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A Paysafecard Casino is an online casino provider that offers the Payment method Paysafecard accepted. The advantages of these paysafecards are numerous: they are considered the most anonymous method of payment, can be bought anywhere and are also very quick and easy to use - but only for deposits.

Here you can deposit with Paysafecard
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Bahigo 750$+ 100 free spins
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Leo Vegas 2500 $+ 230 free spins
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1 Bet Casino 500 $
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My 300$+ 200 free spins
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Crazy Fox 20% cashback
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How does depositing with Paysafecard work in the games casino?

paysafecard credit card

This question is answered quickly and easily, because it is not for nothing that the Paysafecard payment method enjoys the reputation of being super uncomplicated. You can buy the prepaid card at all official sales outlets for this payment option. There are many, thousands of them in Germany, Austria and USA.

For example at the gas station around the corner. You can pay there as normal with credit card or cash and you will receive a Paysafe card with a unique, sixteen-digit PIN code that corresponds to the value of the credit. A Paysafe card is no different from a prepaid card.

In order to be able to deposit with the Paysafecard, you need this pin code, which can be seen on the back. You enter this when making your deposit into the online casino and payment is made immediately. In addition, following the same principle, you can use a Paysafecard to pay for goods or services at thousands of other online retailers.

Can I be sure if a casino offers Paysafecard that it is a reputable provider?

The Paysafecard payment option has been around since 2000 and over this long period not only players in online casinos but also other online buyers have had very good experiences with the provider.

However, it is no guarantee of the seriousness of an online casino if Paysafecard is offered as a payment method. Whether or not online casino providers are trustworthy can easily be found out by looking at the casino's licenses. These licenses must be obtained from state gambling regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK UK Gambling Commission be awarded. We strongly recommend that you only play in online casinos with such a license. If the licensed providers also accept Paysafecard for payments, then the matter is great.

What about the security of Paysafecard itself?

In itself, this payment option promises a lot of security. As already mentioned, the company has over twenty years of experience as a service provider for online payments and is now part of the large Paysafe Group, which also includes the popular Skrill / Neteller e-wallets. The companies of the Paysafe Group are controlled by the British Financial Services Authority (FCA) and are therefore very safe and reputable.

These are the advantages of paying with Paysafecard in the casino

The advantages of paying by Paysafe prepaid card can be cited in a long list. One advantage is that your data is protected when you make a deposit. In fact, no other casino payment method is considered as anonymous as Paysafecard.

Only paying with cash would be more anonymous - but of course that is not possible with an online casino. Not only the online casino company has no access to sensitive data - the payments do not appear on the account statement either, which can be very practical if you share the account.

Furthermore, a free deposit with Paysafecard is super fast - the cash is almost immediately in the online casino account. The deposit is also a free deposit, because there are no fees. And ultimately, Paysafecard is practical because so many online providers accept it. Almost every large dealer and every good online casino makes it possible to pay with such a prepaid card. Paysafecard is the most widespread prepaid payment option of this kind. At every supermarket checkout you can simply buy the cards with different values, no ifs or buts. In total, the company is active in 46 countries around the world. So it's no wonder that players have such good experiences with Paysafe cards.

Disadvantages of Paysafecard - unfortunately there are also shortcomings

There are next to no disadvantages - except for one fact: you cannot make any withdrawals to your Paysafecard. If you can record winnings in the online casino and want to have them paid out in euros or $, the Paysafecard online casino needs your bank details, such as your account number. In order to process the payouts, it must be an account that is actually in the correct player name. Tip: Just use the normal bank account for withdrawals or bet on Neteller / Skrill.

This is especially ideal if you would like to work with the method in general, but do not want to forego the bonus. How to make the deposit via Paypsafecard and receive the payout via Neteller or Skrill. problem solved.

In addition, it can sometimes be that you have to verify yourself according to the Know Your Customer requirements of the gambling authorities. To do this, you have to scan documents, for example. Often, however, this is only the case with high money value - and neither the online casino nor Paysafecard can do anything about this.

You should also note: if you have the pin code, you have the money. So if you lose the card or if you can somehow get the PIN, the value of the credit will probably be gone quickly. A Paysafe card with an unused PIN should therefore be treated in the same way as cash value.

paysafecard banner

Who invented the Paysafecard and where was it developed??

It's hard to believe that an Austrian company was originally behind the Paysafecard. In 2000, the card was created by Paysafecard Wertkarten AG, which was developed by a team of four. It was Armin Sageder, Reinhard Eilmsteiner, Michael Müller and Michael Altrichter who fine-tuned it and created a unique product. At the time, they wanted to develop a secure payment method for the Internet and they succeeded. The prepaid phone card was a model and the idea was actually great. It was launched in Austria in September 2000, and in 2001 in neighboring Germany as well. It all started with preprinted cards and later e-vouchers were added.

Today you can get the cards in supermarkets, back then they were only available from Bawag P.S.K and available from Commerzbank. This was due to legal reasons, but that changed later. In the beginning it was not easy for the company, difficult times had to be bridged. For example, through the burst dot-com bubble, but in 2005 Paysafecard recovered and generated profits. She was also granted EU funding, and the business was also supported in other countries such as the UK, Greece, Spain, Slovenia and Slovakia. In 2007 more than 10 million transactions were carried out.

In 2008 the British subsidiary Prepaid Service Company Ltd. an EU-wide license to officially issue electronic money. Thus, the card became bank-independent in the EU and could also sell the card elsewhere. There were further approvals in Europe, and the company could also look forward to a Mastercard license.

In 2009 the card started in Argentina, as well as in the USA and Mexico. Since 2016 also in Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Peru, Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Georgia. It was introduced in Brazil and the United Arab Emirates in 2017.

It must be said that the trip was not organized alone. Several acquisitions have taken place and the company has also entered into partnerships.

In August 2011, the Paysafecard merged with the competitor Walleie. In 2013, the Paysafecard Group was taken over by Skrill and further expanded. Skrill is a well-known payment method that many casino players are familiar with. What many do not know is that the Skrillgroup has a few other highlights on offer. As you can see, a small idea became a global company that established itself properly. In 2018, Paysafe partnered with Google. For customers, this means that they can pay with the Paysafecard in the Google Play Store in over 10 countries.

Because of Brexit, the Paysafecard got a money license in Ireland just like Skrill in 2019. Thus, the continuation of this product is possible without problems and nobody has to do without the popular card.

There is an alternative that works similarly to the Paysafecard in the game casino?

In Germany, Austria and USA, the Paysafecard is the pioneer when it comes to prepaid cards. We are not aware of any that work in the same way as this variant. However, this does not mean that there are no other prepaid cards. Perhaps you have already seen the many voucher cards that you can buy there at the kiosk or at the supermarket checkout. Basically, these work in a similar way to the Paysafecard.

With one difference, these cards are intended for specific companies or groups of companies. There are few cards for online casinos in this country, this is because most of the platforms are licensed in Malta and have nothing to do with Germany. Would also be a bit counterproductive, after all, casinos of this type are a gray area and should not actually offer anything. That is why Mastercard and Paypal have already bid farewell to the German casino market.

However, there are voucher cards from one or the other sports betting provider that you can use to top up your account. This is also available in Germany. If it is an international provider that also offers casino games, you could misuse the voucher. At the moment we cannot take away any company that offers such a voucher. The best thing to do is to look at the vouchers the next time you shop and compare the offers.

There are also, for example, cards with which you can deposit money on the web. For example credit cards and the like. All of these cards act in a similar way to the Paysafecard. You only have to take a few detours until you can upload the money to the casino account. Since there is always something going on in the market for Internet payment services, you should stay up to date and compare the options.

Customers receive a casino bonus when they deposit with the Paysafecard?

paysafecard ticket

So gamblers love Paysafecard for good reasons. But the providers of online casinos also think the payment method is great - sometimes so much that as a player you can get an extra bonus, free spins or other rewards when you make deposits with Paysafecard. Other providers have linked their welcome bonus to special payment methods. For example, there is always an offer whereby you can secure an extra great welcome bonus in a new online casino by depositing with Paysafecard.

Rarely, however, do players receive a bonus when they deposit with the Paysafecard. This actually only affects Skrill and Neteller. These two variants are often excluded, for whatever reason. However, this should not happen to you with the Paysafecard.

Just for information: such casino bonus offers, which you can only get by depositing with certain providers, often apply to different online casino areas. Of course, free spins only work on slots, for example Book of Dead or Starburst. But there are also bonus offers that are specifically aimed at live casino players and, for example, make games like roulette or blackjack tasty. In a good online casino, however, mobile gaming should also be possible, no matter which game you want to play.

Please also note that you have to clear all bonus offers and free spins in the casinos. This rule applies to every gaming casino. Example: You receive a 100% bonus of up to 200 euros and you have to wager it 20 times. In that case, you have to play for 4000 euros. Only then is it possible to pay out. The terms and conditions also apply to free spins. Winnings that you have won playing games are used here. Example 10 euros. In that case you would have to play for 200 euros. When making a deposit, please note that you have to wager the Casino Paysafecard bonus in any case. Many forget this and ultimately wonder why they are not receiving a payout.

The casino bonus is usually not valid for live games. You can use the bonus, only the games are not 100% valid. Sometimes only 10% or not at all. Please also note this so that you have a good experience with it. Bonuses aren't just about winning. Remember, bonuses can turn the casino upside down and get to know you. Is there anything more beautiful?


You can play all slots in the casino with the Paysafecard?

The payment method has nothing to do with whether or not you could play slots. You need to add real money to the casino account and then play your slots games for as long as you want. Of course, slots also work with free spins. Compare the gaming casinos and choose one where the right games are waiting for you. Read the reviews of other users and compare the offers before making a real money deposit. After all, you want to have fun with it.

Does a payout on the Paysafecard work in the casino?

Unfortunately, as already mentioned, you can only make one deposit with it. If you want to make withdrawals, you need a bank account or a similar method. Make sure to read the terms and conditions so that you are informed and know about everything. There it is also noted how the payment modalities are regulated.

The Paysafecard is accepted in many online casinos?

Since it is a method that is now known worldwide, it is actually accepted almost everywhere. Of course there are casinos where you can only deposit with a credit card or something similar. But you don't have to do without it on the well-known gaming platforms. That much is certain. Play games like Book of Dead, enjoy roulette and other highlights. The best casinos are waiting for you. Make your own rating and test various top offers.

Who is not yet convinced of Paysafecards?? We just want to provide information here, because in the end every player has to decide for himself which payment method is most practical and trustworthy for him personally. However, the many positive experiences that online casino players have had with Paysafecard over the years set a clear example.

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