was banned in the USA and Neteller was held responsible when illegal online gaming casinos were attacked there. Fortunately, this cannot happen in USA, as the gambling ban was recently lifted. The operation of online casinos is also legal in neighboring countries, so Netellercasinos are normal and simplify payment transactions. Less time spent on deposits and withdrawals - more time on games!

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These are the advantages of Neteller

A major advantage of Neteller is its area-wide availability. The payment method is accepted by a large number of private individuals and businesses around the world and enables payments to be completed almost in real time, regardless of the distance between the sender and recipient. In addition, the money transfers are serious.

If you compare the Neteller account with a credit card, such as the Master Card, another advantage becomes apparent. The service works on a credit basis, so it is impossible to slip into the red and have to pay interest on the loan. So falling into arrears due to carelessness is impossible with the Neteller account.

If the credit is used up, you can top it up quickly with credit from your own current account. In addition, the Neteller + card functions as a completely normal bank card with which you can withdraw cash from the machine and thus remains flexible. Since it is a Debit Master Card, you can use it wherever Master Cards are allowed. Use it to pay for your flights, check in at the hotel or use it to shop online. Important: Some hotels block a certain amount on the card. That is why there must be enough money on the credit account. We recommend around 1000 euros for trips so that you are on the safe side. For long-term vacations and in expensive hotels, the limit should be even higher. Check with the hotel in advance to see if debit cards are accepted. This shouldn't be a problem by now.

Money transfers from Neteller to Neteller in the same currency are free of charge, other transactions are chargeable. However, if you use the card frequently, you can lower the fees and enter VIP levels, in which you collect points. These can be exchanged for cash or material prizes.

Let's briefly summarize some of the Neteller advantages:
  • High speed for transfers between two Neteller accounts means: fast receipt of money and fast shipping of goods when shopping online, topping up the customer account in the Neteller online casino in a matter of seconds
  • High security standards
  • Neteller - to Neteller transactions are free with no currency conversion required
  • Bonus available with the Neteller VIP system
  • Easy charging of the Neteller account with various payment methods that are optimally tailored to the respective country of the customer; From bank transfers to Bitcoin, a lot is possible

Disadvantages of Neteller

neteller credtit card

In general, when using Neteller, according to our rating, it should be emphasized that only payments from Neteller to Neteller accounts are completely free. You don't have to pay anything to register either. However, fees will apply if you use the service in conjunction with other accounts. When loading the Neteller account, depending on the payment method used, a processing fee is due, the amount of which is based on the amount transferred. Payments to your own bank account also cost something.

A far greater disadvantage can arise if you use Neteller in the Top Casino. First of all, not all of the casinos are downright Neteller casinos. You will notice this when a provider advises the players that they should use another payment method in order to be able to receive the respective bonus. If you are a new customer at the online casino and want to secure a bonus, you should therefore be careful. Check how the casino platter is positioned opposite. If a deposit via Neteller account results in a casino welcome bonus not being awarded, we will inform you of this in the casino and bonus test.

Another point to keep in mind is the currency in the online casino. Do you live in USA?? Then you will certainly want to make your deposit in $ and also want to keep the Neteller account in US francs. Then everything is fine, as this service does not incur any costs. However, if the currency has to be converted into dollars or euros, a conversion fee will apply.

The fees at Neteller

Here we have compiled the fees that Neteller charges for certain services to help you. We would like to point out that the fee schedule may change. The fees and information listed here are from January 2021.

  • Deposits via a third-party account: 2.5% of the amount deposited
  • Withdrawals to a third-party account: depending on the method, from 1.45% or USD 0.50
  • Withdrawal via merchant site: free of charge
  • Net + Prepaid Mastercard application fee: $ 10
  • Net + Prepaid Mastercard annual fee: 8 $
  • Withdrawing cash from the machine: 1.75% of the amount withdrawn
  • Transfer to the current account: $ 10
  • Currency exchange fee: 3.99%
  • Inactivity fee if you do not log in for 12 months: 5 $ per month
  • Achieve the equivalent of at least 10.000 $ turnover per year, you will receive VIP status with discounted conditions
Neteller's speed - you benefit from this here:
CasinobonusUser ratingTo play
22 bet casino 300$
Play Now
Bahigo 750$+ 100 free spins
Play Now
Leo Vegas 2500 $+ 230 free spins
Play Now

How does Neteller work in casinos?

If you want to use casinos with Neteller but are not yet registered with the payment provider, you can do so very quickly. You go to the Neteller page and click on the button that says Register. Only a small amount of data is requested from you and you fill in all mandatory fields truthfully.

  1. As in the Top Online Casino, please take your time with the password. It should be legitimate, but you should also be able to remember it well. Remember, this is a virtual wallet. Losing it would be very painful and risky. Once all the information has been entered, you will receive a confirmation email with a link that you should follow. The first step is done.
  2. In the second step, you have to top up your Neteller account with cash after our evaluation after you have selected your currency. Do not top up the account yet, it is advisable to already link your account to the Neteller account. This is done by storing the account details online and transferring a symbolic minimum amount to the Neteller account when requested.
  3. While you are choosing your preferred Netellercasino and waiting for your Neteller account to be released, you can also apply for the Netellermastercard if you want. There is no compulsion to do so.
  4. In the online casino, go to the deposit area and select Neteller. The option can be found in many casinos under the category "digital wallets" or "eWallets". Input fields now appear in which you enter your account ID and security ID. complete!

Taking stock: Neteller compared to other payment methods

neteller logo

Neteller is very similar to other virtual wallets such as Skrill, Moneybookers or PayPal. In some cases, the providers also belong together, although they can differ in small details, mostly in the area of ​​fees.

You should compare carefully there. What all e wallets have in common is their simplicity, security and speed. We have prepared a test report for most of the payment options. A Paysafecard may sometimes seem optimal at first glance for use in online casinos, but in the end Neteller saves more time when verifying the customer account.

Neteller story: how did this payment method come about?

Almost everyone knows Neteller today, but how did the story of this provider actually begin??

Originally, Neteller was founded in beautiful Canada. A few years later, more precisely in 2004, the company moved to the Isle of Man. Business has been going well for a few years. In 2015 Skrill / Neteller merged. So two strong competitors were even stronger. The two became the largest payment service provider in the field of eWallets. Behind Neteller / Skrill is the Paysafe Group and it is run as an Authorized Electronic Financial Institution.

At the very beginning it was a payment service provider purely for gaming providers. In the meantime, online shops and some service providers also use Neteller. Some do not use it to pay directly, but instead send cash to friends or use the convenient debit card.

The difference between Skrill and Neteller?

The Skrill method and Neteller are usually considered at the same level because these two providers are similar.

But there are a few differences that we would now like to introduce to you. Please note that some data can change. For example, fees or periods. To be on the safe side, always visit the payment service provider directly. Our information is without guarantee.

VIP level

Both providers have a VIP level. A distinction is made in the period of time when the customer has to reach this level.

With Neteller the annual sum applies and with the Skrill method quarterly. If you want to achieve bronze status, you have to 10.Turn over 000 euros per year at Neteller and 6000 euros per quarter at Skrill. Clearly, if you would like to be a VIP player, you should register with Neteller, because you need less sales over a longer period of time.

The transaction fees

Skrill not only has more deposit options than Neteller, the fees are also lower. The Skrill method only requires 1% for the transfer from the bank to the eWallet, Neteller 2.5% and so it runs through the various methods. Bitcoin, Klarna, Trustly, Visa, Euteller, eps, American Express and many more. Tip: VIPs enjoy lower fees. In addition, the limit of the Mastercard increases with both providers.

Additional fees and limits in comparison

The payout balance at Skrill is around 7.50%. Neteller charges between 7.50 euros and 25 euros. If you want to pay out the credit to your account, you pay 8 euros with Neteller and 5.50 euros with the Skrill method. Receiving cash is free of charge with both, as is depositing money in the casino. If you want to withdraw your money from the ATM, you pay a fee of 1.75% each.

Differences in the Master Card

If you order the Master Card from Neteller, you pay 8 euros for the first delivery. With Skrill you pay 10 euros. The daily shopping limit at Neteller is max. at 2.700 euros and at Skrill! Max. at 1.000 euros. Vips enjoy 10 each.000 euros. At the machine you can withdraw 900 euros from Neteller or 250 euros from Skrill. The virtual Mastercard, which is only offered by Neteller, is practical.

Anyone who does not use the Neteller account for 14 months pays EUR 1.80 per month, or EUR 1 with the Skrill method.

How can you still get a bonus when depositing with Neteller??

As already mentioned, if you deposit with Neteller, you will not get a bonus at many online casinos. Since some customers do not want to do without it, we are now giving you a tip on how you can get the bonus. It has to be Neteller to deposit? After all, you hardly have any advantages. Unless you want to be a VIP customer and wager money on the account. Get a Paysafecard and use it to deposit into the online casino. Since you need an alternative account for the payout, enter Neteller and the credit will then be transferred to you there.

Another option would be to use the Debit Master Card to deposit. As long as the Master Card is still accepted in the online casino, it can be used comfortably. Since you transfer directly with this card and not with the Neteller method, it shouldn't be a problem and you can be sure of the bonus. But we have to say that we haven't tried it yet. We don't know whether the casinos will check this, but we don't believe. It is definitely worth trying. What have you got to lose?

Secure yourself in a row free spins or a bonus and play the best games in the online casino. Important: Every bonus and the free spins must be unlocked several times. We therefore recommend that you read the terms and conditions in advance. There it is also noted whether or not Neteller users will receive a bonus. In a few casinos it doesn't matter at all, there even those who deposit with Neteller get a bonus. But unfortunately this is not the case everywhere. So be careful.

Important: Some casinos offer slot machine bonuses and live casino bonuses are given away elsewhere. Normal bonuses rarely apply in the live casino, and if they do, they only count in part. Slots mostly 100%, table games 20% or 10%. Some do not apply at all. Tip: If you are generally into live casino games, you should register from the start in a casino that offers live casino bonuses. There the chances are better that you will receive a bonus that really impresses you and with which you can play at roulette and co. Much joy.

Why you should read the terms and conditions

Regardless of whether it is a welcome bonus or free spins, see the terms and conditions to find out how often you have to wager the amount. Please note that there could be further conditions in the terms and conditions. Some free spins are only valid for certain games or there are limits to be observed. If you don't follow the rules, you risk the bonus completely. Mostly it is described there that Neteller deposits are excluded from the bonus.

It's a real shame that you don't get a bonus with Neteller. After all, free spins and bonus offers are exciting. Sometimes there is just no welcome bonus when you deposit with it. Later reload bonuses are sometimes excluded. As I said, the respective terms and conditions also apply here. You just have to read them so that you are well informed.

Which Neteller alternatives do we recommend to casino players??

Neteller is a method in itself. Therefore it is difficult to name alternatives here. After all, customers want to deposit with e-wallets and not by bank transfer. Otherwise they'd take it right away.

But sometimes the simple methods are better. Many only use Neteller and Co because the advertising talks about it so nicely. Actually, the good old bank account would be enough. But this is not hip enough, it has to be an eWallet. In all honesty, if you don't do anything else with the e-wallet, you don't necessarily have to go to Neteller. On the contrary. It only costs extra fees. Nowadays a lot of players get different plastic cards, after all, you can't have enough of them. What many forget, the more credit cards and accounts, the more fees are due. Chaos is also inevitable. In the end, you don't know how much money you've parked where. So too much is not good. Think carefully about whether you really need Neteller.

Sofort Überweisung is a safe and fast payment option. You only need your online banking for this. No extra cards, no extra accounts or other frills. You can have payouts sent directly to your bank account and everything is done. As you can see, there is also an easy way. So why complicated. Of course, the method is useful for those who gamble a lot, want to be VIP, use credit cards or do a lot of online shopping. If none of the above apply to you, you should look for an alternative. There are many secure methods, so it doesn't have to be Neteller.

We don't want to mess with Neteller. On the contrary, Neteller is a great thing. Credit cards are also great, as are Trustly and whatever the payment methods are called. Therefore, it does not mean that you have to own all of these. If you don't need a credit card in life, you won't get one either. It's the same with Neteller. Check out the pros and cons and ask yourself whether or not you need the method.

This is how our experience with Neteller in the casino test turned out to be

According to the research so far, nothing stood in the way of trying Neteller in the online casino. So we looked for a Neteller casino, later various other casinos with Neteller were added and were subjected to the practical test.

Whether we wanted to play with a bonus? Of course! As you know, we love free spins, but we love real money casino even more. We signed up, redeemed the code for the casino bonus and made our first deposit without further ado. Although it was a security-checked casino, it felt good that the provider did not find out our account number. After all, this is stored with Neteller and therefore does not have to be used or communicated to anyone. Live we could see how the credit went into the casino account in a split second. The casino bonus was promptly credited to us and there were free spins on top of that.

We went to the roulette, then tried out the best online slots and also paid a visit to the live casino. Everything went smoothly, we verified our Neteller account with a screenshot of the deposit when we fulfilled the rollover long before the allotted time had expired. Once all the security checks had been completed, the payout took barely a second.

Perfect! We would visit Neteller casinos again and again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

🎰 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

📌 You can shop anywhere with the Neteller card?

The card works wherever Mastercard is accepted. Please note, however, that not all hotels accept prepaid cards. There are places where real credit cards are required. Especially where large amounts are blocked. If in doubt, ask in advance whether the card will be accepted or not. If necessary, you can then transfer money to the card in advance so that the blocking works. In any case, there are no restrictions when shopping and online shopping.

📌 Do you have to play regularly in the casino with a Neteller account?

Regularly is not necessary, but you should play a few times a year for it to pay off. Please also note that you will have to pay any fees if you are not using the account. Therefore, you should deposit at least real money or transfer it to another account. Otherwise you will pay unnecessary fees for not using it. For example, deposit 10 euros or go shopping with the card. Everyone needs shopping at some point. Shouldn't be difficult to use the card.

📌 How do you get a bonus anyway?

Tip, use a different method when making a deposit. For example the Paysafecard. As a result, you will receive the casino bonus without any problems. In the end, you choose Neteller to pay out. So you get both and can use the real money from the card for shopping. You don't necessarily have to make a deposit. Always choose a method where no withdrawal is possible and then choose Neteller.

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